Malcolm Turnbull blasts Kevin Rudd over ‘legacy of shame’

Malcolm Turnbull has come out to criticise Kevin Rudd’s past leadership and he did not hold his comments back. The PM
The PM described Labor's management of the people smuggling challenge under Kevin Rudd's leadership as his "legacy of shame".

Malcolm Turnbull has come out to criticise Kevin Rudd’s past leadership and he did not hold his comments back. The PM described Labor’s management of the people smuggling challenge under Kevin Rudd’s leadership as his “legacy of shame”. Not only that, Mr Turnbull also described it as the worst policy failure in the country’s history.

Defending his government’s decision to resettle refugees from a Costa Rican refugee camp while hundreds of refugees languish much closer to home on Manus Island and Nauru, Mr Turnbull reaffirmed that irregular arrivals to Australia would never achieve their goal of settlement. In fact, he slammed Mr Rudd’s approach after 2007 as wantonly ill-advised and ultimately as the cause of more than a thousand drownings.

Mr Turnbull’s revealed his personal anger at Australia’s border regime which he called a mess. Asked why refugees in a Costa Rican camp were deemed morally superior and could be granted the right to Australian resettlement whereas those in PNG and Nauru did not, Mr Turnbull unleashed about the former PM.

“We have to recognise that in Australia, we don’t theorise about people smuggling,” he said, as quoted Sydney Morning Herald.

He said the boats had stopped under John Howard and there was no people smuggling but that Mr Rudd had been elected in 2007 and changed the policy settings creating a “pull factor” or incentive for people to want to make the dangerous voyage.

“The Labor Party have that on their conscience, they made that decision, it defied reality, it defied common sense, they pressed ahead with it and 50,000 people arrived, 1200 at least, drowned at sea, $11 billion of expense. It was the biggest policy failure in the history of the Commonwealth – tragic, so many people died, that was the Labor Party’s legacy,” he said.

“And you ask about the people on Manus Island and Nauru? Kevin Rudd put them there, the Labor Party put them there. We have been dealing with Labor’s legacy, their legacy of shame.

He said his government had closed 17 detention centres, removed “several thousand” children from detention under Labor.

“This is what we’ve had to deal with now we do not have to theorise about it, this is not a matter for academic speculation, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work,” he said.

Meanwhile, almost two months after the government declined to nominate him for the UN secretary-general election, Mr Rudd has maintained that Mr Turnbull betrayed him and was justifying it with a “concocted excuse”.

When will this ever end? How do you feel, witnessing our leaders clash like this?

  1. Frank Tulic  

    If our Politicians – leaders clash, let it be behind closed doors, rather than for all the world to see. When they do clash, let it be in the interest of what’s for the best interest of Australia and world peace, rather than scoring political points for their party and their personal ego. We have a elected party and Prime Minister to whom we should show more respect even if we don’t agree with every decision they make. Remember that they are only human and their decisions are based upon information Unknown to us. At the next election, you have the power of your vote. Best wishes to all.

  2. Voice of Reason  

    Kevin Rudd was a foul-mouthed bully who was an absolute disaster as our PM. Don’t believe me, believe his colleagues who sacked him as PM. Believe the majority of Australians who got rid of him as PM in his second attempt at the job!! Any government would have been right in not endorsing him for a global job in the UN. Kevin Rudd should quietly slink off into retirement and stop boring us with his histrionics and grand standing.

  3. Tim Janes  

    The big thing about Malcolm Turnbull is that gou cannot trust him! He is not in touch with the electorate.
    He does not share his own plans or opinions so that we know what he is trying to achieve. I suspect that he is following One Workd Government which means surrendering Australias sovereignty to the UN which is anti judeo-Chrustian. I think he is very devious and not at all up front.

  4. Stephen  

    VERY recently Abbott declared he made a mistake over not backing Malaysia as a settlement option, which of itself just makes Turnballs behaviour a load of rubbish, so the question is why has he returned from the U.N. with no results except to attack Rudd?

    The reality is he just got extremely embarrassed in N.Y. over his first visit there since his rejection of Rudd as U.N. Sec. Gen. A lot of other nations supported and even wanted Rudd in the job, so you can bet he got queried and just made a fool of himself. A friend ones said if you compare yourself to a gnome all you will ever be is a big gnome. Turnball might be able to bluff and fool Australians, but the diplomats in the U.N. would eat him alive.

    The one guarantee with Turnball is it is always some one else to blame. They have been in government now for 3 years, so it is ALL on them. He alone has had 12 months to fix Manus and Nauru and the humanity of our immigration policy. To big note himself over stuff Abbott laid out 18 months ago over Central America is just proving he has still achieved absolutely zilch in the job. Blaming Rudd who basically lost the job about 7 years ago just shows how upset his own Rudd behaviour landed in his lap in New York; what a (insert frustrated swear word here).

    • Lindy Patterson  

      If Turnbull weren’t so dangerous he would be just pathetic
      His weakness in allowing others to govern while he takes the pay and ? Glory for being PM is truly dangerous
      He is a psychopath with no self esteem
      This is the problem

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