Labor’s new TV ads sparks outrage

The Labor Party has released its latest television ads and in a surprise move for many people, the commercials are

The Labor Party has released its latest television ads and in a surprise move for many people, the commercials are running in a dozen different languages.

The ads are set to target migrant communities in marginal seats as Labor is looking for votes that could tip them over the edge to win come election day.

Featuring subtitles and slogans, the ad shows Labor Leader Bill Shorten telling viewers why they should vote Labor at the polls.

They come in a range of languages, including, Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, and simplified and traditional Chinese.

An image of one of Labor's ads in Tamil
An image of one of Labor’s ads in Tamil

Earlier this year, Optus ran a similar campaign using Arabic to promote its phone and internet plans.

However, the company was forced to remove them after huge backlash from people who said anyone who comes to Australia should “be forced to learn English” and shouldn’t have ads made for their convenience.

The Optus ad that sparked major backlash
The Optus ad that sparked major backlash

Labor’s ads are the first of their kind to be used by a political party in Australia and have already caused some debate.

While they have been welcomed by some people, others are angry and says the party is pandering to “people who should know how to speak English if they want to live in Australia”.

“Why have you made these ads? These people should be learning english if they want to be here, not having special ads made for them that I’m probably paying for with my taxpayer money,” said one Facebook commenter.

Others though, welcomed the commercials and applauded Labor “for encouraging diversity”.

“Australia is a multicultural country and these kinds of ads just prove how we can all live together,” said another.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Labor was wrong to make these ads? Or is it time both parties were more inclusive of migrants?

  1. Ian Marshall  

    Sparks outrage with who?

    • Roger Wilson  

      With me, and a heap of other real Australians.

      • Mareela  

        Why? English is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. Not everyone is fluent in English for speaking, reading and listening. You might even find some illiterate born and bred Australians if you look hard enough. What happened to a little bit of understanding in ourselves?

        • Mareela  

          How do you describe a “real” Australian?

        • George J.  

          All true Australians mandatorily attended school, so doubt you’ll find illiterate ones’, unlike migrants who come here.

          English is NOT that difficult, provided people have an interest, & want to learn it.

          If you want to come to, & live, in an English speaking country, accepting ALL its’ benefits, have the good manners, & sense to learn its’ language.
          Try living n France, with no knowledge of French. They won’t talk to YOU!

          Typical labor,
          pandering to minorities’, once again, to gain votes.
          Talk about scraping the ‘bottom of the barrel’!

      • Andrew Aitken  

        Roger I am a recent blow in to Australia, I have only been here 59 years. My wife has forebears that arrived here on the second fleet. When will we become real Australians please? Don’t be such a scaredy cat, embrace diversity, have a Chinese or Thai meal. We are all members of the family of man.

    • Janet  

      Try correct English grammar, ‘with whom’…..

  2. I think it is a wonderful idea and shows inclusiveness of all in this country

  3. Dorothy Sleightholme  

    What ever next will people complain about? It’s an excellent idea it includes every one. It’s not as though English is ruled out.

  4. Roy bridges  

    Sorry don’t like it ! If you come to a country then talk the language . If you interested in being part of a country then the first thing you do is learn language . The problem is people get into their groups and you end up with division .

    • Janet  

      Oh! SO true, Roy!

      One still sees Italians at local shopping centres, in their little enclaves, jabbering away, not speaking English.

      Funny how they readily accepted to come here after WWII, but not interested in learning English. They get their 2nd & 3rd generation kids’ to translate for them!

      But if it’s anything to do with money, they sure as hell learn to speak it rapidly, like many other nationalities’ doing same!

    • Sounds good, but there are a few minor problems with that. English is not an easy language to learn, it has no rules, and pronunciation of many words is problematic as English is not phonetic. I came to Australia as an 8 year old, was lucky in getting a teacher in 4th grade who took the time to teach me the language, but it was 3 years to become fluent and think in English. Just imagine the process, someone talks to you in English, you take in the words, mentally translate those words into your own language and grammer, then think of your reply, translate that into English before you can say it, and then hope you get the pronounciation right. My parents of course, were much older, went to English classes for a while, encouraged my brothers, sister and myself to talk in English at home, but still had some problems with particular words even 50 years later. So give the migrants a go. It takes time.

  5. Vote for labor in a number of languages, does he then gone on to describe all of his policies in complete detail using all of the languages? Why, Why do we sell the soul of our country. We are a English speaking country.

    • If we are selling the soul of our country, why are we not all speaking in Aboriginal dialects. So easy to pick and choose isn’t it.

      • Sandy Balfour  

        Well said. Agree completely.

      • Allison  

        Yeah, right, EVERYBODY was taught THAT dead language at School!

        English doesn’t come from aboriginal languages, it comes from Latin, Anglo-Saxon, & Norman.

        Try going into a shop speaking aboriginal, & see how far you get!
        Absolute codswallop, you speak.

  6. [email protected]  

    For crying out loud, some old f***ts have nothing to do but whinge and whine. I would bet a large amount that most are second third or fourth generation offspring of the “dagos”, “balts”, “dings”, “wogs”, and “slopes” who came to this place with little or no English and got stuck in to making a good life for themselves and contributing incredibly to what Australia is today. Bless ’em! Stop the eternal moaning and perhaps offer to help those with language difficulties. You just may fell better about yourself by doing something positive. P.S. I went to school, played and worked many, many of the above migrants. I am richer for it.

  7. Jocelyn  

    Labor wasting Taxpayers’ money, yet AGAIN, by buying votes from those who are too damn lazy to learn this Country’s language, but sure are proficient in putting out their hands for Centrelink funds!

    Why pander to minorities’? Are they the only ones’ likely to vote for them?

  8. Geoff  

    English should be a requirement to come to this country-end of story.

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