Let’s talk: Should it be illegal to do this to the Australian flag?

One of Australia’s most outspoken conservative MPs George Christensen has come out swinging, saying more needs to be done to address one-sided

One of Australia’s most outspoken conservative MPs George Christensen has come out swinging, saying more needs to be done to address one-sided racism in our country.

Mr Christensen says people only pay attention to racism against minorities in Australia and don’t protest when the majority is being targeted.

He specifically  made mention of an incident at an indigenous protest last year where the Australian flag was burnt and destroyed.

Mr Christensen introduced a private bill on Monday in a bid to make it a criminal offence to destroy or mutilate the Australian flag with the intention of disrespecting the flag or the nation.

As it stands, there is no law in Australia against defaming or destroying the flag.

“Racism is racism, you don’t have to have brown skin in order to be offended,” he told parliament.

“You don’t have to follow a radical ideology based on death, fear, torture and degradation of women to be offended.”

He went on to say that political correctness has forced Australian people to apologise for their country and everything they represent.

“The ill winds blow and the sea of public discourse is polluted with the distracting and self-harming froth and bubble of our own making,” he said.

“The chattering classes of the self-proclaimed elite egged on by the compliant and self-serving media are forcing the entire nation to apologise for everything the nation is and represents.”

Mr Christensen says ultimately there needs to be more of a balance between how we treat racism against minorities and how we treat racism against the country as a whole.

Do you think it should be illegal to burn or destroy the Australian flag? Do you think there is a ‘racism problem’ in Australia?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    I definitely think it should be illegal to burn or destroy the Australian flag under which our soldiers have fought for freedom.

    Yes there is a racism problem in Australia as in most countries and it is mostly caused by minorities who will not assimulate into our traditions and values.

    • Robyn Rylands  

      Why should they assimilate into our traditions? As long as they obey the law I don’t care what they do in their own homes. The racism is caused by white Australians who want to keep it white.

    • Absolutely. It should be illegal to deface the Australian flag in anyway shape or form. And the consequences should fit the crime . Not just a tap on the wrist but substantial. Also no wonder we go off about muslims who wont stand for our anthem and wear the rag around their head and the blokes have 4 or 5 wives that are all claiming from centrelink. The only people that are suffering from racism are the whit Australian.

    • Absolutely right! It’s okay for us to be discriminated against, but God forbid we should object to the lack of respect shown to us and our culture!

  2. Yes absolutely it needs to be a punishable offence. Anyone who is truly patriotic and loves our country would not destroy our Flag. Anyone else does not belong here!!!

  3. Patricia  

    Couldn’t agree more…..apparently it doesn’t matter if we Australians are offended by all these ‘politically correct’ changes and apologies…as long as the minority of migrants are not. I’m a migrant/Australian citizen and find it appalling that Australia is forced to apologise for everything. If this country is so bad, needing to apologise for its way of life why are so many so anxious to live here? Allowing people to destroy/burn our flag is disgraceful as is the cry that showing our flag is racist. It is time the majority had a say for a change.

  4. Susan Bell  

    No it is just a piece of material. It is a sign of invasion and genocide for indigenous people, for those of us with Irish background the union jack is a sign of invasion, hatred and genocide and our soldiers in the
    Great war did not fight under it and the soldiers in the Second World War had no special love for it.
    Again, it is just a piece of cloth, nothing sacred nothing special. No one should be allowed to fly the flag unless they know what the stars are called and the history of the flag design.

    • Roskoe  

      If you don’t respect our flag, you should go back to Ireland. Respect us or leave!

    • Tom  

      Sounds like Susan has also brought her problems with her.

    • Phil Ward  

      If you can’t over the Irish hatred of all things British why don’t you live in Ireland?

    • Jim Mitchell  

      Susan Bell your comment proves that discrimination is alive and well. I personally find your comment repulsive with a fair dollop of ignorance and stupidity included. Having fought for our great flag I hold it sacred as do many of my mates.

