Liberal MP slams Kevin Rudd after failed UN bid

It looks like the fallout from Kevin Rudd’s failed United Nations bid is only just beginning, as MPs from both

It looks like the fallout from Kevin Rudd’s failed United Nations bid is only just beginning, as MPs from both parties come out swinging.

Mr Rudd was reportedly shocked and angered when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull decided against backing him in his bid for Secretary General of the UN, and it looks like Mr Turnbull’s reasoning for blocking his nomination have been revealed.

Former Human Rights Commissioner and now Liberal MP Tim Wilson appeared on Sky News last night where he lashed out at Mr Rudd and said he didn’t deserve the job at the UN.

He described Mr Rudd as a “known bully”. “That is what Kevin Rudd is,” he said.

“And it’s not based on my judgment, it’s what Julia Gillard has said.

“That is what so many of her colleagues have said. Let’s get real. Kevin Rudd was not an acceptable candidate. Kim Beazley was right about this too.

“I don’t think we should be turning around to the Australian people … and saying bullying behaviour and bullying conduct and bullying character is something that should be rewarded and put on the international stage to represent us.”

There have been reports before about Mr Rudd’s tactics as a leader with some saying he let power go to his head when he was PM.

Others though, say Mr Turnbull was using petty politics when he decided to sideline Mr Rudd.

Mr Rudd received huge support from Indigenous leaders as well as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Deputy Tanya Plibersek.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s actions are pathetic. They’re disappointing,” said Mr Shorten.

What are your thoughts on Tim Wilson’s comments?

Do you think Kevin Rudd is a ‘bully’? Should Malcolm Turnbull have endorsed him for the job?

  1. jane jefferies  

    Yes he has always been renowned as a Bully…Keep him well away from and position of Authority…Useless as tits on a bull….

  2. Susan  

    I think his behaviour in the past, has not been suitable for the UN.
    How credible would Australia have been if he acted as he has previously, if he held the UN position. Hard call but the right one I think.

  3. Lesley woods  

    Best discision he would not be good for the world only Kevin ” Little Lord Fontenoy “

  4. Ronnie Foley  

    We try to stop a bully at school and yet here is a grown man who wants to represent Australia on the world stage. What a joke! Give Rudd nothing and send him nowhere.

  5. Veryan  

    His behaviour since being advised he will not be receiving Government backing for the UN position has proved how unsuitable he would be.

    • mareela  

      What behaviour would that be? Please explain?

  6. I’m a bit confused.Bill got rid of Rudd,but now thinks the man that couldn’t run Australia,should be in charge of the UN..Says more about Bill Shorten ,and his hypocrisy.

  7. raymond freeling  


  8. Cianne Burton  

    Melcome Turnbel was only asked to agree to the nomination of Mr Rudd , NOT elect him into the position, who says he would of got the position.
    It will be interesting to see who Turnbel endorses now .
    Will it be everyone suitable choice OR will it be some one from the so called BOYS/MATES CLUB
    Lets wait and see.

  9. Phillip Nelson  

    With Tim Wilson’s track record,I don’t think he is fit to comment on Rudd or anybody else the man is a dill, but then again so are the rest of the Liberal party.

    • Murray  

      And of course, Labor is so much better. You need to broaden your search for a clue.

    • Bill Shorton-Brains.  

      Phillip Nelson you are a Lefty Labor looney.!!!!

      • mareela  

        And you are a rightoid nut job.

    • David  

      It has nothing to do with Liberal, Labor, Greens or any other political persuasion. It is solely on suitability and Kevin Rudd has proven time and time again that his temperament is just nut suitable to be nominated as an Australian representative candidate for such an UN position.

  10. Sheila  

    Bill Shorten did not think that Mr Rudd suitable for Prime Minister but now thinks he should have been nominated for the United Nations. Definitiely double standards. unless he just wants him out of Australia and out of his hair.

  11. Deb  

    I am glad he lost out he is a bully and a nassacistic brat. He will have to get over it and suck it up like many of his employees have had to in the past when he “put them in their place”. Now he has been put in his place, at the back of the pack. What goes around comes around Mr Rudd.

    • mareela  

      Mr Turnbull needs to remember that too. What goes round, comes round. Let the fun and games begin!

  12. Tim Wilson? Who cares what he thinks? When a Liberal MP’s mouth moves, he’s lying. Look who they appointed to the illustrious position of Australia’s Ambassador to Washington? Eleventy Hockey, who can count up to eleventy! A buffoon with not one hard day’s work in his life under his belt, who’s never done a single useful thing in his life, who proceeded to spend hundreds of millions of Australian taxpayers’ dollars on his new house in Washington, and that’s about where his energy will run out. Rudd may have a temper, many men do but I don’t think it discounts their ability. I bet Turnbull has a beauty! But as a diplomat, Rudd was unsurpassed in Australian history, speaks multiple languages and has far more intelligence than Hockey, Turnbull and Tim Willson combined. Once again Australia has missed out, thanks to the useless LNP.

    • Elli Perisanidis  

      Frankly…… Australian POLITICIANS
      ( IN General ) should put away their internal & PERSONA Disputes and think PATRIOTICALLY AND DIPLOMATICALLY ……?!?!!!!
      Regardless from what PARTY

    • Bill Shorton-Brains.  

      Jennifer, you have no idea how stupid the Labor Looney Lefties are

      • mareela  

        Brainless you have no idea how stupid and corrupt the LNP is. Worst government in Australia’s history. Even worse than Howard/Costello and that’s saying something as between them they spent the mining boom money to set up Australia for its current problems. At least Rudd, temper and all saved Australia from the GFC. Go………brainless.

    • Balder  

      Jennifer-Kevin can speak two languages as can half of the population in Australia so no big deal, certainly do not qualify a bully for that job, even the Labor party did not think he was qualified to run Australia let alone the United Nation–.

      • mareela  

        Balder, it’s a bit of a stretch to say half the population in Australia can speak two languages. However, have to agree Rudd is an arrogant man but it wasn’t up to the Australian government to judge him for the UN position. All the government had to do was nominate him and leave the rest to the UN. He probably didn’t have a snowflakes chance in hell of getting the job but partisan pettiness came to the fore. It says a lot about lame duck Turnbull that he is controlled by the right wing nut jobs in the coalition. Can’t see this government lasting too long.

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