Maggie Smith shows Hollywood who is boss after Emmy win

Dame Maggie Smith may not have been at the Emmys to accept her award, but that hasn’t stopped her from

Dame Maggie Smith may not have been at the Emmys to accept her award, but that hasn’t stopped her from stealing the show.

If you missed the Emmys, you may have missed host Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about Maggie not deserving her award because she wasn’t there.

When Maggie’s name was announced as the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Kimmel raced to the stage and took the statue.

“Maggie, if you want this, it will be in lost and found,” he joked.

Earlier in the show’s opening, Kimmel threatened to take away all of Maggie’s awards if she didn’t personally come to the awards and collect them.

He also challenged her to “get (her) Dowager Count-ass over here.”

You might be wondering how Maggie took the joke?

Well, true to form, she took the joke with all the humour, grace and clever wit you’d expect.

The 81-year-old took to social media to respond.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 11.01.09 AM

She tweeted through theĀ Masterpiece PBS Twitter account.

“I was very astonished and pleased to win the award,” she wrote.

“I feel the Emmys have been overly gracious to me. If Mr. Kimmel could please direct me to the lost and found office I will try and be on the next flight.”

The talented actress signed off the tweet with “Love, Old Maggie.”

It just goes to show that although Maggie might not be playing Violet Crawley until the Downtown Abbey movie starts filming next year, she can still channel her character’s wit.

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  1. Lynette Dries  

    Love her …love her. All the famous English lady actors show Hollywood how it is done time and again.

  2. Alicia  

    Marvellous response to ignoramus Kimmel.

    It’s just jealousy that makes him, & other Hollywoodites act like this to the hugely talented British acting community!

    Yanks have no manners’, & think the world revolves around THEM!
    So WRONG, in every way!

    Will watch our UK greats, ad infinitum, never tiring of their abilities!
    Saw Tom Hiddleston in ‘Wallander’ last night!
    What a coup for him to be acting alongside Sir Kenneth Branagh!

    Even an episode of ‘Midsomer Murders’, with various RSC alumni, in the cast, including John Nettles, is superior to a Hollywood film, sometimes!

    Go the Brits, every time!

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