    • Jim Mitchell  

      Susan Bell your comments prove that discrimination is alive and well. Having proudly fought for this flag I find your comments offensive and derogatory. I can only sympathize with you for your totally screwed up attitude toward that which I and my mates hold sacred.

    • Ian Wells  

      the flag is a symbol of the country, and you, Susan Bell, are an insult to any, and all Australian servicemen, who fought for and died FOR YOU. So if you don’t like our flag then I suggest you buggar off back to Ireland and your pigs. This country was not invaded, it was peopled by tribes who knew no part of the land as their own, except what they could hunt and defend from the tribe next door, or what they could take from the tribe next door.

    • Cindy Jackson  

      I am tired of being the “silent majorty” and vilified for wanting people to be accepted for what they are. If you are not happy living under a democratic regime and have a hatred for the politics then you are free to LEAVE AND LIVE ELSEWHERE under the rules of the country. How is that for freedom. As an ex soldier and wife of an ex soldier that fought in Ireland keep your prejudices to yourself or go to where your beliefs are held by others. I am proud of the flags and for all it stands for so BACK OFF or BUGGER OFF elsewhere.

  5. Agree with all the posted comments. 5 years inside for promoting racial disharmony ! The AFL has antidescriniation rules why can’t the country !

  6. Roskoe  

    I totally agree, it should be a punishable offence to desecrate our flag and it is time that migrants are told they have to assimilate or be returned to their country. In 1907 our pm made a statement about anyone being welcome as long as they assimilate and respect our culture, heritage and flag.

  7. Barbara Chapman  

    It is not only migrants or immigrants who are at fault here. Lots of so called “Australians” don’t honour the flag or the freedom that Australia stands for. I say bring back the oath of allegiance said by us at Primary school in the 1950’s. ” I am an Australian. I love my country, I honour her queen, I promise to obey her laws.” The general populace needs to understand that living in a country means just what that oath of allegiance says. Come on Aussies pull up your socks and do the right thing.

  8. Yes it definitely should be an offence, and I also agree that racism can be toward any-one not just people with a darker skin-tone.

  9. No, it should not be a punishable offence. I no longer respect the Australian flag as our Govt. are dishonouring it.I am nl longer proud to be an Australian because of our treatment of refugees, other human beings.

  10. It is not only migrants or immigrants who are at fault here. Lots of so called “Australians” don’t honour the flag or the freedom that Australia stands for. I say bring back the oath of allegiance. The population needs to understand that living in a country means just what that oath of allegiance says. Why did our diggers fight under this flag for it to be dishonoured.

    • My relatives did not fight for the flag. The fought for our freedoms, our way of life, for Australia. I honour the flag, but I do wish we had our own flag, not one tacked on to the union jack. I think people should be fined for burning the flag, not put in goal, as one person suggested, for 5 years. My god, rapists hardly get that, and I know which i think is worse.

  11. Richard O'Hara  

    Totally and unequivocally agree. This should have been made law at Federation. It is the highest insult you can make towards a country. Forget this decisive rubbish about separate everything for indigenous people and bending over backwards to minority groups & new Australians. We are one country. A strong & proud country. We are one people. People from all colours, races, religions, from all over the world that want stability, a safe environment, a country to be proud of. Australia is all of that and more. If you defile the Australian flag you either go to jail for life and are deportment back to the country & lifestyle you emigrated from.

  12. Gail Walslh  

    I feel so strongly about this. Any one, no matter who, desecrates the Australian Flag, should feel the full force of the law, and anyone who walks out on our National Anthem, should be subject to the same law.

    If the offender/s weren’t born in this country, then they should be asked/ordered to leave (and their family with them).

    If they are Australian citizens then the law should be strongly enforced and the punishment severe.

    Good Australian men and women have given their lives for this country. Anyone who disrespects that does not deserve any sympathy. There isn’t any other offence that rates more highly with me.

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