Madonna has some choice words for Donald Trump at Women’s March

As you’ve probably read or heard, hundreds of thousands of women across the world are marching in protest against Donald
Madonna speaks at a Women's March against Donald Trump. Source: YouTube

As you’ve probably read or heard, hundreds of thousands of women across the world are marching in protest against Donald Trump’s presidency.

Among them were dozens of celebrities – from Cate Blanchett to Cher and Michael Moore.

But it’s Madonna that’s raised eyebrows with a profanity filled speech aimed at Trump.

Speaking at a march in Washington DC that attracted half-a-million women, Madonna dropped a few f-bombs.

“Welcome to the revolution of love, to the rebellion, to our refusal as women to accept this new age of tyranny, where not just women are in danger but all marginalized people, where being uniquely different right now might truly be considered a crime,” she said.

“It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the f*** up.”

She also told Trump to “suck a d***”.

And it got even worse.

“To our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything, f*** you,” she said.

“Yes I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Her comments appeared uncensored on several news outlets, with CNN actually apologising.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:


What do you think of Madonna’s outburst? Did she take it too far?



  1. Guy Flavell  

    This creature is just a filthy mouthed ‘has-been’.

    • Denis Giles  

      Ride like a girl guy. Try & keep up.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Touche Denis … great response, but she’s still got a dirty mouth.

    • She might be a has been to you but to suppressed women and women across the world who care what’s happening to this planet by stupid men who think that they can take away human rights in this day and age. We as women don’t care anymore what men say as we know we have a far more superior brain than any man could possibly have.

  2. She tells it like it is, okay her choice of words might not appeal to everyone, but that is Madonna, and she is not going to change for anyone. Did she take it too far? NO I don’t think she did. Trump is so full of himself it is time he realized he is not God and never will be. He will ruin everything that Obama set up, just for the pure hell of it an his ego. God help you America because Trump sure as hell wont.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Jan. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is Madonna is a TART and was called a TART by Jacky Kennedy and she warned her son if he married the TART he would be struck out of his inheritance. GOOD. If John John was my son I would have said the same. Madonna has never had any CLASS she to me is a joke I laugh at her and she certainly does nothing for women with style and CLASS.

  3. Diandra  

    Old washed up hag. Just shows you what this lot are about. No wonder her own son doesn’t want anything to do with her. Fine example for young girls…….. NOT!

    • Guy Flavell  

      “Old washed up hag” … a perfect description Diandra.

  4. Gay Rothwell  

    Once and for all get over it! Common tramp …

  5. Bob clarke  

    Potty mouthed Slack woman with no class or principles the real people have spoken .

  6. Ian Gould  

    She wants to blow up the White House!! she should be locked up she is a washed up fruit cake!!!

  7. Ellen Walls  

    You lose all credibility when you start being foul mouthed. She hadn’t mellowed with age or learned how to communicate in decent society. She should be arrested for talking about blowing up the White House, no better than Donald Trump.

  8. Jan Jakowenko  

    As Henry Bolte once said “They can march until they are footsore” – It will achieve nothing.

  9. Michelle Thornton  

    I keep saying this….”get over it”! He has been elected and is now officially the president. Madonna should take up knitting or crochet along with all the other women who have nothing better to do. Yes, this is a big deal…does it worry me, of course! But for crying out loud….give it a go. Focus on the good that could possibly, and hopefully come out of this!

  10. Attila  

    As this washed up, foul mouthed old hag stated – ‘We must love one another or die!’ Well, obviously there is no love in you, so, I await your funeral with great anticipation! Fade away … quickly …

  11. Anna Ball  

    I can understand that women are disgusted with some of Donald Trumps’ comments about women, but why is it OK for Madonna to make such disgusting comments? She is just as bad. Definitely not a role model for young women!

  12. Pamela  

    She is a thug, inciting insurrection and should be arrested and gaoled for a long time!

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