Kochie turns 60 – and his workmates made him cry

Happy 60th Birthday David Koch, Australia is singing for you today. If you were watching Sunrise this morning you will

Happy 60th Birthday David Koch, Australia is singing for you today. If you were watching Sunrise this morning you will have seen Kochie’s workmates reduce him to tears by tricking him into thinking that his daughter was sending him a video message from the other side of the world, only to have her arrive seconds later in the set. He cried like any father missing his daughter would and it made everyone watching wipe a tear away.

The veteran of breakfast television’s Sunrise is taking 60 in his stride, just as we love it. And he has said he has no plans to slow down as he joins the 6-0 club today. So today we want you to send him your wishes and share in the moment.

It’s worth remembering that the David Koch we know and love has been getting up at 3am as long as we can remember to present the morning show. He first appeared on our screens in 2002, as the face of Sunrise after loved presenter Chris Reason left due to a cancer diagnosis, and we have enjoyed his breakfast company ever since. But he started his career in financial media a lot earlier.

What isn’t as widely talked about is what Kochie did before that, founding Personal Investment magazines in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and building a portfolio of media that supported people in understanding their personal investment needs. And he hasn’t slowed down as he’s headed into 60 years and does not speak of retirement.

He’s got the same attitude as many here do.

“I’ve never been worried about birthdays or getting older,” Koch said. “I think it’s just a state of mind more than anything else.”

He was there on TV with us this morning with his team and family celebrating how special he has become to the Australian people and this weekend there is rumours of a big party for his family and friends.

“I don’t know what they’re doing on air (on Monday),” he said. “But there have been lots of secret meetings, so I think they’re up to something,” he said in the media last week.  It’s nice to know they got him good isn’t it.


Happy Birthday Kochie!This will make you cry! The heart warming moment Kochie’s daughter surprised him by returning from the UK for a birthday surprise! Happy birthday Kochmeister… #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Sunday, March 6, 2016

  1. Susanne  

    How wonderful for any Father or Mother to have all of their children around for their 60th birthday. What a family you have Koshie. I have 5 children, when I turned 60, almost 7 years ago, only one of them was living in Australia, and she came up to Port Macquarie for my 60th. They are all back now living and working in Australia, and we always spend our Christmas together, and when possible birthdays as well. They visit me, I visit them, and I love to see them happy and healthy. As you get older, nothing is more important than having family around, and seeing them all happy and healthy. Many more happy years ahead for you Koshie and Happy 60th for today.

  2. Tammy  

    Happy birthday Kochie. I have enjoyed you for many years on Sunrise. Enjoy your celebrations xxx

  3. Irene OMeara  

    Kochie, 60 is the new 40 so you have many more happy years to come. Have a wonderful day. Keep up the good work . Cheers, Irene

  4. Hi Kochie..hope you have a well deserved, wonderfully HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY ..Thanks for being in our home every weekday–great start to the day watching your team there xx

  5. Cathie Leggett.  

    Happy 60th Birthday Kochie,
    Have a fantastic time.
    My hubby and I have watched sunrise
    everyday. It’s gets us off to a great start to
    the day.
    I’ll be joining the 60’s gang in May.
    Best Wishes.
    Cathie. xxx🎂🎈🎉🎊🍺🍸🍷

  6. Katherine Emily Sultana  

    Happy Birthday David, love watching Sunrise, not many mornings that I miss, have a great birthday week and may all your wishes coke true; best wines from Kathy and Jerry xoxo

  7. Julie Taylor  

    A happy Birthday Kochie, the big 60 congratulations. My husband and I watch you every morning, best wishes Julie and Gene xx

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