Lisa Wilkinson and Sylvia Jeffreys criticised over Remembrance Day poppies

Like millions of people across Australia, Today show co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Sylvia Jeffreys wore poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day.
Source: The Today show

Like millions of people across Australia, Today show co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Sylvia Jeffreys wore poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day.

But the pair sparked controversy on social media, with people criticising them for wearing the poppies.

So, what was the issue?

Well, the pair copped flack for wearing the poppies on the right side – with some taking to social media pointing out that “poppies should be worn on the left”.

One man, who claimed to be a veteran, posted on the Today show Facebook page accusing the pair of “using the poppies as a fashion statement.”

“Men on the left women on the right,” he wrote.

“It is our national day to remember our fallen heros (sic).. Next year maybe you can show some respect and all wear them on the left hand side over your heart….. instead of using the as a personal item.”

So, what is the protocol for wearing poppies?

Well, the Australian War Memorial’s military heraldry and technology department told the Daily Mail “it seems like a strange thing to get upset about”.

“It’s a symbol of Remembrance Day and while there are protocols about the wearing of medals, for someone in the general public wearing a poppy, they can wear it wherever they like,”  a spokesman said.

The RSL had a different take.

They believe everyone should wear poppies on the right.

“It’s to be worn on the right breast because it’s not a medal earned… anything commemorative goes on the right,” the RSL told the Daily Mail.

But, The Royal British Legion disagreed, declaring “there is no right or wrong way to wear a poppy”. 

“It is a matter of personal choice whether an individual chooses to wear a poppy and also how they choose to wear it,” a quote in the Daily Mail said.

“The best way to wear a poppy is to wear it with pride.”

There was a similar trend of wearing the poppies on Today Extra, with Sonia Kruger wearing hers on the right and her co-hosts Richard Wilkins and David Campbell wearing theirs on the left.

What do you think? Does it really matter how someone wears their poppy? 

  1. elizabeth kirkpatrick  

    what is all the fuss at least they did wear one where i bet there were many people who didnt good on you girls wear them with pride i certainly did

    • Disey  

      Have any of you ever heard of protocols, it has to do with medals worn etc – I was a civilian who worked for NSW Police for over 14 years, ribbons, medals, badges all had to be worn in accordance with the rules – they only have to check on Google to find out where they are supposed to be worn.

  2. Noelene Davey  

    I Cannot believe the nasty people in this world …why would they wear the poppies for a fashion reason for goodness sake they wore them out of respect for those who went to war for this country …and as for saying about the side to wear it on i think if anyone wears a poppy its out of respect so who cares what side its on at least they wore them. Stop being so nasty.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Noelene totally agree. There are too many people today expressing Nasty comments on Social Media. I for one are so sick of this sort of behaviour.
      Why not ask the ones that are being Nasty did they wear a poppy for remembrance Day. That may shut them up.

  3. Judy Marcic  

    FFS……the girls were showing respect….at least they wore a poppy. . Good on you Lisa and Sylvia.

    • Jacqui Lee  

      I agree, who the heck cares, they bought one they wore it and women did a lot during the war, one of my aunts drove a military truck, women died, women were bombed, they deserve some respect too. This nonsense makes people rise against the service clubs, surely they want people to be welcomed and to sell their poppies.?? I wore mine in the middle, not because I was being difficult but because I was busy helping to get a veteran (92) to the service. So I just put it on quickly where I could manage to pin it. Time to stop picking at people. If they want the money to help veterans, stop being critical.

  4. zane howard  

    I do not think that it matters where the poppy is worn just that it is worn. Do people have that much disrepect for the fallen that they have to start a fight over something as triviel as what side the poppy is worn. Get a life you people.

  5. clifford  

    The two Ladies in Question ….would only have the greatest respect for our fallen young men …. so give them a break ………….

  6. Jane  

    Stop being so picky and critical. By wearing a poppy they are showing respect.
    Why criticise.

  7. Rebecca  

    i was always told to wear the poppy on my right breast so when we stand face to face with returned soldiers we are mirroring their honour.. Guess that’s just another method of showing honour and respect.

  8. Carolyne  

    Some people can’t help themselves, they just want to beef about something or anything. The girls were showing respect just by wearing the poppy. I have never heard of any hard and fast rule about which side to wear it on and my husband is ex militray. If you are in the military then there may be a right and wrong side. Lisa and Sylvia are not in the military. Get over it and stop being petty.

  9. Gaye Andersen  

    Seeing even the ones we think should know all say different things I think that wherever they wore them on their clothes they showed respect and thats the idea. I think the person who complained wasn t showing any respect to anyone.

  10. Carole  

    He said men on the left women on the right..they are wearing them on the righ. Is it their right or when u look at them on the right? I think thats the confusion..maybe the thought their right or whoever dressed them lol

  11. Cloin Oldham  

    There would have been more raised eyebrows if these Ladies had NOT worn them at all. Get off their backs and find something to really MOAN about. In this world at the moment, it shouldn’t be TOO hard to criticise something. Good onya Ladies for wearing your Poppies, the message was clear for all to see. Thank You.

  12. Therese beggs  

    Have people forgotten the thousands of women and children that were killed in the war. We remember the veterans but what is wrong with remembering the innocents that also died. Many of them were working underground to defeat the enemy.

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