Maccas is trying to get into your bedroom

McDonald’s has successfully made its way into the kitchens of millions of Australians, but it isn’t about to stop there.

McDonald’s has successfully made its way into the kitchens of millions of Australians, but it isn’t about to stop there.

As the fast food giant rolls out its all-day breakfast menu, it has a special ‘treat’ for all its loyal customers: limited-edition Maccas pajamas.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now buy official McDonald’s PJs.

The PJs are up for sale on eBay, where Maccas fans will be able to pick up T-shirts, pyjama trousers or button-up dress in a McMuffins-and-hash-browns-against-a-Hamburglar-style-background print from 2pm.

Prices range between $35 and $50 and there are only 300 items available so customers will have to get in quick if they want to snap up some Maccas fashion history.

The PJ range was designed by Sydney designer Emma Mulholland who says she creates “unique designs that celebrate what Australians love and pieces that are comfortable to wear”.

Well, you have to hand it to her: a lot of Australians do love eating Maccas and wearing pajamas.

“So the ideas started flowing as soon as Macca’s asked me to collaborate with them on this range,” she said.

“I hope people enjoy the designs and jump online to buy their all day BrekkieWear.”

McDonald’s is donating all proceeds from the clothing range to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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Would you buy McDonald’s pajamas? Do you eat at McDonald’s?

  1. junk food…..should be taxed & have to pay a ‘rubbish’ tax as most of their packaging ends up on the streets/park/roads, not in bins!!! should not be confused with ‘real food’!!!!

    • Agree Shelley. Last time I ate Maccas I had the dry horrors all day, and i chose what was considered the healthy option. I hate the stuff….

  2. not for me thanks. as if i would wear something from maccas. not on your life.

  3. No I don’t feel compelled to dress the part. Just out of interest, does ANYONE on here know anybody who eats Macca’s more than say once a week or fortnight at most for a treat. I don’t, and can’t help but wonder why this whinging about a junk food goes on and on. (I eat it about 2-3 times a year before you start thinking I’m a burger bandit.). It’s no worse than people who can’t resist a block of chocolate once a week or so.

    • Where things go wrong is in the lower socioeconomic areas,where evidently a lot of kids have no idea what a vegetable or fruit is and they do sometimes eat it on a daily basis,for the sheer convenience of it. For the likes of us it’s not a problem.

    • Linda, I’m lucky if I have it once a year. The only time I go there is if I have my Grandson, which now he is older is once a year if that .

    • We can’t blame a food chain for the children’s lack of food sense or knowledge. We all know the blame sits squarely on the parents shoulders, and those kind of parents will never get better even if McDonalds disappeared off the face of the earth tomorrow.

    • It is not even a ‘treat’ Linda, it smells foul. Never had one in my life. Actually don’t eat junk food at all.

    • My husband hates things he hasn’t tasted too Marie, things like my Feta Cheese, I can’t take it seriously when it’s never been tried.

    • It is not just the lower socioeconomic areas. go sit by a Maccas when school gets out. All the kids seem to have the money to go there. Any food that looks the same 10 years later has got to be BAD for you.

    • I’m not saying it isn’t bad for you, I’m saying it shouldn’t be blamed for people’s abuse of it, eating any takeaway all the time is not good for anyone. My big point here is that this site is like a dog with a bone with McDonalds, they don’t berate Hungary Jacks, Pasta Cup, Pizza shops, Fish n Chips or any of the other chains, why is that?

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