Lisa Wilkinson’s exciting royal visit

If you love Lisa Wilkinson and anything royalty, then you’ll be super envious of this news. The Today Show co-host

If you love Lisa Wilkinson and anything royalty, then you’ll be super envious of this news.

The Today Show co-host and her husband Pete FitzSimmons are off to meet the King and Queen of the Netherlands today!

Lisa announced the news on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, posting a photo of her and Pete on their way to see the royal couple.

You might be wondering why Lisa is meeting the Dutch King and Queen?

Well, Lisa and Pete are in Netherlands for the launch of AussieOktober – an event aimed at promoting Australia to the Dutch and celebrating the relationship between the two countries.

On her Instagram photo Lisa pointed out that October marks the 400th anniversary of Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog setting foot on Australian soil.

“Pete & I heading to meet the King & Queen of the Netherlands for the launch of #AussieOktober¬†celebrating the bilateral relationship between Australia and the Netherlands,” she wrote.

“Pete speaking to the royals – who are apparently big fans – at the Aboriginal Art Museum here in Utrecht on his book of the incredible story of the mutiny and shipwreck of the Dutch vessel #Batavia¬†in 1629 off the coast of WA.”

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Lisa also took to social media this morning to defend her comments about the amount of time children are spending in front of screens.

She posted a link to an editorial she wrote in the Huffington Post on her Twitter account.

“Last week I was “slammed” in some quarters for my comments on @TheTodayShow re kids’ screentime. Here, my response.” she wrote.

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In the editorial, Lisa wrote of her experiences as a mum and going through the “Terrible Twos”.

“I pointed out as the cameras rolled, I’ve noticed a new, next-level toddler tanty: that moment when a little one has whatever digital device they’ve been given to keep them occupied, taken away,” she wrote.

“It’s never pretty, and a moment that always gives me a special kind of chill, because I can see what some experts say will almost always be the pain that lies ahead when kids become addicted to screens early.”

What do you think of Lisa Wilkinson’s royal visit? Do you think she is right on the kids’ screentime issue?

  1. Dendiva  

    Well done Lisa in regards to royal visit but I have to ask how is your non royalist husband justifying this.

  2. Mitch  

    I certainly hope that Mr. Fitzsimmons will make the decision to leave that red bandana at home, as it definitely would not be appropriate, as he is meeting royalty. I think the red signature piece has run its course. There is a time and place for everything and people other than myself I am sure are tired of looking at him with this on.

    • harley  

      Yeah.. You should tell him face to face Mitch.

  3. Gail  

    What an insult to one’s intelligence. Her husband, Peter FitzSimons, is the current Chairperson of the Australian Bandanna Republic – oops, I mean the Australian Republican Movement.

  4. Irene  

    Well hypocrites are found everywhere. Peter Fitzsimmons is opposed to Royals and he goes to meet them. What is in it for him and Lisa? And yes, that red bandana has done its course. Get rid of it.

  5. Lisa makes a valid point about children being addicted to digital screens. I have witnessed adults and children of various ages who are addicted.

    I was concerned when my primary school aged grandchildren were gifted an i pad each, however they are only permitted to use them for 30 minutes on the weekend, after they have spent time reading a book, outdoor play time and attending to some chores. They also only watch TV once a week, they chose a movie on Friday night. They are pleasant children, very polite and thoughtful towards others, just as their parents are. I have visited a family with children of similar age and the entire time, those children were with their attention on their i pad screen, and both were so distracted I was unable to have a conversation with them. I have also been aware of a four year old who tantrums when he can’t have his i pad, and his speech is delayed. Hos parents also pay more attention to their screens than to their children.

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