Malcolm Turnbull accused of ‘blackmailing’ the Senate

Independent state senator Glenn Lazarus has accused Malcolm Turnbull of ‘blackmailing’ the Senate, with threats of a double dissolution election.

Independent state senator Glenn Lazarus has accused Malcolm Turnbull of ‘blackmailing’ the Senate, with threats of a double dissolution election.

Malcolm Turnbull has forced the Senate into voting about industrial relations reforms, saying that failure to reach a decision will result in an early election.

Former PM Tony Abbott has described Mr Turnbull’s position as “intelligent brinkmanship”, which has prompted politicians to be ready for a double dissolution on July 2nd.

However, politicians like Glenn Lazarus have hit back at Mr Turnbull’s actions. “I won’t be blackmailed into voting for bills by anyone”, the Queensland senator said in a press release.

“Malcolm Turnbull can threaten me all he likes but I won’t be taking any notice”, Senator Lazarus said. “I answer to the people of Queensland, not him”.

“As I have already stated, I will only support the ABCC bill (for industrial relations reform) if Malcolm amends it to include corruption across all industries”.

At present, the proposed ABCC bill only deals with the building and construction industry. Mr Lazarus would like to see reform across banking and finance too.

“The banking sector is one of Australia’s biggest industries and is constantly on the front page of papers for corruption”, Mr Lazarus claimed.

“Mums and dads are losing money and their life savings every day at the hands of corrupt advisers and rogue bankers”.

“Why won’t Malcolm just admit he needs to do the right thing and broaden the ABCC bill to deal with corruption everywhere?”

Mr Lazarus even went so far as to accuse Malcolm Turnbull of manipulation. “Threatening to call a double dissolution if bills are not passed is an abuse and misuse of power”, he said.

According to the Australian Constitution, a double dissolution can only occur if the House of Representatives and Senate reach a deadlock when passing legislation.

It this deadlock is ‘triggered’, the Governor-General can dissolve both houses of Parliament and call a full election. Therefore, Aussies might be going to the polls this winter.

Whose side are you on? Does Australia need industrial reform? Or is threatening to dissolve government drastic on PM Turnbull’s behalf?

PRESS RELEASE Senator Lazarus: I won’t be blackmailed into voting for bills by anyoneSenator for Queensland and…

Posted by Senator Glenn Lazarus on Sunday, March 20, 2016

  1. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I fully agree with Glenn Lazarus, he works for the people of Australia. Turnbull is suppose to work for the people even though we did not vote for him. Turnbull works for himself making rules and threatens all the people of Australia.
    He should not be PM.

    • John Hills  

      What not Honest Malcolm with his Money hidden Offshore.

  2. Neta Williams  

    Why won’t Turnbull just expand the bill to cover every industry? Is he scared if investigations into banks and other companies reveal they have not been paying correct tax or their ethics are a bit smelly. There is an easy answer to this without Turnbull running to GG like a spoilt brat. Just include every company and industry in the bill.

  3. Michael Leitch  

    Is he so addicted to power already

    • Oligarchs tend to have this addiction to power. They are more dangerous if they have some intellect unlike the previous PM.

  4. Richard  

    I agree with Glen eMpTy’s corruption reform needs to cover all industrys

  5. Richard  

    I thought blackmail was/is a felony

  6. Barb  

    A disgraceful misuse of power. Politicians in the major parties loathe independents and minor parties because it makes their lives more difficult. As a voter I think we need to have independents to keep the worst elements of the major parties in check. Have a double dissolution – I will still vote for a senator who speaks for the people, not the party. Hopefully they will end up with just as many senators from minorities as they have now. Oh, having voted Green in the past, now they have joined forces with the conservatives they have lost me.

  7. sean  

    Australia desperately needs industrial reform, the building industry would be an excellent place to start. If the press are to be believed, standover tactics, thuggery and disruptive tactics by unions appear to be the norm, and have been as long as I can remember. If employers are unable to operate efficiently, it has a bad effect on us all somewhere along the line. Bring it on, it is a vote for a better future for Australia.

    • Joyce  

      Australia does need reform but if you read the Murdoch Press it is only the unions that need reform. Yes there have been bad hats in the unions that have used BLACKMAIL, thuggery etc but then so have our Government, Banks, Mines, Religion. We need to have all industries looked at, not just unions.

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