Malcolm Turnbull finally reveals his massive Liberal Party donation

The PM has revealed the extent of his wealth with a whopping party donation.
The PM appeared on the 7:30 Report last night. Image: ABC.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has finally opened up about his massive donation to the Liberal Party last year, revealing he gave nearly $2 million in the lead up to the federal election.

Mr Turnbull had been facing pressure from the public to disclose the amount he personally donated and last night he told the ABC’s 7:30 Report that he and his wife Lucy gave a whopping $1.75 million.

“I’ve always been prepared to put my money where my mouth is. Now, here’s the difference: I put my money into ensuring that we didn’t have a Labor government,” he said.

“I put my money into the Liberal Party’s campaign.”

Political donations and pollie spending have been hot topics of discussion lately, with a number of politicians coming under fire for excessively spending taxpayer money.

The PM had held off on disclosing the amount he had donated, which he argued was because he released the funds during this financial year and therefore technically wasn’t obliged to yet.

“I think Australians are more interested in what I am doing with their money than what I am doing with my own,” he said.

He said he and his wife Lucy “believe it is part of our duty to give back”.

“And Bill Shorten wants to go after me all the time and he says I’m Mr Harbourside Mansion,”

So is a donation like this okay, or did Malcolm Turnbull buy himself the election?

That’s the accusation already coming out of the Labor Party, with Opposition spokesman for finance Jim Chalmers hitting out.

“No wonder Malcolm Turnbull was so desperate to keep his secret — he basically bought himself an election,” he said.

“I think the Australian people will be shocked by this admission — it stinks. Malcolm Turnbull had to buy his way out of trouble in the dying days of his disastrous election campaign.

“If Malcolm Turnbull didn’t have $1.75 million in his back pocket he wouldn’t be the leader of the Liberal Party — and he wouldn’t be Prime Minister.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think there should be a limit on how much politicians can personally donate? How do you feel about the PM’s donation?

  1. Murray Walker  

    Oh for crying out loud!! Is this anyone’s business other than Turnbull’s and really does anyone care.

  2. John  

    His business! He had no silver spoon upbringing, but worked hard for his wealth. He finds much of his own life as PM. I may not think he is doing a great job as PM but he has declared his donation in the correct manner. I find it extraordinary that Shorten et al can criticise given their history with the Union movement – ripping off workers as brought out in the Royal Commission. Only those who have done nothing of their own will criticise.

  3. rikda  

    I’ve got no problem with his wealth or his investments. As long as he pays his taxes, good upon him.
    Investing $1.75 Million in a job opportunity that pays $507,000 annually means he’ll get it all back from the mug punters like us in one term. He’s halfway there already.
    What I do have a problem with is the fact that money wins elections.
    We have Chinese donors complaining that they are not getting value for money (Donations) & what does the government do, apologize & fast tracks the sale of another multi million dollar farming property to them.
    They are not “Donations”, they are bribes, investments, protection money, you name it. Everything that corrupt in an election.
    It makes a mockery of “Democracy”

  4. Evelyn Deena  

    Once money comes into it, the idea of Democracy is thrown out of the window. It should be made illegal. Money made Trump the leader of the US, and see how good that has worked out.

  5. elena  

    He made a donation to his own party so he could advertise himself as a good candidate to be PM. Well, it is like selling himself or to be prostituted, MORALLY AND ETHICALLY just because he could afford it money ways (yes, money has the power of corrupt and it did…OMG!!!

  6. Dee  

    It’s wrong. No politician from any party should be allowed to donate to their campaign as it is a means of buying favours for their personal and business interests. Perhaps the size of the donation should have a limit eg. $1000. This should apply to businesses and unions as well. That would keep them honest and maybe we’d get honest and decent people running this country for the good of all, not just for their own interests. We’re stuck with this mug and his hopeless mates for three years now so its no good complaining. The law desperately needs changing so we can have some quality leaders.

  7. Claire  

    At least he is using his own money. When unions donate to the ALP they are using their members money. Not all members will vote for the ALP.

  8. Rodger Bull  

    The bottom line is the Coalition were elected by the people. I don’t like the guy or his brand of politics but as long as the donation wasn’t used corruptlyy ie to buy reporters etc then so what?

  9. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I agree with DEE, No this should not be allowed. It is a means of buying power and showing that we should vote for him as PM. Turnbull is the worst PM ever, cutting Medicare, attacking Pensioners, Centrelink letters to people demanding money. People saved for years to have a decent life and Turnbull takes it away from them. He does not listen to the people at all. TAKE AWAY RETIREMENT PENSIONS AND PERKS FOR POLITIANS. ALSO TAKE AWAY ALL PERKS FOR CURRENT MP’S AND LET THEM PAY OUT OF THEIR HUGE WAGES and if necessary only claim for Economy air fares. RE-INSTATE MEDICARE BENEFITS FOR LOW INCOME AND PENSIONERS, CANCEL ALL PENSIONERS WITH CANCELLING HIS NEW POLICIES AND LEAVE PENSIONERS ALONE.

  10. I don’t remember being paid by Malcolm for him to win the election. Buying an election is something so far out there only a Labour supporter would cone up with that,.

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