Let’s Talk: Should we send more sons to war or outsmart the enemy?

Should we be sending more troops to Syria? Or should we be more strategic and potentially even technologically smart in

Should we be sending more troops to Syria? Or should we be more strategic and potentially even technologically smart in the next phase of the battle against IS? A conversation overnight between Obama and Turnbull has directly conflicted with Tony Abbott and many people in the public’s opinion on the issue.

The media is reporting that Barack Obama and Malcolm Turnbull have enjoyed a chinwag overnight, with Obama praising Australia for our helpful stance on stabilising the Middle East but both men have outright rejected the Tony Abbott’s (and many others’) calls for additional Australian troops to be committed in the Syrian battle with IS.

Mr Abbott wrote a newspaper column calling for more troops to go into combat zones to try and prevent the deaths of more people in western nations to terrorism.

Turnbull and Obama in contrast would rather try to form an alliance between the USA and Russia to place significant military might of a dual power into action against the radical organisation.

It is an interesting debate given the quality of technology that is emerging in warfare today.

Until now, and even as recently as yesterday, Barack Obama has advocated his plans of trying to cripple the IS using airstrikes and by supporting local troops, rather than sending in forces from western nations.  Yet the disaster in Paris has still happened. The quantum of airstrikes on IS have been getting more significant, but the commitment to an openly discussed “clever strategy” seems nil.  Perhaps it is optimistic of me to think that intelligent and technological warfare could be a significant player in the fight against terror, but the optimist in me says that this world is smarter than the one in which we sent our sons and others’ sons off to die in a cold-blooded war.

What do you think? Should we commit ground troops from Australia and the US or should we continue along the path of supporting local Russian and Syrian troops to fight their own battle?  Or should we consider much smarter and lesser known technologies to fight our fights for us?

    • we had the same trouble in australia i feel for paris i judt want peace for our children

    • why dont their stay and fight for their own country instead of running away our boys fought for our country my uncle was only 16


      • Noalene  

        Karen Kracke..that is the best idea I have read yes yes yes!!!

    • Berndt Rudiger Olesen you are not an Australian, any decisions that are made in Australia, will not affect you one little bit, so why are you commenting on issue’s that affect our country and us.. no war

    • same as I know you live in Collinsville Judy Cameron..it is on your profile and I don’t even have to facebook page I can see it sitting here

  1. It will have to be ‘sons to war’, yanks are too stupid to outsmart anyone.
    Look at all the wars the U.S. has been involved in since WWII, the only one where a nation has turned out well is Vietnam, and you lost that one.

  2. Starvation the only way! Completely and totally stop supply of food, weapons and fuel! Allow only women and children out ! Then totally bloke out rail and road systems!!Then destroy all airports !!You can’t fight without food and water!!!

  3. No to sending troops. This is such a messy situation with so many factions. Let Putin sort it out as Russia is not an ally to Saudi. It is Saudi that is working behind the scenes quietly.

  4. Why should our’sons and daughters fight over there in that conflict why aren’t the sons and daughters of those countries fighting their own battles there is enough of them getting on boats,enough of our own young people have been killed fighting and dying for ‘what’.There will always be conflict in the middle east always has been

    • Mary it’s not that they don’t want to fight they will obey orders no matter what, they are brave and would lay down their lives for our country no questions asked like they have done in the past and will in the future the views i expressed are mine not theirs

  5. We know that war kills, it is our young people who will be expected to go and fight and some will die. Why would we want to send anyone so precious there to fight and maybe never come back home alive ? The cost would be to great.

    • I agree Libbi, even those who do return home there’s too many of them who have died in other ways…never to return to the lives they had. :'(

  6. No troops search here for terrorists a messy situation why send our children there they have enough men who ran away instead of fighting there why

    • Then you go, but my grandchildren will not fight and die while you sit on your behind at home, listening to Abbott spouting war

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