Mack Horton relentlessly trolled by his rival’s fans

It should be a day of celebration and laughs, but Mack Horton has had a shadow cast over his gold

It should be a day of celebration and laughs, but Mack Horton has had a shadow cast over his gold medal victory thanks to his rival’s angry fans.

Mack beat China’s Sun Yang in the 400m freestyle final today, days after the pair made their feelings for each other clear.

Yang reportedly ‘taunted and splashed’ Mack while he was practicing in the lead up to today’s final, becoming more and more agitated as Mack ignored him.

Later, when asked about the incident in a press conference, Mack said he didn’t have time for “drug cheats” referring to Yang’s 2014 three-month ban for taking illegal substances.

Now, only hours after standing proud on the podium with his gold medal, Mack has been flooded with abusive comments by Yang’s fans who are trolling his Facebook page.

facebook mack

“Watch your mouth, you loser,” wrote one.

“You have such a horrible personality. Also you look really weird and stupid,” said another.

makc abuse 2

mack abuse 3

The comments range from angry to aggressive, with many swearing and making threats to him.

It’s especially disappointing since the Olympics are build on the spirit of healthy competition and unity, with most athletes and showing respect for those around them.

Mack is yet to respond to them and instead chose to post a photo of himself with his gold medal, saying “I come from a land down under”.

What do you think about this kind of abuse in sport? Do you have a message of support for young Mack?

  1. Philipyyyy  

    I won’t say Mack deserves what he got from those fans. But did the young Mack show any respect to Sun? And did the media show any respect to Sun? Oh, I guess you can just ignore people come friendly to say hi and show how you ignore others in public.

    What you think is true is not the truth at all. Sun is NOT a drug cheat. Why all you just broadcast all these drug cheats remarks and simply indicate that Mack is a hero against the dirty pool/Chinese aesthete. The truth is that Sun earned his medals with his hard training and talent. This has nothing to do with the drug. That’s why his medals from the Olympics are in his hands and recognized and never being doubted by the committee. In 2014, in a Chinese domestic competition, he was tested positive for a drug newly being listed in the banned list in that year. It’s contained in medicals and only the high dosage might enhance the muscle function. Sun’s team used it for medical treatment and stopped immediately the mistake.

    • Alison Flaws  

      What a strange way the Chinese fans have of showing honour. Sun was found to have indulged in drugs therefore he is the drug cheat. People who cheat should be named and shamed. Congratulations Mack, stand tall and proud.

  2. Xin Hua  

    OH, how ignorant the Chinese are. Sun attempted to interfere with Mack during his training. Sun was found taking drugs. How is calling a person a drug cheat racist? Sore losers with bellicose rhetoric. And China is invading other countries territories as the games go on.

    • Jennifer  

      Well said Xin Hua
      Mack hold your head and keep your dignity against the bad sports and sore losers

    • Amy  

      Are you are not ignorant? Mack himself admitted that Sun splashed at him just to say hello and he just ignored him to play mind games. He planned the whole “drug cheat” angle, he admitted himself. Is this Olympic spirit?

      Sun was also not taking performance enhancing drugs. The drug is not even on the banned list anymore because they realised it was not performance enhancing. Do your research.

      Humble in victory, gracious in defeat. He should let the swimming do the talking. Especially if he doesn’t know the whole story.

      • Mrs Me  

        So you are a communist China supporter? If so Amy what are you doing living in a democratic country?you should return to China and stay there

        • Ana  

          Well she was expressing her own views which is perfectly welcome to do in a “democratic country”. Not surprising that this is coming from a descendant of criminals from “the down under”. Hopefully you are stuck there removed from the civilized world.

    • Mrs Me  

      Yes they are the worlds bully!

  3. Mack…good on you…hold your GOLD MEDAL HIGH.!
    Proving that being taunted by the Chinese swimmer.( which is very bad sportsmanship By Sun…)
    Can’t stop you from being a better swimmer and a better man……Aussie, Aussie ,Aussie!
    Proud of you boy….

  4. Greg Hills  

    I assume that this Chinese guy, Sun, was the favourite and supposed to win the 400. Well, boil overs happen in the Olympics. He will be disappointed for sure, but he shouldn’t take it out on the person who beat him, fair and square.

    • Mack said it as he saw it and he probably knows a lot more than us. Well done Mack on a great win

  5. Judith Mcintyre  

    It’s easy to see who are racist and poor losers by all those comments. Mack is a great person then a great swimmer. You mob learn how to be gracious in defeat.

    • 🇨🇳  

      if Mack didn’t say that we will not abuse him at all.he didn’t show the respect.we know he is awsome ,he is really good at swimming,but why he said that to the media?we luv our country we proud of our athletes,just like u luv ur country.we just want the respect.the most important thing,that medicine is legal.

  6. Deb Richardson  

    As the old saying goes….”the proof is in the pudding” Our swimmer got to stand on the podium and receive the gold medal…..there is the proof, he was the better swimmer on the day. If the Chinese can’t accept that then they need to tell their swimmer to practise harder and maybe next time it will be his turn. Until then maybe a good dose of sportsmanship is in order.

  7. Jeneve  

    Regardless of your opponent’s behaviour or your attitude towards him, these things have nothing to do with the race. The results show who swam the better race today and who should take home the gold. Be proud of your efforts – all else is sour grapes and excuses. Such mean nastiness as I have read above is unworthy of either you or Sun Yang. Australia is proud of you and congratulates you on your magnificent win. We would still be proud of you and your efforts regardless of today’s outcome. It is so disappointing that they don’t show respect and pride in their swimmer. It reduces Sun Yang and his fans to poor sportsmanship and he deserves more for his efforts today.

    Regardless, let’s keep the Olympic spirit alive and well.

    You are the Olympic champion and that is just amazing. Well done!
    Oi oi oi!

  8. K MEAR  


  9. Who has the GOLD medal around his neck??? Congratulations Mack.

  10. Congratulations of your medal win Mack – good swimming. You were certainly better on the night and it showed.

    Enjoy your win and hold your head up high you deserve too.

  11. lyn burston  

    Congratulation young fella – you did us proud. …keep your head up high and don’t look back

  12. Kate  

    Congratulations you did your country proud

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