Let’s Talk: Could this one issue turn things around for Turnbull?

It's an issue that's dogged the Turnbull Government, but a change of policy could turn things around for Turnbull... according to a new poll.
A new poll by Galaxy has found more than 70% of people would look more favourably on Malcolm Turnbull if he allowed a free vote on same-sex marriage.


If you’ve been following the same-sex marriage debate over the past few years, you’ll know it’s raised a whole heap of opinions in the community.

While polling suggests the majority of Australians support it, the Turnbull Government wanted to hold a $160 million plebiscite to give the community the chance to have their say.

But as you would know, the plebiscite failed to get the support of the Senate.

It’s been reported in recent weeks that there is a push for a free vote in parliament, and opinion is again divided on the issue.

And now a new Galaxy poll suggests it could be the issue that turns things around for Malcolm Turnbull.

As reported by the Guardian Australia, the Galaxy poll revealed 71% of people would look more favourably on Turnbull and the government if they allowed a free vote on the issue.

64% of Liberal voters said they would also look more favourably on Turnbull if a free vote was allowed.

The poll comes as a parliamentary committee prepares to hand down a report about a same-sex marriage bill the government presented before the plebiscite failed.

The poll surveyed 1000 people over the age of 18.

It also found that 45% of people didn’t agree with celebrants or businesses being able to refuse service to customers because of religious beliefs.

Meanwhile 65% said they opposed celebrants or businesses being allowed to refuse service to same-sex couples who are getting married.


Various media outlets are reporting that conservative MPs such as George Christensen are trying to stop other more moderate MPs who are pushing for a free vote.

In the past Turnbull said he was a supporter of a free vote for same-sex marriage, but after he became Prime Minister he took on Tony Abbott’s policy of a plebiscite and has consistently said in recent weeks that a plebiscite was the government’s stance on the issue.

So, what do you think?

Would you be more likely to vote for Turnbull if he allowed a free vote? Or do you think he should stick to the policy of a plebiscite?


  1. Garry Bates  

    I believe that this should be decided by a parliamentary vote but I think things have gone too far for this to save Mr Turnbull.

    • Sandra  

      Let him use his own money if he wants the plebiscite not ours the taxpayers. I think he is sounding more like Abbott every day.
      So disappointed in him

  2. Shelley Oldfield  

    Agree it should be matter for parliament to pass the damn law and let couples of same sex marry and get on with their lives like the rest of us!
    It affects no one else except the couple involved!!
    Plebiscite would be a gross mismanagement of public money.

  3. Ailsa  

    They should just get on with it and pass the laws. Nothing will save this government after the way they have attacked the poor, the old and the sick.

  4. Nothing can save him .Sooner he is gone the better Its all about changing the subject with these people

  5. Janice Mallett  

    He needs to show strength in making decisions.
    This would be a great start.

  6. Arthur Hutley  

    But when they poll me they ask what age group. I am too old obviously to give the answers they want. Sorry sir. We are looking for a different age group.

    • Vicki Wolstencroft  

      Nothing can savevTurnbull!

  7. Margaret  

    Nothing can save the him. Sooner rather than later I hope. I have been a liberal voter forever but could not bring myself to vote for for this grub.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Margaret I agree with you I have voted Liberal for 50 years since i have been in Perth but Malcolm Turnbull has disappointed me. I thought he had a lot to offer being a businessman sadly he has not delivered as far as I am concerned. Neither Party will get my vote. Vote Labor never. It is Socialism that has nearly destroyed this world

  8. Murray Walker  

    For crying out loud pass the gay marriage through parliament. Stop distractions and get on with running the country. There are actually issues that matter. Australia first stop the mamby pamby stuff and make the hard decisions look after the majority.

    • Wendy  

      Just get it past what I would like to now is why would it cost so much money can someone explain that to me

  9. Noel Brown  

    Malcom Turnbull is just a puppet in the liberal party who happens to hold the pm position for now and will be dumped when the party is ready for a change again, Yes it would be nice if he showed some guts and stood up to the dictators from within and started to get on and govern the country as it is so badly needed.

  10. Joan Dale  

    I believe, that eventually, no matter what that same sex marriage will be legalised. The very though of how they make ‘love’ gives me the horrors. I’n so old fashioned I suppose.
    Many heterosexuals just ‘live’ together, have children buy houses and live happy lives. I cannot understand why homosexuals find the need to demand marriage, when the civil ceremonies are quite beautiful. They can overcome any legalities by contracts or wills.
    It has now been reported that about how many millions a plebiscite would cost. I recall it was $1,600,000. As the promoters of legalising same sex marriage know is that a parliamentary vote would most probably get through, whereas they are afraid that a plebiscite would show that most of the population are against it. I am against the power of the law to fine those in commerce to refuse service. They can refuse it now to anyone so should continue to be able to do so.

  11. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Agree should be parliament to pass the damn law and let couples of same sex marry and get on with their lives like the rest of us! Plebiscite would be a gross mismanagement of public money.

  12. Peter  

    Sorry – I’m with the Truchbull on this one. Marriage is for a man and a woman. Allowing any other form of “marriage” (man-man, woman-woman, human-animal, human-object etc) is an insult to the institution of marriage. This is too important an issue to allow pollies to decide. It must be determined by a referendum of the country’s citizens.

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