Malcolm Turnbull crushes Kevin Rudd’s UN dream

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed the Government will not support former PM Kevin Rudd’s nomination to be Australia’s candidate

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed the Government will not support former PM Kevin Rudd’s nomination to be Australia’s candidate for the United Nations secretary-general.

A decision from the Government was expected on Thursday, July 28 however, reports say that the debate on the matter was intense in cabinet and Turnbull only contacted Rudd on Friday, July 29 to advise of the decision.

According to Channel 9 political commentator, Laurie Oakes, Turnbull made a ‘captain’s call’ on the decision not to support the former Labor leader, revealing that deputy prime minister and foreign minister Julie Bishop had allegedly championed Rudd’s bid.

“I do not want to add to his disappointment, but the threshold point here is when the Australian Government nominates a person for a job, particularly an international job like this, the threshold question is: Do we believe the person, the nominee, the would-be nominee is suited for that position?” Turnbull told a press conference.

“My judgement is that Mr Rudd is not, and I’ve explained to him the reasons why. I don’t want to go into them here today.”

Turnbull denies that the decision was based on Rudd being a former Labor politician.

“I can assure you this is not a partisan issue. This is a considered judgement about Mr Rudd’s suitability for the role in question, that is to say secretary-general of the United Nations,” Turnbull says.

That Kevin Rudd has not been endorsed by the Australian Government means his campaign to lead the UN is over.

Should the Government have supported Kevin Rudd’s bid for the UN secretary-general’s role as an Australian and a former prime minister? Do you think Kevin Rudd would have been a suitable nominee for the position?

  1. Ronin  

    Rudd may not be the best suited for the role, but it certainly comes across as poor form by Turnbull, and that he is leashed by the right wing faction of his government. Not a good look.

  2. He failed twice leading Australia giving us the biggest debt crisis ever, he is an egotistical moron. I would not put him in charge of a pissup in a brewery

    • Col  

      I guess that’s Karma. Rudd has managed to shaft quite a few in his career….his turn. Think of all the folks only on unemployment benefits while he manages to scrape through and survive on the “pension” of an ex-PM and with the assistance of his lovely wife’s business. Enough said. Peter, you are spot on the mark.

      • Lumlox  

        are you guys serious, on what level is Turnbull equipped to make this call, he is the most piss poor excuse of a leader without the courage of his own conviction. What the hell difference would it have made. Just further evidence of coalition inability to judge what matters and what doesn’t. The singularly worst, backward thinking self interested group of people ever assembled to run this country. Wake up people!

  3. Veceslav  

    Rudd changed the Australian political system by degrading the office of the Prime Minister by his self absorbed hunger for power which weakened the standard of behaviour of all following candidates for the position as Carers and custodians of the welfare of Australia. To now be giving him an endorsement to this position it to only give him more authority with which he can enhance his selfish ego .

  4. Lisbeth Olsson  

    I think that this is the correct decision about Kevin Rudd’s suitability for such a powerful and delicate position on the world stage.

  5. Peter  

    Julie Bishop championing Kevin Rudd’s bid for United Nations Secretary Generals Role got a stifled laugh from me. I think Julie still has Blood on her hand’s from Tony Abbots demise and I believe Woosha’s pseudonyn from West Coast Eagles days is a more likely name for Julie.

  6. Jeanette Medway  

    Malcolm Turnbull told Kevin Rudd in May that he wouldn’t be endorsed as a candidate but of course Kevin would not go quietly. Just goes to show the ego of the man. Why did he keep
    Persisting when he alresdy knew he wasn’t going to get an endorsement as a candidate.

  7. Malcolm has done the right thing, I don’t think any clear thinking Australian adult would endorse an egotistical, self serving pratt like Kevin Rudd for such an important and delicate role.

  8. Dee  

    While Kevin is probably not my favourite politician, he had the credentials, interest and experience with foreign affairs to nominate for the position. Turnbull has demeaned himself with this petty minded decision and Julie has actually gone up in my estimations as she showed herself to be above partisan politics. (Not that I would ever vote for her!)

    • Helen  

      Totally agree with you Dee Mr Rudd is qualified for the job. Once again we are the laughing stock of the world where the present Govt can’t back an Australian for the job.

  9. Roy Bridges  

    First thing Turnbull go right! Rudd is about ego/self interest and could not do the job as PM why would you recommend him??
    Don’t forget what his mates in Labour Party thought of him then when this comes out they carry on and say how he should get the job ,why would they do this .? That also about their own self interest shame on them.
    Non of them would last in a real job where you are accountable for your actions, hang on maybe that’s why Labour did not get in and theTurnbull party lost a lot of seats . None of them doing a good job.

    • Helen  

      Roy but remember it was the ALP that brought proper wages health & superannuation to the workers we have had menzies but that was the time of royalty that we dont need Whitlam & the greatest prime minister Paul Keating he brought prosperity to this great country after trouble times. I cannot belive that a tory government would do such a thing to kevin rudd.we are now going to a third world country & laughing stock of the world under the tory goverment but you dont care .

      • Jiminy  

        Keating? You jest!
        You obviously haven’t a clue about him, in any way!

  10. Ian  

    Life will go on regardless. Not the end if the world.

  11. Douglas  


    About time someone brought that egomaniac down to earth!

    He’s a twice-failed, hopeless PM, has really high-rated anger management issues, & doesn’t have the right sort of personality for that top job.

    Hopefully, we won’t hear from him again.
    That’s a surety whilst Federal Coalition in power, anyway.
    Although the way labor dumped him, they don’t seem to have any time for him either.

    Nobody does, except himself, for himself alone.

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