Kitty Chiller in tears explaining what really happened with nine jailed Olympians

First, our nine athletes were detained for 10 hours by police in Rio and threatened with jail for tampering with
Kitty Chiller in tears when speaking to journalists. Photo: YouTube (Current Affairs).

First, our nine athletes were detained for 10 hours by police in Rio and threatened with jail for tampering with their accreditation passes, now a new twist has been added to the Olympic drama.

An emotional Olympic chef de mission Kitty Chiller has revealed in a statement that “the problem with the accreditation was not their fault”.

“The athletes were held at a police station for many hours and I apologise for the trauma they went through,” said Ms Chiller who was in tears.

“For legal reasons I am not in a position to elaborate except to say it is important to know that the Australian athletes were definitely not at fault. I am very disappointed our athletes had to go through what then went through last night.”

“I think it’s very important to note that the athletes definitely were not at fault and we have and will continue to provide as much support and counselling to them and their parents and that has already commenced,” Ms Chiller said as quoted in Daily Mail.

“It’s been traditional not only in Australia, but many other countries as well to put a sticker on your accreditation with another venue access code on it,” said Ms Chiller.

To free the nine athletes, Australian officials were forced to pay more than AUD$36,000.

Bronze medal winning archers Alec Potts and Ryan Tyack, men’s rugby sevens captain Ed Jenkins, track cyclists Melissa Hoskins and Ashlee Ankudinoff, rowers Fiona Albert, Olympia Aldersey and Lucy Stephan, and hockey player Simon Orchard were detained for more than 10 hours on Friday in Rio after attempting to enter the men’s basketball semi-final between Australia and Serbia.

According to reports, the athletes were permitted entry to the stadium but were not sitting in the section allocated to them. Australian officials are set to carry out an internal investigation into the incident.

Australian Olympic Committee chief executive Fiona de Jong said all parties had agreed on the punishment,”We have agreed to an outcome which is the payment of a fine and a good behaviour bond for each of the athletes.”

Has Ms Chiller been given a gag order?

Do you feel bad for our athletes?

  1. Miss Chiller certainly has her work cut out this time around .Who really cares if the guys got in .Apparently the stands have been half empty for nearly every game ,donuts not like they were taking seating away from anyone

  2. sadly the money will go to criminal police as bribes still the aussies always come up with one reason or another they did no wrong we swam in the wrong lanes we using the wrong poles come on aussies take it on the chin we are not perfect .we are young we are trying our best dont make exuses applude every effort they made gold is good but just taking part is great also .if you put all you have got into somthing be proud

    • Bette Campbell  

      Totally agree. Proud of them.

  3. Lesley Casey  

    Sounds like a money making exercise for the cops. I hope they never get an international event again, They just see westerners as wallets on legs.

    • I’m afraid I tend to agree with you Lesley. They monumentally underestimated the financial cost & onus on them as an Olympic venue & are trying the only way they know how, to recoup their losses through a corrupted system. Half empty stands & unprepared accommodations…….. what the hell was IOC thinking?!!

  4. Christine Duff  

    There is a long held practice at the Olympics to “smuggle” additional athletes into venues as spectators by adding or changing a pictogram in their accreditation. This allows athletes to spectate at events where there were not necessarily additional tickets for them. They simply sit in empty seats or even the media area where there are often a lot of empty seats. This is just corruption and stupidity at its best. They did nothing wrong, they were simply minding their business spectating.

  5. Gail  

    It is a poor country and crime is rife and bribes are the only way to extract money out of foreigners and this really is what the $36,000 is.. A bribe to free them.. You have to understand the culture and I guess naïveté is the underlying factor in them being “caught in a net” they could not have understood ..

  6. SUSAN  

    Just another way for a corrupt country to fleece money out of tourists. Brazil will certainly lose out in the future with tourism because nobody wants to go there anymore. They could be a beautiful nation but they need to get off their backsides and work and develop their country and they need rid the country of their gangster mentality.

  7. I think the rio police should use there time to catch the muggers, thieves and criminals that have attack and robbed Olympians and visitors to their country than do this sort of thing. They should refund the money paid for the release of the team.

  8. Lorraine  

    They will do anything to get the money in that country. Certainly not a good place to visit. Maybe they are getting back at us for complaining re condition of quarters. Don’t see a lot of other country athletes being targeted Just saying

  9. J Taylor  

    With so much corruption from allocating hostes of many international competitions, doping, and judging comps it’s time to re- evalue participation in these type of comps. Rio should never have even been considered given the countries corruption, Zica virus, poor third world country or any other like country. The poor people will suffer for many years to come when life is so tough before they had to become home of the games. Fines, dodgy dealings with police poor sanitation. Rio…. Worse games ever, don’t blame Rio blame the idiots who gave them the burden to hold the games.

  10. Michael  

    Given the amount of crime reports coming back from the Games I think the authorities in Rio are a bunch of hypocrites. The Games should never have gone to Rio. The IOC did not do its homework properly – a point they now admit to. This is a lesson for future decision makers in determining games venues.

  11. Warwick Schneider  

    Guilty as sin. They all got caught for doing what they should have known was not quite right. They have paid a fine and now it’s time to move along, nothing more really needs seeing here. Little more than a +15kph speeding ticket. At least our lot were behaving themselves.

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