Maddie McCann’s parents devastated after another heartbreaking loss

Gerry and Kate McCann are coming to terms with their latest loss.
Maddie has been missing since 2003.

There has been fresh disappointment for the McCann family today after Maddie’s parents Gerry and Kate lost an eight-year court battle against a Portuguese police officer who accused them of hiding their daughter’s death.

The family are reportedly now facing financial ruin after losing the case, which will see them have to pay for the officer’s expensive court costs and their own.

Since little Maddie disappeared from their holiday villa in Portugal in 2003, the family has spent the majority of their life savings and their income trying to find her and bring her home.

They had hoped to win the case against the officer and use the money for the Find Maddie Fund, which is now on the brink of collapse.

“What we have been told by our lawyers is obviously extremely disappointing,” the couple said after the ruling.

“It is eight years since we brought the action and in that time the landscape has changed dramatically, namely there is now a joint Metropolitan Police-Policia Judiciaria investigation which is what we’ve always wanted.

“The police in both countries continue to work on the basis that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to physical harm.

“We will, of course, be discussing the implications of the Supreme Court ruling with our lawyers in due course.”

The McCanns have never given up hope their daughter is still alive, working tirelessly to bring her home and bring her kidnappers to justice.

The latest theory UK police are working on is that Maddie was taken from her bed while her parents were out to dinner and sold into a sex trafficking ring in Europe.

There have been numerous reported sightings of her over the years, but none have come to fruition.

It is difficult to imagine how the couple have managed all for this time and how disheartening it must be to be knocked back over and over again.

Here’s hoping there’s some good news for them soon.

Do you feel for the McCann family? Have you followed their story over the years?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Yes any one who loses a child and does not get closure it is the worst!

  2. moira nield  

    I lived in the UK at the time she disappeared so have followed the case for years. Can’t say I’m very sympathetic to the McCanns who left their little children in their villa while they went out with friends – they weren’t vey close by either. Plus there’s unexplained evidence (have a close look at the police findings) to suggest that they know more about what happened to their daughter than their testimonies suggest.

  3. Moira  

    I just can`t fathom how Parents could leave small children alone, while they went to dinner, in a strange country??

  4. For one’s child to die is the worst kind of tragedy, but in time parents will adjust to it, finally accept kit and have closure.
    To have one’s child disappear would be a life long sentence of guilt and self accusation, and, although memories will dim, without an ending there will be no closure.

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    YES anyone who loses a child and does not know is horrific. That Police Officer should have been charged for writing a book about the McCannes while investigations are continuing. That officer should have had to pay for writing what he did with no evidence.

  6. Monique wiggins  

    Wouldn’t wish the loss of a child on my worse enemy but they’ve only got themselves to blame for leaving 3 defenceless children on their own.

  7. Gail Coghlan  

    So sad for the family and sincerely hope Maddie is found soon, such an never ending nightmare😥

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