Labor blocks “waste of money”

When it comes to a “will they, won’t they” it might be fun if it’s a romantic movie you are

When it comes to a “will they, won’t they” it might be fun if it’s a romantic movie you are talking about but when it’s the plebiscite on same-sex marriage it has been frustrating for many.

Today the plebiscite debate is finally over as Labor officially blocked the proposal in the Senate during a caucus meeting. While the plebiscite was not what a lot of the Australian public wanted it does now through the debate over the issue into a grey area.

Labor wants the discussion to happen in Senate while Liberal MPs wanted to take it to the Australian people. Opposition leader Bill Shorten has stated that there was never a logical argument for the costly plebiscite as well as the belief that it could have a massive impact on the mental health of the LGBTI community.

Talking to the press, Bill said, “It is a waste of money. It will not bind Liberal MPs. It will cause potential harm to gay people and families and Australians just want us to get on with it”. He continued, “Children do not need to go to school in the climate of a plebiscite and have the integrity of their parents’ relationship challenged.

“I could not in good conscience recommend to the Labor Party that we support the plebiscite … the evidence became overwhelming of the harm it would cause.”

What do you think? Would the plebiscite have caused more harm than good? Do you want your say or do you want your elected officials to just make a decision on the matter?



    • karl stumpfoll  

      In total agreement. If the LNP were serious they would have had a referendom at the last election.

  2. Lorraine Pearsall  

    Some time ago Shorten, Wong etc were all for the people getting a vote. Now they are not so sure they would win so it is now all about a waste of money. I say forget all this crap & get on with governing the friggen country instead of pandering to all these minority groups

    • Wiso  

      I am with you Lorraine.

      This was taken to the election and the majority voted for a plebiscite so that should be the end of it. Let the elected Government get on with what they said they were going to do and were elected to do. They have been given a mandate by the people to hold a plebiscite so it shouldn’t be an option for any blocking.

      How many times does the majority have to say No to this noisy minority group before it is dropped ??

      On such an important issue that has the potential to adversely affect society forever, everyone has the right to say what they want !!

  3. colin  

    I am GAY. after 38 years together and still not having EQUALITY in this country, we were married in Canada , a much more enlightened and progressive country as is Britain, US of A, many parts of Europe etc.
    MAYBE we are a minority but we are entitled to equal rights. Decades ago its as considered pandering to women in giving them the right to vote and work. Aboriginals the same. De-facto have more rights than we had for many many years. MOSTLY the people who say don’t pander are the ones who have full rights, I believe the whole of Australia should be as per France, CIVIL UNIONS ONLY. but at the moment don’t say its pandering to a minority to give them the SAME RIGHTS AS YOU. I pay a lot of taxes to support people on pensions and don’t complain with pensions having been a minority for years ( maybe a plebiscite to keep them is needed?) I cant get the pension due to being astute and having two properties and a moderate super despite not having the TAX BENEFITS as married couple. Howard who was nowhere near being the worlds best pm ( and an even worse Treasurer) changed laws to suit himself with no plebiscite, abbot stacked the vote by inviting the National Party. LNP are ruining our country, we have a gutless PM who is destroying the budget and increasing the deficit by three, yet thinks over %200 Million is ok top waste on a non binding plebiscite to appease a minority which is the RIGHT WING of his party and certain CHRISTIAN lobby groups.

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