Let’s Talk: How much freedom is too much when it comes to children?

The parenting style of on couple from the United Kingdom has come under fire after one of their children took

The parenting style of on couple from the United Kingdom has come under fire after one of their children took a wee on a television studio floor on live television.

Adele and Matt Allen appeared on This Morning in the UK to promote their ‘off-grid’ parenting style. The couple does not believe in vaccinating or going to the doctor and says their children heal “naturally”, and both children — aged five and one — still breastfeed.

“I don’t see any need to inject any foreign substance directly into the blood stream. That’s not how children will come into contact with a germ naturally anyway, be it in the mouth or another way,” Ms Allen said.

She said that she didn’t see any need to supplement her children with anything other than breastmilk.

While that’s a hot topic of discussion for many modern day parents in itself, things got a little awkward and incredibly ‘natural’ for the show’s viewers when the Allen’s daughter urinated on the studio floor and her parents didn’t seem put out by it.

Some viewers were quick to judge the Allens, calling the children ‘feral’ and suggesting that with a lack of rules and discipline they would grow up to be future delinquents.

While others were appalled that the parents did nothing to prevent the child from weeing on the floor or their son from bouncing around on the studio couch.

Further, viewers expressed their concern that the parents allowed their five-year-old son to dictate to them when he would be ready to go to school, with Ms Allen saying, “There is no need for him to be able to read and write at this age anyway.”

What are your thoughts on this issue — do children need discipline? Are the parents wrong in not using doctors or vaccinating their children?

  1. Alan May  

    One unfortunate lesson that appears to be missing from a great many children’s social education today is the simple lesson that over the millennia of evolution society has, for its’ own protection, developed rules of conduct for its’ citizens, the lesson that is not being taught is that if these rules of conduct are breached the transgressor gets punished.
    Unfortunately there appears to be a growing belief in some quarters that some species of Homo Sapiens and their offspring are above the level of the common society and therefore the rules of normal society should not apply to them.
    Unfortunately, I personally predict that such a belief, being pedalled to the next generation, through this deliberate, imagined “”superiority” of some will create anarchy in the future

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