Let’s Talk: Should Cronulla’s anti-Islam rally be banned?

Recent Reclaim Australia rallies have ignited a fierce debate over freedom of speech. But no matter what your beliefs or political

Recent Reclaim Australia rallies have ignited a fierce debate over freedom of speech. But no matter what your beliefs or political leanings, it’s hard to deny the latest anti-Islam protest – held by another extreme-right-wing group – is in extremely poor taste.

This “memorial rally” is planned for next Saturday, ten years after the infamous Cronulla riots brought racial tensions back into the Australian spotlight.

According to The Daily Mail, police are now seeking to block this rally through the NSW Supreme Court.

Should they be allowed to ban it outright? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The rally, held by a group calling themselves “Party for Freedom”, has been promoted extensively through social media, triggering extreme concern throughout the community.

Carmelo Pesce, Mayor of the Sutherland Shire Council, said he believed the only outcome of the rally would be racism and violence, neither of which he would tolerate.

“That’s not what the Shire is all about,” he said.

“It’s just and excuse to come here and use the Shire as a backdrop to push their political views across”.

Nicholas Folkes, leader of the group, has been asked by police officers to attend court. He has also been served with papers from the Council requesting the rally be cancelled.

However, according to Councillor Pesce, this was not enough. “In a nice way (Folkes) said ‘get lost, we’re coming down’”.

While the mayor has no issue with freedom of speech, he believes this crosses a line.

“What I’m concerned about is: is it really freedom of speech or is it hate speech?”

“I believe, in my personal opinion, it is hate speech”.

Councillor Pesce said business for the Shire had “suffered quite dramatically” after the 2005 riots, in which simmering racial tensions escalated into extremely public violence.

Where do you draw the line between freedom of speech and racism? Should these rallies be permitted at all? And is it appropriate to hold it on the anniversary of – and same location as – the Cronulla riots?

  1. It sounds to me as if they are just wanting to incite further hatred. We all have to take a step back and calm down over this issue…and think and behave rationally. EDITED again: I think this comment is very rational, and yes others are entitled to have their say…but maybe that “say” could be polite and grown-up”.

    • Sorry but if we step back they will take over they will if we say and do nothing that’s islams way. Have a nice day

    • you do realise Glenda that this riot was all about moslims beating up the young Life Guards in their line of duty dont you …..???????

    • Bahahha. So funny that the “sorry” at the beginning of a sentence is supposed to make the ensuing lie more palatable somehow.

    • sensible answer Glenda but sadly some love to see chaos but they won’t go an put themselves in harms way, they just encourage others to do it

    • Glendale why should he go away? He is entitled to an opinion just like you’ve had yours, flawed as it was.

    • Because he has been rude to me several times before this comment, and I’m sick of him…that’s why.

    • remember the names Glenda and ask yourself are the kind of people you would want in your life and your grandchildren’s lives..if the answer is NO..then block..nothing they have to say is of value

    • Mary Mary quite contrary, people have a name , use it correctly or we will chop and change yours

  2. Anonymous  

    Think back a few decades ago to world war 2 and the hatred that was generated towards another group of people. History can be a valuable tool

  3. The main problem is the rent-a-crowd who turn up and cause trouble. The genuine people always made look like the bad side

  4. I seem to remember an Islamic protest in Sydney about a movie that was made overseas, the Muslims were not stopped from conducting a violent protest.

    • 2 wrongs don’t make a right..their protest was wrong and so is the coming revamp of the Cronulla Riots

    • If you are happy to sit on the same level as though protest with violence against the police at that Book protest John Dickson, the go for it mate but make sure you carry your bail money with you

    • People like John only encourage others to go, they don’t go and put themselves in harms way

    • Libbi, I was a soldier for twenty years of which I served on the SAS regt for 13 years so don’t assume I wouldn’t or haven’t put myself in harms way.its people like you who assume and generally you assume the wrong thing.

      • Alexander Kovesy  

        John Dickson: Well said. Also I wonder how many of these commentators have actually read the Qur’an to see what it really teaches???

    • then get your placard and your jackboots John and get out there, I was giving you credit for staying away where you deserve none

    • Sleep peacefully tonight, because it’s people like me who were and are prepared to do the hard yards so you can have a nice lefty life.

    • Times have changed John Dickson??? Lefty? Because a comment doesn’t suit your views??? Sad!!!

    • Libbi, read your original comment, you were accusing me of incitement, you were not giving me credit at all.

    • put your glasses oh John or go to spec savers she was giving you credit for stay away but you are encouraging others, you are a disgusting old man

    • Rosalind Battles, may I suggest you re-read her first comment to me, she suggested I encourage other people to go but stay at home safe and sound myself. Maybe you need bifocals. You discgusting woman.

    • Pft you bloody gutless woose picking on women seems to be your style and both of those women are right about you

    • I’m having such a lovely afternoon, confirming my thoughts about lefties, they always respond with abuse. Thank you for helping me with my research.

    • John Dickson EEO type of person? I beg to differ. Why? I worked in Employee Relations for a large company where policies were made! The comments you made were a BIG, BIG, NO NO!

    • Aussies and muslims are both racist i tried to speak to a little 6 year old arabic child, the mother was well mannered but the father looked at me with hate. The men are the worse and they have the say.All i did was say hello to the child as he was climbing all over the seat in the shopping complex and was nearly on my lap the father yanked him away no wonder the children grow up brainwashed.

