Kochie slams women’s mag over ‘fake news’

We’re used to reading some of the stories in women’s and gossip magazines and shaking our head in disbelief at
David 'Kochie' Koch has slammed Women's Day for 'fake news' after it reported that Edwina Batholomew was replacing Sam Armytage on Sunrise. Source: YouTube

We’re used to reading some of the stories in women’s and gossip magazines and shaking our head in disbelief at some of what they write.

But even Sunrise host Kochie thinks they’ve gone too far this time.

Women’s Day posted an “exclusive” story online yesterday claiming that Edwina Bartholomew was going to replace Sam Armytage on Sunrise.

The morning shows on both Channel 7 and Channel 9 have come under intense scrutiny lately, with rumours and gossip swirling about the hosts – some of which you’ve no doubt read lately.

And it seems the hosts themselves have had enough!

Kochie took to social media yesterday, slamming Women’s Day over its “exclusive” about Bartholomew and Armytage.

“Woman’s Day… total and utter fabrication. Fake news at its worst. Can I be any clearer?,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Thanks to the loyalty of our viewers Sunrise has been Australia’s #1 breakfast program for 13 consecutive years… because it’s a team effort. It’s an honour to be part of it. I honestly love working with them all.”

It’s not the first time TV personalities have jumped to the defence of one of their colleagues over something published about them in the media.

You might remember late last year when Sam Armytage was the victim of a Daily Mail article that attacked her over her choice of underwear?

Well it caused an outcry from her colleagues who slammed the Daily Mail for its coverage.

Perhaps sometimes we forget that our favourite TV personalities have lives away from the cameras.

What do you think about Kochie’s post? Do you agree with what he had to say?


  1. Denise  

    Must admit, just this morning I was wondering where Sam was as I haven’t seen her for what seems like ages. She came back for a week or two after her holiday at the end of last year, and then gone again and haven’t seen her since.
    Come back Sam!!!!!!

    • Anita  

      Is Sam away doing the show bring sexy back ?

  2. Margaret  

    If this story is true you need to bring Sam back and get rid of Kosh, he’s too opinionated and Sam is a breath of fresh air

    • Sue Mitchell  

      Couldn’t agree more. Every time he does the finance section on Sunrise, I tune out. Can’t stand the man!! Wish he’d go away on holidays & not come back.

    • Margaret  

      From one Margaret to another I agree with your comments. Get rid of Kochie.

  3. Elaine Henderson  

    What is it about Sam Armytage that makes her such a target for this nastiness? Is it because she doesn’t fit into the skinny mould that females on television are supposed to be? It’s bloody disgraceful. She’s lovely.

    • Pierre-anthony Christian  

      Although just a mere male I have to agree with you Elaine sam is an attractive lady and yes she isn’t the stereo type skinny presenter that seems to be all to common. Come back sam when I was recovering from my operation I watched the show and yes kochi can be self opinionated at times but it’s sam who is there to put her views across when kochi gets a little head strong. COME BACK SAM WE ALL MISS YA 😊😊

  4. Mary  

    I used to watch Sunrise but got totally fed up with Kotchie so switched to Channel nine morning show. This degenerated into a rather childish programme so now I watch the ABC. Now at least I get proper news and in depth interviews and although I may not agree with some of their opinions I find it much more palatable.

    • Sheila  

      I couldn’t agree more. The commercial morning programmes have become a joke. I,too, switched to ABC news, although they do tend to have really long interviews instead of just getting on with the news!

      • Dog Vowell  

        I prefer the long interviews as the subject is covered more you still get the news repeated ad nauseum every 30min like 7 & 9 but without the ads every 5mins as well as the promos on the shows themselves.

  5. We call New Idea, No Idea..haven’t purchased the magazine for yonks..in fact don’t get many mags at all these days, they all; have scoops or only exclusive to them all made up rubbish!!~

  6. Elizabeth  

    I don’t want Sam back for she is opiated in many stories that come up and she always thinks she knows everything just give me Monic she is a real woman and nice I do like Koshie but.l think Simone is a real gentleman and so is Bret the sportsman sorry don’t know how to spell there name properly bring back Grant Dener he was so funny I always looked forward to the show when he was on I now go studio 10 at 8-30

    • Greg Hills  

      You really do need to check your your spelling if you want to post comments. At the moment, we barely know who you were referring to!

  7. Trish Bolton  

    Poor Sam, she gets the blame for everything, she was blamed when Melisa Doyle left the show stating Doyle had been pushed out by Sam. I love Sam and no she doesn’t look like a twig, and good for her.
    I stopped buying mags for this reason they print lies and take your money under false pretenses, shame on all theses magazines.

  8. Robynne Chounding  

    Not going to buy these mags anymore.

    • jaywalker  

      The only time I read these is in the hairdresser’s and I’m always appalled at what they are allowed to get away with – Nicole Kidman having another baby, Princess Mary’s marriage breaking up etc. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

  9. The Fact people even watch this contrived dribble,be it 7 or 9,is a worry in it’s self.Good “Morning” shows died 20yrs ago.The morning shows now a just another platform for self promotion,and advertorials,Buying an Audience with inane money give aways.


      You’re a grouchy old sod Peter….get a life…it’s 2017

  10. Mezziemoo  

    I think someone should start a petition to stop both New Idea and Woman’s day from publishing all the rubbish they do. I mean how much can they get away with. If you believed them Nicole Kidman would have 10 babies by now.

    • Both New Idea and Women’s Day publish such ridiculous news items – the Royals would all be divorced, dead or having babies, one after the other, if we were to believe all the lies… Both magazines write about the same celebrities – and give a totally opposite views – poor Nicole and Keith! Quality articles and photos (see Women’s Weekly and Yours) would probably sell just as well to the sensible readers. Leave the sensations to the trash mags!

  11. Mary  

    I won’t buy Woman’s day or New Idea they are all false stories. They had a story about Nicole and Keith Urban splitting up and the next day they were on The news at an awards night very lovey dubey and they have had so many stories about Lleyton and Bec Hewitt splitting over many years and they are still together.

    • This is exactly what I have been saying for some time, I will not buy these magazines as you cannot believe what is written, the celebrities should sue the magazines and put a stop to these blatant lies.

  12. Kerri Mullins  

    I usually pick up the magazines in the supermarket & have a quick look at the headlines & always put it back on the shelf as the stories are nothing to do with the headlines!!! Just a ploy to get you to buy! Disgusting!

    • carolyn Barnard  

      Same as a couple of weeks ago fifi box was in love with Dr Chris Brown then next week she was in love with someone else ..also nicole kidman was leaving Keith Urban then the following week they are happy together in the magazine

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