Look who’s leading the race to the White House now

Looks like Donald Trump’s days might be numbered. According to latest polls, Hillary Clinton has swiped a chunk of Donald
Hillary is getting closer to the White House.

Looks like Donald Trump’s days might be numbered. According to latest polls, Hillary Clinton has swiped a chunk of Donald Trump’s voters just hours before the candidates go head-to-head in the third and final presidential debate. If earlier majority of men and those without college degrees been core pillars of Donald Trump’s support, according to a Bloomberg poll, Clinton has won them over.


That has pushed Clinton up to a nine point lead over her Republican rival, at 47 per cent to 38. Libertarian Gary Johnson has an eight per cent share and Jill Stein has three.

Clinton trailed Trump among men throughout the summer. But in the Wednesday poll, when male voters were asked which of the two candidates they preferred, 46 per cent have now gone for Clinton, over 44 per cent for Trump. It appears that America will make history once again.

Do you think Hillary Clinton will make a good president?

  1. Chris  

    Trump, to me, seems a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Clinton, on the other hand – to me – has some sort of maniacal glint in her eyes. She seems pure evil. I feel sorry for America. They are damned if they do and damned if they dont………

    • Rob  

      This election is a failure of democracy in America.

  2. Tony Gunston  

    How did America get in such a mess,Too much money at the top few percent & a trickle down economy that has never really worked? Trump is not the person you would want as president of the free world,he’s a loose cannon,Clinton has too much baggage & being married to Bill is no asset! She at least is articulate enough to talk to the rest of the world countries! God had better bless America because it is going to need all the help it can get!

  3. Diana  

    I think overall, if it’s between the two of them, Hilary is obviously the one who has the experience and nous to lead America – even if she has a maniacal gleam in her eye! Perhaps you need one to do that job. However, apparently there are other people on the ballot – Jill Stein has a huge following which hasn’t been of interest to the media and Bernie Sanders can be a “write-in” in many states. It has been mentioned that if the Republicans lose their numbers in the Congress, then Bernie Sanders will hold the power there. Not sure why, because American politics are insane and incomprehensible to those of simpler persuasions.

  4. The US, not to mention the rest of us, would be in a dire situation if trump won. He is a narcissistic misogynistic sexual predator with no nous.

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