  5. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech it’s called democracy, that why Muslims get away with their hate speech.

  6. We need to be more open about islam and stop all this political correctness rubbish which does more harm

    • Why should we become more open about Islam look at the chaos they are causing now you don’t know who is who anymore, you may think they are the nicest people, then next day they go and blow people up!!

    • You dont understand what I mean, people need to open their eyes here as too many cant see what is really happening. Lindt Cafe , Parramatta are just the beginning here

  7. We are Australians…we speak our mind…where we like …..when we like……

    • ……..and if you get in our way, expect violent reprisals. This is the Australia of today.

    • Aileen May u are right…..unfortunately any attempt to appease islam or reach compromise with these people never works….they want things 100% their way every time & we have all seen what their response is if they don’t get their own way.

    • True. The Muslims actively incite the bogans to come out dressed in their tatts and Australian Flags, then quietly smirk as the police harass and arrest them for breaking a few laws and destroying a bit of property and infrastructure. So un-Australian.

  8. I don’t like the idea of people rallying against any religion or race. And despite the best efforts of the police, it will end in violence. Having said that, I agree with an earlier poster that we live in a democracy and everyone has a right to be heard – so long as they do not incite violence.

  9. Good on them I hope they stop this protest, we do NOT want any more violence in this country, we enough the last time time with the Cronulla riots

    • I happened to be working at Kurnel at the time and believe I’ve seen worse problems outside a Glasgow pub than that, so called, riot. Anyway they were right to have it as the scum moslims were beating up the young life guards, bloody low lifes.

    • they are trying to stop the violence, who do you think brings the violence, really ask yourself if the radicals were not here trying to change our way of life there would be know violence

  10. Everyone is giving Reclaim Australia a bad name. The group started up for those that want our country to be what it has always been…to ask to keep our way of life, to keep the things we love and have had for years, to stop the influx of radical Muslims nothing else. They are called racists, bigots and lots of other names I would not repeat. At the rallies it is those against racism as they call themselves that create the trouble, now this group Party for Freedom want to carry on about the Cronulla riots. Enough already….leave the Reclaim Australia party to their work and the rest of you pull your heads in before we have all in war on our streets and someone gets seriously injured or killed.

    • Judith Forbes. Things change – I am sure the indigeneous people thought exactly the same when the British landed on their shores. We have had “our way of life ” for a couple of hundred years —–they had it for tens of thousands. I love our way of life, my ancestors came here in the 1830s, but the world has changed. We must learn to live with other cultures, peacefully.

    • If you want it as it’s always been we best all piss off and leave it to the indigenous.

    • reclaim has every right to hold a peacefull protest……with out being called racist etc

    • NO – Yvonne Jackson you have it backwards.- other cultures chose to come here and they must learn to live within our laws and cultures.If we went to their country we would have to learn to live within their culture.

    • You’re a fool. Name one ‘right’ we have lost because of Moslems. There’s none. And this fear or Sharia Law is absurd when most of the Moslems are Sunni. Get an education

    • Leone O’Sullivan, maybe you should read and reread what Yvonne Jackson wrote, with a little bit of luck you may come understand what she wrote???

    • Nothing stays the same, changes are based on adaptations required to serve the community, if the community changes, so do the requirements.

    • You have screwed up everything, I am talking about, pork, Christmas trees, lights, Christmas carols, our flag, what we wear etc no other rubbish……the fact that we do not need any more RADICAL Muslims here to do to us what they did to Paris and America.

    • Leone O’Sullivan I am not suggesting for one moment that those who come here should not obey the laws of our land. We still have the westminster system here, and any one who breaks the law will be punished accordingly, as happens. What I am saying , is that we have to learn to live with different cultures peacefully.

    • Why should we change, they came here for a better life if they don’t like our way of life move to a country that will.

    • They do no assimilate, we have never had another race come to Australia and demand change
      They ant everything like how they had it, no way, multicultirism doesn’t work

    • Judith Forbes I still have christmas trees, lights, wave our flag on Anzac Day, wear the same clothes, eat pork, do you?. I went to school with many Jewish girls who did not eat pork, years ago. Did not worry me.

    • Yvonne Jackson That was a long time ago I wasn’t born then should be forgotten but we must not let this happen again ,live by our mistakes , one day the Muslims might take over .An Aboriginal man wrote on a post that we should all go back to where our Ancestors came from ,I said if that was possible would he give up his mobile phone, computer ,car & welfare ,I didn’t hear back ..It was terrible what happen to the Aboriginals & a lot happened to white people as well ,thousands of Christians are being murdered by ISIS .

    • Yvonne Jackson The thing is they are demanding changes to our laws to suit them. Others have come and adapted to our way of life. In fact, this is supposed to be the reason people want to come to our country – not to change it into what they left. I have no objection at all to these people practicing their religion alongside us, but not to them forcing us to their way of life.

    • Pat McGaw multiculturalism can, and does work – we have lived in a country with people from all over the world – they just don’t need us to change for them – they practice their own cultures and religions and let us keep ours. I agree, the Muslim issue is different – they seem to want our country to change into what they left behind

    • I would really like to know Judith Forbes just one thing you have had to change in you’re life because of Muslims.

    • Leone O’Sullivan Europeans came to aboriginal land. Do you believe they have learned to live within their culture? Or do your rules only apply to certain people?

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