Latest poll still has Malcolm Turnbull out in front

His reputation for competency, strength and leadership might have taken a beating recently, but the latest Fairfax/Ipsos poll has prime

His reputation for competency, strength and leadership might have taken a beating recently, but the latest Fairfax/Ipsos poll has prime minister Malcolm Turnbull out in front when it comes to who voters want in the top job.

Turnbull leads Labor’s Bill Shorten 64 per cent to 55 per cent.

It’s a drop of about 6 per cent since voters were last asked about key leadership attributes in April, when Turnbull had a healthy 70 per cent competency rating. Those 6 percentage points have obviously been picked up by the Opposition leader whose competency rating has increased by exactly that much.

While Turnbull holds on, it is his strength as Australia’s leader that saw most voters turn away. He suffered 9 percentage points since April and holds only 46 per cent of voter confidence, while Shorten has gained 7 per cent to finish up on 38 per cent.

His ability to ‘make things happen’ has also taken a hit, down 7 per cent since April to 42 per cent overall.

The prime minister is unquestionably more favourable on attributes such as foreign policy and competency, but when it comes to having the confidence of the party, Bill Shorten has a clear lead with voters.

Overall, Labor leads by a slim 51 per cent to 49 per cent margin.

It makes for an interesting final week of parliament, especially as former PM Tony Abbott is looking for a way to get back into the ministry and support for the minor parties has risen 18 per cent.

With talk of ‘innovation and agility’ the weasel words of the year, the Government is being encouraged to focus on issues and speak in terms of relevance to the Australian public.

The prime minister and the Opposition leader will join forces to unite against the staggering rates of domestic violence inflicted on indigenous Australians.

Do you take much notice of the polls, such as this one? Where do you think the Government needs to focus its attention?

  1. Dee  

    Just see how much money us pensioners lose on Jan 1, then we’ll see how popular he is. Many of us who worked hard all our lives (and got super) are about to be significantly slugged and its not been very well publicised.

  2. Elaine Henderson  

    turnbull might still be in the lead as preferred pm (but really, the numbers are disgustingly low), but the party is on the nose. Turf them out next time by a landslide.

  3. graham3196  

    Our gonernment is doing nothing to address the issues of the future. Who cares about us old folk? The issue should be the directions we are taking our children and grandchildren. We are discussing issues of importance to a few such as same sex marriage and whether foriegn student workers should pay 10.5 15.2 19 or 32% tax while the issues we need to be acting on and making foundations for future policy are more like
    Do we want to follow the US into a war with China?
    Food security – wars will be fought over food in the near future. Dont forget the main issue for the second WW was Germany wanting to take over arable land to feed Germans, The Irish famine was a result of the English taking over the Irish food crop. It happened before and it is bound to happen again if we keep doubling the world population every 40 years

    Climate change. Those who profit from ignoring it (Fossil fuel producers) claim its all nonsense. Ask Farmers. Consider this. If we prove climate change is not man-caused then do we just give up? I dont think so. If its a natural phenomenon then we have to do what we need to do to ensure the health of future generations. That is probably the same as if it is man-cause only probably even more urgent. Science can explain the probable causes to us so really know it is man-caused or man accelerated
    Future business. Reflect on Fidel Castro who decided 50 years ago that Cuba needed to become a science based economy to prosper in the new world. He therefore made a plan to educate Cubans to be mathematicians and scientists which is now bearing fruit. . At the same time he placed great emphasis on developing a medical system to ensure the health of all Cubans, not just the rich
    Think how great Australia could be if we had someone like that as a leader. Free education, free university, free medical support. Think back 40 years and you might remember a government with such hope for all of us.
    Now we go back to fighting over whose dogs need a lift and who should use a publically funded helicopter to avoid a half hour drive and a whole lot of other trivia that our pollies can wrap their small and selfish minds around.

  4. John Brants  

    Our illustrious Mr. Turnbull ,full of pretty words that are mere puffery .

  5. robgee  

    There is no explaining it!!! How can Malcolm Turncoat earn so many cookie points when he hasn’t made a decent decision since he was elected, has given away money hand over fist to a treacherous UN and swanned around the Pacific like royalty?!

    I didn’t think there were enough people who had a frontal lobotomy in the country!

  6. Joan Marshall  

    I have always voted Liberal and I am disappointed in Mr. Turnbull while the country is debt he is worried about Gay rights and at one time making such a fuss over the issue. There are more important issues to worry about like getting the country out of debt. Our Pensions being dug in to when I have worked so hard for the old age pension. When the next election comes about I will be in grave doubt as to the Liberals getting my vote.

    • Mareela  

      There are problems facing our country especially with Turnbull and Morrison in charge. Unfortunately they are working only for the corporations and the top 10% of Australians. Why so many Australians are fixated on reducing the deficit in a rush is quite beyond me. As a government we need to be borrowing more money for infrastructure and employing Australians. The number out of work is actually closer to 12%. There is good debt and bad debt, and borrowing for infrastructure while interest rates are low is good debt. Getting the country out of debt can be done over a long period of time. It doesn’t need to be done overnight. Getting Australians working will put more money in the coffers thru tax. Cutting pensions and other austerity measures have been shown time and again not to work. I only wish this government wasn’t so ideologically driven and were good economic managers, but they’re not. Only interested in filling the pockets of the rich while they can. As for climate change, what can you expect from a government whose ministers make fun of Pacific countries who are being swallowed up by the sea. Unfortunately, this LNP government is woeful and I can’t see them doing any good for Australia or Australians. They’re only interested in trying to stay in power and ruin Australia in the process.

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