Malcolm Turnbull decides Gillian Triggs’ fate

She’s had a rough few months on the job, but Gillian Triggs won’t have to worry about that for much
Malcolm Turnbull has handed down the law.

She’s had a rough few months on the job, but Gillian Triggs won’t have to worry about that for much longer after prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the government won’t be renewing her contract as Human Rights Commissioner.

Ms Triggs has faced criticism from the Government on a number of issues, particularly her views on offshore immigration detention, and it looks like the PM has had enough.

Speaking to radio station 2GB, Mr Turnbull noted that Ms Triggs was hired by the Gillard government and was not his own choice for the high-profile role.

“People cannot expect to have their terms renewed,” Mr Turnbull said.

“In an office like this you serve your term and sometimes if people want to have it renewed it might be renewed.

“But in this case there will be a new president of the Human Rights Commission.”

Ms Triggs had become somewhat of a sore point for the government of late, slamming the treatment of refugees in detention on Manus Island and Nauru and supporting the United Nations’ report claiming Australia was mistreating asylum seekers.

Last month, she admitted to telling a journalist some politicians were uneducated and ill-informed, despite initially denying the comments in a Senate Estimates Committee hearing.

So has the government made the right call, or is this a personal attack on Ms Triggs for her outspokenness?

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has tried to play down reports the government’s treatment of Ms Triggs will deter others from applying for the position.

“I think in the end, people create a rod for their own backs or they create opportunity in these positions,” he said.

“They are highly paid positions; they come with a great deal of responsibility.

“People need to conduct themselves in accord with the high office that they occupy.”

Do you think the government made the right call not renewing Gillian Triggs’ contract? Was she out of line during her time in the role? Or was she right to speak out?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    Turnbull has made the right decision for once.

    • Jude Power  

      Actually he’s just doing a politicial grandstand act: Gillian Triggs announced some time ago and more than once that she won’t be continuing in the position SO IT’S HER DECISION, NOT HIS.

  2. Judith  

    Great decision. Finally getting rid of some of the ‘do gooders’. We all have to live with rules but it seems not for those who stand up for every single issue. We can’t have it both ways and we all can’t have what we want. Some have to dip out sometimes.

    • Ann Day  

      It is these “do gooders” you have to thank for your own human rights. Without them we would still be serfs or slaves under an autocratic, dominating ineffective leader – OH!- oops – we still are.

    • Jude Power  

      Yeah, right, let’s replace “do-gooders” who stand for justice and fairness with some ‘DO BADDERS” – is that what you want? How did she ever stand up for “every single issue” and I guess you’re not in a group that “dips out” because of discrimination

  3. Stephen  

    This Federal Government has 2 consistencies. 1. We have been the government for over 3 years, but it is still Labours fault. 2. It is the head of departments fault because they dare to think for themselves; so bully them out, and if they still wont go, then eventually fire them.
    Personally I was raised to consider and respect all the options before making a decision, not just attack everyone who did not mindlessly agree with me.
    To undermine Gillian Trigg to the extent this Government has, shows a complete lack of respect as human beings and business managers. They could have just let her go quietly, said her tenure is up, and replaced her; but no, they have to express their complete lack of integrity in making a meal out of it.
    This latest media statement does not show political strength and judgement, it shows petty point scoring by a bunch of bullies.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Stephen you are correct. Everything is Labor’s fault and they have been there for over 3 yrs. They should not have undermined Gillian Trigg, I think she is correct in a lot of cases and Turnbull does not like the truth. Turnbull will put one of his mates in to tell all the lies etc that Turnbull himself tells. What a farce Turnbull is.

    • [email protected]  

      Don’t be such D$%^Head, Stephen… she so opvertly partisan and hostile to every thing that is not from the loony left… she has destroyed the HRC’s reputation for ever…

    • Narelle Day  

      Wrong, it shows that the Turnbull government is listening to the majority of the Australian people in replacing Miss Triggs with a more independent commissioner. Unfortunately Miss Triggs brought her brand of politics to the fore in her decisions and in a democracy this is not acceptable.

  4. Michael Cole  

    Can’t believe he has actually MADE a decision..Notice he did refer to it as a Gillard decision

  5. Dee  

    Why was it necessary to announce this 6 months before it’s to happen? I agree with Stephen above that its just cheap point-scoring by a bully. Whether the government agrees or disagrees with Gillian, they should treat her with respect. She is there to uphold human rights and will no doubt be replaced with an LNP puppet who just pretends to do so. Malcolm is at present trying to present himself as a strong leader and thinks these announcements will help his image. At the end of the day, he’s not that person at all but I see he’s getting Tony’s approval and “growing into the role”. Honestly, I have just one word for them all…..pathetic.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Dee I totally agree with you. Turnbull when put one of his mates or puppets in the position so we are not told the truth. Turnbull is trying to show he is in command but he is not.

  6. Sandy Balfour  

    Agree completely with all above. Well said.

  7. Charles  

    Best decision Turnbull has made since becoming P.M.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Charles your a dick…. that is not the best decision Turnbull has done. Turnbull wants someone in the position that does not tell the people of Australia the truth, he would prefer one of his mates or puppets in there so Australian people don’t know the truth about things happening, like him a bloody liar. Turnbull is the worst PM ever

  8. Hels  

    I thought, stupidly of course, that if you have a position of authority, eg, Ms Trigg, that you have the responsibility to act with accordance with that position. Why have all these positions if the people responsible cannot bring to public attention the wrong doings of the Government.
    I am sure Ms. Trigg would have gone up the ladder of responsibility to tell the PM he was wrong on lots of occasions and most likely got slapped down each time.
    I think she had the right to go public when no one would listen and she has been proved right. But she has learned a good lesson, which is, it’s no use going into politics if you are not a good yes person! The 22million odd Australians are not allowed to know what’s going on, hence all the underhanded decisions being put into practice, while we are watching another underhanded scheme and objecting to it.
    Twenty years from now there will be no Australia as it’s being sold out from under us. I’m sure then the Govt of Turnbull & Baird will be laughing and clapping till their hands are sore

    • Peter Ferguson  

      There are 24.3 million Australians not 22 million odd! Get your facts right.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Hels I totally agree with your comments. Turnbull is a disgusting creature who wants people in positions that agree with him and tell lies and people are not entitled to the truth. One of Turnbull’s mates or puppets will go into the position. The people will not be told the truth and you are right there will be no Australia in 20 yrs. I feel sorry for all the younger generation in the future.

  9. Jude Power  

    THIS WASN’T TURNBULL’S DECISON: she’s already said she wouldn’t be continuing. So just have a think about why he’s pretending to be the tough man making the decision: maybe following on from an overseas “tough guy”????

    What is he trying to distract us from? Maybe some of the injustices she exposed?

  10. richard  

    Just like the Howard government Turnbull has come up against some one he can’t get the better of so the easiest way to show his authority (ha ha ) is to sack the person.

  11. Brom  

    A bad decision. Anyone who disagrees with this government gets the sack. The Commonwealth has a poor human rights record particularly when it come to asylum seekers. The government should be sacked; not Professor Triggs

  12. I have been saying for quite some time that she has to go! She made too many blunders and told too many lies, even when Labour was in.
    Got caught up in her own self importance!

    • Guy Flavell  

      But Lee, she hasn’t been sacked !!! Turnbull is just not renewing her contract next year. Like most clear-thinking and sensible Australians,
      I wish the Government had shown some ‘true grit’ and dismissed her after her lies to the Senate and the obvious mishandling of her
      portfolio. Fingers crossed, we’ll get an honest and competent replacement for her.

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