Liberal MP calls for Bill Shorten to resign

Liberal MP Luke Howarth has made a surprising announcement this morning, calling for the resignation of Bill Shorten in Donald Trump
A Liberal MP has called for Bill Shorten to step down.

Liberal MP Luke Howarth has made a surprising announcement this morning, calling for the resignation of Bill Shorten in Donald Trump wins the United States election.

You may be asking why Howarth would ask for such a thing, but he says Shorten has proven he would not be able to work with Trump because of the way he has talked about him in the past.

While most other world leaders and politicians have remained coy on their real thoughts about Trump, just in case he does end up becoming the leader of the free world, Shorten hasn’t been shy about airing his honest opinion.

Earlier in the year, Shorten described Trump as “barking mad” and said he did not agree with the Republicans views.

Howarth said the Labor leader should step down in the event Trump wins the election.

“Bill Shorten cannot work with a President Trump, he doesn’t have the ability to build rapport with him,” Liberal MP Luke Howarth told reporters in Canberra.

While some have agreed with him, others have been left wondering why Howarth thinks such a drastic step would need to be taken.

Howarth is a Liberal MP from Queensland who is largely unknown outside of his electorate. It is not yet known whether or not this is the view of the Liberal party, or if Howarth went off script with the statement.

It has got people talking though, with some saying it would be difficult for America and Australia to work together if their was hostility between the president and our party leaders.

Many though have argued that it is ridiculous to ask Shorten to step down just because he has a different opinion than Trump.

Do you think this call is warranted? Or is Luke Howarth barking up the wrong tree?

  1. Our country is crumbling, people are committing suicide in vastly greater numbers than ever before, especially young people, we have become a disgrace on the world stage because of our concerted cruelty towards traumatised asylum seekers, and this clown wastes time on a “what if?” And Luke Howarth wants to waste parliamentary time urging Bill to stand down if Trump wins. It’s time Luke Howarth stood down because our hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being wasted on him.

    • EXACTLY Trudy Trenowth!. Personally I also believe this anathema lot a non government are THE biggest disappointment and waste of space I have ever known. The fiddling whilst Canberra is burning analogy is, sadly happening right in front of our eyes and ONLY the support of the hatred fuelled Murdoch press is keeping them in their place. What Bill Shorten DOES need to do is to extend his ‘viva la difference’ position, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, starting with saying “I am sorry” to the Manus, Christmas and Naru Island tortured souls. He should say, “Yes, we agreed with it in the early stages, but it has gone too far and now we need to open our hearts to these people”. To all those who say it will lead to an invasion of refugees, yes, we will see an increase, but using the MILLIONS of dollars we spend on imprisonment, maintaining incarceration camps etc etc could be spent on giving some training to these people to take on jobs when the government creates full employment (for those who actually are physically able to work). How?. Simply by breaking the lie that a country is run the same way a household budget is, or that of a company- we MUST show profits. NO WE DO NOT. Money spent on infra-structure creates wealth for the population. PLEASE…..I ask that anybody reading this, read Emeritus Professor Bill Mitchell’s words (and short )videos from the University of Newcastle (OURS!!) among the many economists who are only NOW coming out to tell the truth about money and the creation of wealth FOR A SOVEREIGN NATION.

      • Janice McCulloch  

        I agree with u Roy Edwards re the poor asylum seekers on Manus Is & Nauru!-where is our compassion?!! I can hardly believe too that the 1500 plus already proven genuine refugees there will not be allowed to settle in Australia!! Also I would like to read & hear that video by Emeritus Professor Bill Mitchell-how do I hear it?-Youtube?-will see if I can find it. Sounds interesting!

    • Thomas A Mullan  

      Well said Trudy, an unknown referring to the unknown in order to seek attention for himself..He needs to crawl back into his office and do what he’s paid to do. Bill is entitled to say what he thinks and believes and kissing ass isn’t one of them

    • Guy Flavell  

      Yes, Howarth is wrong in this call. Mr. Shorten is the democratically elected (well, sort of)
      leader of the opposition party in this country. He is quite rightly able to criticize Mr. Trump and his policies. Howarth and Turnbull should be stressing ALL the countless aspects of
      Mr. Shorten’s incompetence that deserve a valid call for resignation.

      • Iustitia  

        Come on ScoMo, we found you ‘channelling’ through GF here too. Get back to work destroying our economy and moving more of the national wealth to the rich.

