Let’s talk: Do you think Australia would benefit from the US’s lead on travel bans?

The travel ban is only just the start of the US tightening its borders. Could Australia be next?

It has been a massive day in US politics.  The immigration ban instituted by US President Donald Trump has seen a 90-day ban on any travel to the United States by citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen even if the person holds a valid visa, refugee status, or temporary green card.

The move has already caused some disruptions at airports with people who started their journey before the ban landing after the ban and being sent back.  Protests have also broken out at some major airports including New York’s famous John F. Kennedy Airport.

To add to the matter, American Civil Liberties Union filed a case in court against the order as it claims that between 100 and 200 people already in transit will be affected.  A US federal judge has also granted a nationwide “emergency stay” that will allow the people that have landed with valid visas to stay.

President Trump stated to the press as he was signing the document that “We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas”.  He added, “We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.”

In response to the ban, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted out his support to the refugees and immigrants.

There is support on both sides of the ban but how this will start to affect other types of travellers including Australians in the future is currently uncertain as the US continues to tighten its borders. Could Australia be the next country to shut its borders?

What do you think of the situation?  Do you think Australia needs a similar policy?  Is all this unrest only going to promote violence?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. Guy Flavell  

    Yes, most definitely. Only it should be permanently implemented to keep the abhorrent
    Sharia Law adherents out of this country. Our Government should be strictly vetting
    LEGAL applicants from the Middle East and ensuring that only the horribly persecuted
    Christian families are admitted. Yes, this would be an added burden to our welfare budget
    but one that the majority of thinking Australians would be happy to accept.

    • Robin  

      I agree wholeheartedly. Trump should have implemented the plan gradually to stop chaos. We cant afford more Moslem immigrants.

      • Robert Green  

        Congratulations Donald for leading the way to safety and sanity. For too long the lefttards of this country have allowed/encouraged the Moslems to bully, swindle, blackmail and lie to us not to mention the increasing risk to life and limb they represent. Time to wake up stuttering Malcolm donothing and begin to ban them here before you lose office and are replaced by men of action like Trump.

  2. Mickey  

    As an American Citizen I proudly say I voted for President Trump and I believe he will fix many of the problems that have plagued the USA due to very poor leadership for many years. In my opinion, Yrump is doing exactly what needs to be done. There should be safe havens set up for women and children in their own middle eastern country. Most men should be fighting their own war. Yes, we should help them in the fight but they should not flee their own country. Islam does not believe in equal rights as Americans do; therefore, they will not commit to truly being United States American citizens.

    Mr. Trump is doing an amazing job of bringing America back to its former status.

    I believe our young people have been somewhat extremely influenced by our American dedication all system not to think for themselves but an agenda set up by extreme liberals, especially at the college level.

    • Yes. For now, lunatics, bigots, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, sociopaths and narcissists rule. For now.

  3. Colin  

    Mickey ( aka Mickey Mouse, US of A believe in equal rights, tell that to the people who still cant get married , who walk into a cake shop and get told to get out as we don’t cater to gay marriages. what joke US of A is. and as for adopting the same here, how many have been killed in US from Muslims, how many have been killed from children with guns. Answer is ELEVEN by children Seven by Muslim. I don’t believe in Sharia law, but find the CHRISTIANs to be more odious and maybe we should look at banning them instead. I found it interesting that Trump did not mention any Muslim country that he does business in.

  4. Like Mikey, I am an American citizen as well. Unlike him however, I did not vote for Trump and I do not believe that Trump’s fear mongering actions in regard to the fate of millions of refugees in the middle east will end positively for the US or the world. Muslims, like Christians, Bhuddists, Hindus, Aetheists etc are almost all just good and decent people, trying the best they can to do for themselves and their families. They are not evil, they do not want to overthrow governments or kill those of other faiths. All they want to do is put food on the table, clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads. Sure we need to exercise some caution, to examine background and motive, to screen rather than open the gates wide. But don’t demonize an entire religion over the radical acts of a relative handful of radicals. We are better than this.

  5. Lunacy. Since 1968, more than one and a half million Americans have been killed by firearms.In the same period, just five people have died at the hands of refugees who had sought and been granted asylum in the USA.
    So what does Donald Trump do on assuming the presidency? He bans refugees. …

  6. Diana  

    Common sense would dictate that all countries should screen the people they allow in, however, enacting a blanket ban on all people from certain countries within 24 hours of signing what is, in effect, a corporate edict, is unwarranted. No notice – many people were caught literally in mid-air and banned from going through Customs and Immigration. People who actually lived and worked in the USA were detained at airports and not allowed to return home.

    is act of a lunatic who has no idea how to govern, only how to fire people on TV. This man of low class – who “tweets” in very bad grammar – is running America like a corporation with only his signature required. He has not – as far as has been reported – once put a Bill to Congress for their approval. He has disbanded Obamacare, leaving millions without health insurance, he has de-funded many agencies, including Environmental protection – and told overseas workers that they cannot, under any circumstances, even utter the word “abortion” to raped and abused women in Third World countries.

    is a dictator and soon the Americans who voted for him are going to wake up and realise the harm they have done. This will be when one of The Orange One’s edicts impacts disastrously on their own lives. Of course this will not happen to one of his mates or Republican Party heavy weights. If Trump can do all the damage he has in ten days, imagine what he can do in four years 🙁

    • Diana  

      Not sure why the site has cut off the opening words of each paragraph. Guess you can all work it out though.

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