Labor ahead in the polls for the first time since Turnbull took office

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull might be waking up with a sore head this morning after suffering a major setback in
Photo: ABC

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull might be waking up with a sore head this morning after suffering a major setback in the lead up to the election.

A Newspoll published last night reveals the Coalition has fallen behind the Labor party for the first time since Mr Turnbull took the reins, trailing Labor 51-49 on a two-party preferred basis.

The PM’s approval rating also fell four points, while Labor Party leader Bill Shorten is enjoying a jump up of six points.

The poll comes after weeks of back and forth politics where Mr Turnbull floated a number of new tax ideas, like the proposal the federal government remove a large chunk of state funding, only to admit it was all part of a political game to get state governments to stop complaining.

There are grumblings amongst Coalition members that the government needs to do more than just talk about possible changes and propose some real options for the Australian people.

One MP, who spoke on the grounds of anonymity, told Fairfax Mr Turnbull need to “start doing something”.

“The government needs a narrative badly,” the MP confided.

“The only narrative going is that the PM is a charmer. That’s not enough to convince the public to re-elect the government.”

With the budget just around the corner on May 3, and a possible double-dissolution on July 2 not too far behind, time is running out for the Coalition to turn the latest poll around.

While Newspoll didn’t specify what had caused voters to change their minds, it is believed the governments inability to deliver any solid promises or proposals as we head towards the election has a lot to do with it.

While some have praised Mr Turnbull for being open with voters about all of the ideas and changes he is considering, others have accused him and dilly-dallying and failing to deliver on his promise of a consistent and stable party.

What are you thoughts?

Have you changed your opinion about Malcolm Turnbull and the government over the past few weeks? Who would you vote for if an election was called today?

  1. Magi  

    Not surprised with this news, I think we all seen this coming, the former Liberal/National voters do not like him because of what he did to an elected PM. He and his 54 backstabbers are all on thin ice and what this mob did not realise they need the right voters to get in to Canberra, because the left would never vote for them no matter how bad Billy is. We do not need a third leftie party in Australia with Labor,Greens and now the former Liberal Party.

  2. miet  

    Its all about Jill and Jack rights
    and no foresight to predict consequences. I have seen it over and over again in my old country and now in my adopted country. Feel sorry for next Ausie generations living in a “banana republic” unless they will wake up and start working.

  3. Noel Baxendell  

    There should be less emphasis on the individual leader and more on the direction that they are taking the country.

    We are told that, just like a family, we need to live within our means. But if one spouse was spending half the family income on pokies down at the club, the family wold first tackle this problem before taking more drastic action such as removing their children from their private school or selling the family home.

    We clearly have a problem with high wealth individuals moving their wealth to offshore tax havens (even the Prime Minister has money in the Schelles). We should stop this immediately before asking seniors and pensioners to tighten their belts further.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    Mr. Turnbull has taken over as leader of the Liberal Party and he is not being left alone to prove his worth. God help us if Bill Shorten becomes Prime Minister in the next election. The Labor Party always put the country in to debt the Liberals come in and have to clean up the mess. I notice with a lot of Labor supporters they think every body owes them and they owe the country nothing.

    • CaptainWise  

      Nice speech Joan did you write it or did you get Malcolm to do it for you.
      Haven’t you heard it’s the liberals who cannot manage the economy.
      This is based on evidence not rhetoric .

  5. Carol A Miller  

    I most certainly not vote for the Liberals while Mr Turnbull and Bishop are there. I don’t like what they did. They should have let Mr Abbott see it through, after all he accomplished such a lot. Mr Turnbull has achieved nothing but spend our money on walking the world stage and living off Tony Abbott’s policies. He is a dud.
    Bring back Mr Abbott who was a straight shooter and got things done.
    Go Mr Turnbull you are useless except to waffle and do nothing.
    How dare you sign Australia up to the U.N. For that I and many others won’t forgive you and Bishop.

  6. Warwick Hines  

    I strongly suspect that Turncoat is a Labor plant deliberately sabotaging the coalition to lose the next election.

    Also, look at his strongly leftist/warmist actions like flushing away $1 BILLION to the “Clean Energy Finance Corp” etc.

    Say no more!

  7. Warwick Hines  

    Meanwhile, neither side of politics is tackling our most urgent financial problem.
    David Uren:
    “The federal government’s debt is growing at a rate of $5 billion a month and is expected to keep rising at that pace until well into next year when it will hit $500bn… “

    • CaptainWise  

      A bit rough mate neighbour is not the garment so it can’t be their fault the growing debt.
      This mob has been in charge almost 3 years look to the managers

  8. Lynne Highfield  

    Forget for a moment, what your political affiliations are, and ask that time worn question: Why is there such inaction by both parties in refusing to make corporations pay their share of tax?

  9. Norma  

    The problems with voting for Labor are we will have the carbon tax again and the boat people will be arriving in hoards. The people smugglers are watching now and the have hundreds of customers waiting.

    • Warwick Hines  

      HEAR HEAR!
      Labor would also continue their wild spending spree and send us much further into unsustainable debt.
      Vote Labor at your peril.

  10. It’s hard to know which party to vote for there should be a law that when they make a promise they have to keep it or they have to stand down. This might encourage them to get back to being honest. They might have to look up the meaning of honesty.

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