  2. Irene Friendd  

    Ridiculous!!! How can this be a more than a stunt. If this is coalition backed call, what does this say about Mr Turnbull. If Trump makes it to the White House, this could be a very dangerous world. I don’t think any democratic government would agree with his policies.

  3. patricia dick  

    If anyone should resign it should be him!

    • Irene Friendd  

      I agree his party should reign him in.

      • Shirley  

        ……it’s ‘rein’……..’rein him in’……
        Get your spelling correct, lest you look the fool!

  4. Clare Kelly  

    What worries me is that “Starts at 60” continues to post unedited and not proofread articles. Until they lift their game, I’m not really interested in anything they write .

    • Clare Kelly  

      Okay, that was a klunky sentence but I don’t profess to be perfect. I think the level of correct grammar and writing in the media in general has deteriorated.

    • Mrs. Puddles  

      I was surprised at the grammatical/spelling errors, but the article is of interest

    • Iustitia  

      Clare, it’s called free speech. You DON’T have to agree. It doesn’t mean it’s true. Oh and by the way, when asked if you are in favour of equal marriage rights for all Australians, you don’t have to become an LGBTI … just give them the respect you deserve.

    • Margaret Hurrell  

      Exactly my thoughts. Seven spelling / grammatical errors in one short article – not good enough. It is very hard to focus on the gist of the article when these errors get in the way.

    • TP  

      And this is what bugs me forget Clare’s spelling it is the rubbish that get’s written here free speech is one thing the rubbish that people write sometime’s ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. John McInerney  

    Over the years, Queensland Federal MPs have caused me some concern. Mr Howarth’s performance does nothing to dispel those concerns.

  6. Rob Ozanne  

    Off subject…. some one should have spell checked this article as there are several typos

    • Ian Bennett  

      I was about to make some comment about the editing of this piece. Maybe the editor should resign too. Is he or she really over 60 ??

    • Bron  

      Not just this article. Seems that there is no editor or proofreader for most articles. Pity! And Ian Bennett is right, anyone below 60 may not even notice the mistakes. (Not saying everyone, as there are some out there who really care.) Education methods changed just after our era, and a more ‘creative’ writing and reading method came in, unfortunately. Literacy standards have suffered ever since.

  7. Why single out Bill Shorten, if Donald Trump wins most countries will turn their backs on the US.

    • Greg Conway  

      If Trump wins the US Presidency most countries will still be falling over themselves to gain US favours.

      • If Trump wins we will be involved in a cataclysmic war within 12 months. His views and reactions in times of crisis are bordering on psychotic. Other countries will not be trying to gain favour with the US. They will be trying to avoid being embroiled in a conflict that should never have happened in the first place.
        Oh also Greg, if he runs the country the way he has run his businesses then the US economy will fail so there will be nobody even after American aid.

    • Yvonnne Hudacek  

      Why doesn’t he start with his own party? Those that are still left that is.

  8. Bruce  

    The man who gave us Julia Gillard and another infliction of Kevin Rudd thinks Trump is barking mad????????

    • Pscript  

      You don’t have to think he’s barking mad.
      Is the ???? mean you don’t know.

  9. Doris  

    I certainly hope Donald Trump doesn’t get elected, how can people be so stupid to vote him in

    • elena  

      DT. is very, very rich with money (only) so he is able to buy anything and anybody, that is way he has plenty of followers…

    • Iustitia  

      Maybe they live in Queensland!

  10. Dianne Evans  

    I agree with Bill and am pleased he did not pretend to admire an idiot like Trump

    • I agree with you Dianne. People complain because politicians are dishonest and then complain when they are.

  11. Ron Moran  

    If Bill Shorten Should Resign for his correct Views On Trump when Hillary is elected Corey Bernardy Should Resign for his Views on Her That even Trump would not Sanction

    • Shirley  

      If you’re going to lambast someone, at least have the good manners’ to spell his name correctly!

      His surname is spelled, ‘Bernardi’…………..

  12. Chris oakes  

    I agree with Bill, I don’t want a leader that’s going to be strong enough ,not to follow that idiot into another conflict. U.K got Brixit.The yanks got Trump.If we’re not careful who will we get Hanson ? you never know

    • Oh hell….don’t wish Hanson on us. The red-headed brainless muppet would start a war in no time.

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