Let’s Talk: Where are the big election promises that matter to over 60s?

We’re a couple of weeks into the election campaign of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten and it feels like at

We’re a couple of weeks into the election campaign of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten and it feels like at this point, it could be anyone’s race. However we can’t help but feel something’s missing, and sooner or later one of the politicians will need to make his policies clear – where is the discussion about the ageing population?

Yes, they’ve both talked at length about superannuation, but what about the over 60s who have already drawn down their super or are not affected by the proposed changes? Over 60s want to know if their pensions are safe, and if they will need to include their homes on an asset test. They want to know their aged care in the future is a priority.

And with a growing ageing population, who make up a significant portion of voters, both candidates would be pandering to their needs and thinking of solutions. Instead, the campaign so far has been dry and unexciting, with a lack of true division between the parties.

A new Ipsos poll has been released and despite his 12,000km journey this week, the PM’s approval is continuing to slide. But interestingly it doesn’t seem to be due to Bill Shorten having better policies – people are just confused on who to vote for and what the party will do for them.

The Australian reports Turnbull’s personal approval is lower than Julia Gillard’s when she was up against Tony Abbott in the 2010 election.

Despite the lack of approval of Turnbull, 57 per cent of voters think that he will win the election come July 2 however it remains to be seen that Australians are just tired of having a new prime minister at this point.

Support for the Coalition is holding at 51-49, although when the 1497 respondents were asked who will receive their second preference at the ballot box in July, the difference between the Coalition and Labor evaporated leaving it at 50-50.

It seems the prospect of another hung parliament remains real…so we want to know: who are you voting for and why? Do you think there needs to be more policies for over 60s?

  1. Rod Clifford  

    Wow I didn’t know this site was for labor only supporters, I reply to a comment & get banned I think this site is big gotten against all but labor or greenies

  2. Michael Leitch  

    I think both sides of politics are forgetting the baby boomers,retires and the older population!

    • Rosemary  

      Yes – not everyone owns their own home with big super. Super hasn’t been going long enough for a lot of people to have enough without help.

  3. I think they are hoping the older people will die off quickly we are invisible once we get to about 70

  4. Heather  

    beware both sides of the table the boomers and the babies , our politicians need to address the issues most important, jobs infrastructure and getting people to work you all need to pick up your game why aren’t our kids offered the jobs picking fruit – maybe get a bus for them lets get back to basics. When my children left school they had there holiday break and then I offered them options get a job or go back and repeat Grade 12, they both took the first option and are working lets get our kids working. We have all these job agencies getting paid to get them jobs stop paying these agencies as they are just a complete waste of time. Or are they there to employ the unemployed so the unemployed figures look better. There is a empty bowls club in an area where there is high unemployment why aren’t the government using these facilities for training there are an enormous amount of volunteers that can teach how to make a coffee pour a beer cook and teach these kids the basics of customer services accounts and many other basics

  5. janice champion  

    I have to dissagree with Rod Clifford i think that the starts at 60 site is very informative and definately not biased toward one or the other of the political parties. i definately think that this election campaign is a bit lame and not really dealing
    with many of the issues that are relevant to the retired or over 60s so we really dont know where our loyalties should lie to safeguard our security for the future.

  6. Stephen  

    In October I contacted Legionnaires, it is a bug that goes through the lungs and into the blood. My doctor tried to get me aged care through the health department. By the time they had contacted me a friend had got on to the RSL, who got me a carer through DVA (I’m a Viet Vet), which of itself took a month. The health department is so under funded that it is working terribly badly. Turnbull has put out his budget and thus by his inaction proven he does not care. Shorten has said he sees the problem and will fix it. How can anyone with half a brain say that is the same policy, it is what Murdoch wants us to believe so we wont look clearly at their differences, like in education, because he knows Turnbull is double minded in all his ways, and is concerned the NBN will show his real management ability.

    • Lynne Highfield  

      What “management ability” Stephen?

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