Let’s Talk – Should speed cameras catch tailgaters too?

Have you ever felt vulnerable or stressed on the road because somebody behind you is just itching to get to

Have you ever felt vulnerable or stressed on the road because somebody behind you is just itching to get to that next light three seconds before you? We have good news: tailgaters’ days could be be numbered.

It’s incredibly rare for this bad behaviour to be caught, let alone punished with a police fine, without regular and ongoing monitoring. But Victoria, at least, may soon have such a system.

Gordon Lewis, Victoria’s Road Safety Commissioner, is requesting new tailgater-detecting technology be installed on red light and speed cameras around the state.

“Any addition to the monitoring on the road must inhibit drivers and their behaviour,” he told 7 News.

This monitoring, under his plan, would be present on freeways, highways and areas of 80km/h or more.

That said, the Victorian Police and Government aren’t quite so enthused. They quoted a research group that found tailgating technology was not as effective as it needed to be.

Brian Negus of the RACV suggested it wasn’t necessarily the best technology for changing driver behaviour.

“It’s probably worth exploring other technology solutions, but certainly it’s more important to have stronger education programs out there”.

Mr Lewis, however, insists the technology is there, and relatively simple to implement.

“I’d like road safety cameras to be regarded as goodies for a change,” he said.

Have you ever been dangerously tailgated? What do you think of cameras to monitor and penalise tailgating? Is it truly the best way to put a stop to it?

  1. On Christmas Eve I watched in my rear view camera,how a little white car was impatiently weaving from one lane to another,through very orderly traffic, being acutely aware of double demerit and driving strictly to the 80 limit.He nearly drove up my exhaust pipe and I could feel his road rage while I stuck to my 80 in the slow lane. Then he pushed into a gap in the fast lane and and a little further on obviously managed to fly free straight into the welcoming arms of a helmeted policeman standing next to his motorbike who clocked him and pulled him over,to the joy of everyone hassled by him.Not often one sees instant justice like that!

    • good on you, am glad you got a chance to see it, so often wonder where are the police, they seem to be there to breath test me a lot and I don’t drink 😂😂😂

    • Similar story only a big 4WD with a boat trailer behind. The driver had been overtaking whenever he could on a two laned road. Left us for dead, but a few km down the road there he sat with a h:way patrol officer at his window. Loved it.

    • Had an experience with an erratic driver in a small truck. Cut me off dangerously several times. My passenger phoned the number of the business and reported him. He should have been done for using his phone cos he clapped us sarcastically as he drove past yet again. He tailgated car in front who happen to be a friend and she was thrilled he was reported. No idea if it did any good tho.

    • Kerry Ferrari Sadly it occurs to me that people who are bullies on the road are bullies at home too. Daresay he went home and took it out on the partner.

    • Oh i have seen a car speeding past me when i have come off a late shift at night coudn’t wait to get past and red light was on when he got there next minute police siren went blaring after him, oh how it did my heart good to see this fool get caught! doesn’t happen often enough.

    • Kerry Goodwin  

      That would have been so satisfying to see!!

  2. I get very frustrated when you appear invisible and cars who should be giving way just pull out in front of you. You have to slow right down or you would have hit them before they have even straightened and then don’t do the speed limit. I always think to myself no wonder people tailgate as when it happens all the time you certainly feel like doing it. You don’t as you realise you are the one will come off 2 nd best.

    • I know what you mean, also I often notice that these drivers that pull out in front of you could have waited for you to pass as there are no other cars behind you, but no, they pull out then go very slow. It puzzles me and I wonder why they do it.

    • I have my full headlights on during the day as they turn off when my car is turned off. I have noticed that cars who would normally pull out in front of me from side streets hesitate to do so. My car is light grey so the headlights make me very visible.

    • Kerry Goodwin  

      I have people do this all the time. They do see you but seem to want to be in front. Idiots who shouldn’t have a license. It drives me crazy. Happens to other people i know too with different coloured cars, so its not that.

  3. how do they figure out what’s tailgating when you pull up at traffic lights your tailgating .it will be contested why fill the courts with this .

  4. Truck tailgaters are the worst, they think that they are intimidating the car drivers especially the women drivers by being so close that you can see the dead insects in their radiator grills. If the car had to slam on its breaks the truck would have to drive over the car as they could not stop……

    • This is so true, it seems when you are a female driver in a small car you become a moving target. Not all truckies are like this of course, but have been tail-gated by trucks many times on the highway.

    • I agree trucks do tailgate women car drivers, I have had it happen to me several times and I slow down even more and take my time, I’m in the left lane and I have no reason to speed, if they don’t like it they can overtake me

    • been there got small car & trucks come up to less the 10inches to my boot live in fear that one day one of these will not be able to stop most of my driving is on country roads

    • Judi Baker I have only been to Adelaide once and not other parts of SA but my experience of Adelaide drivers is that they all go the speed limit right next to each other and hog all the lanes lol

    • I know I’m now talking about a different country, but I was in Texas recently and had an 18 wheeler threaten to push the car I was in off the road. It wasn’t a tiny car either. It was a Ford F150.

    • if u have a passenger get them to take a photo of there number plate they soon back of

  5. hey are a pain in the arse. its against the law as well, why arent they getting booked for it.

  6. YES! The cameras should be used to nab tailgaters–run the video through a plate-reader and send the offending A-hole a big ticket!

  7. To discourage tailgaters just at various times rest your foot lightly on the brake pedal just enough to light up your brake lights or alternatively start slowing down in small increments just to annoy them. They will get the message.

    • I agree with you. That is exactly what I do. I don’t know or care if it is legal, but they do eventually get the message.

    • Did the go slow & lightly tap break and suffered a nightmare road rage on Mona Vale road. Be careful you never know who is behind you! Just drive at your own pace no tricks

    • Being as stupid as the tailgater is not the answer and only starts the process of road rage by the tail gater. I do slow down slightly and hope they pull out and pass. I have been the victim of a rear ender and it is one of the most traumatic ways to have an accident. You watch the mirror and can do nothing to avoid it happening. Only way to stop tail gating is more police on the roads, to heavily fine these morons and lose 3 points.

    • Incredibly stupid post. That’s what causes road rage. Pull over and let the fool pass.

    • In all my years of driving I have never been in a road rage incident, perhaps it is the way it is done.

    • Yep ! That will help . Let’s get them really riled up .
      How about you just get into the slow lane when it’s safe to do so .

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