Kevin Rudd’s dream of world domination could be over

You would understand if Kevin Rudd was seeing red today. The former Prime Minister just had his dream of securing

You would understand if Kevin Rudd was seeing red today.

The former Prime Minister just had his dream of securing the top job at the United Nations ripped out from underneath him by none other than Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Mr Rudd has reportedly been campaigning for the position for months, hoping he will be the one to succeed current Secretary General Ban Ki-moon when he steps down from his post.

However, it appears that Ms Bishop is having none of it and has come out to say she has spoken with several world leaders and concluded that none of them are going to support Mr Rudd’s bid for the job.

Ms Bishop said there is talk it is time for a woman to be appointed as Secretary General, and that there is also strong support for the job to be filled by a member from Eastern Europe.

“There’s a long way to go before we know who the secretary-general of the United Nations will be in the future,” she told reporters in Washington on Saturday.

Her statement is in stark contrast to a number of Labor MPs who say Mr Rudd is the perfect man for the job.

If Mr Rudd really wants the job though he’ll have to convince more people than just Ms Bishop.

Ms Bishop says the decision over who will be nominated for the job will rest with the entire cabinet, meaning Mr Rudd has his work cut out for him.

“When we are aware of the full list of potential candidates, a recommendation will be taken to cabinet and a decision will be taken by cabinet,” she told The Australian.

Considering the way he was ousted by his own party and the rocky relationship he reportedly has with many Labor Party and LNP members, it looks like there’s a long road ahead for the former PM.

Do you think Kevin Rudd would make a good Secretary General at the United Nations? Do you think Mr Rudd is a good leader?

  1. Russell J Wood esq  

    Kevin Dudd

  2. Jennifer  

    No, no, no, no, to anything involving Kevin Bloody Rudd!!

  3. Gillian Hadley  

    You have to be joking! Kevin Rudd in any position of responsibility, No Way. He stuffed the Australian Government around and made it look ridiculous, no one in their right mind will give him a job in World Affairs!

  4. Geoff Knowles  

    No thanks, had enough of him

  5. Stephen Payne  

    I hope this is true.No more Kevin

  6. Shirley Dunn  

    He is nothing but a spoiled brat in adult clothes.

  7. Rikda  

    The UN is an 8 Billion a year money trough of scheming pigs.
    They are kept by us & owned by industrial cartels.
    Asbestos Julie would be a shoo-in.

  8. Wade Foster  

    rea he is a good leader and would make a good Secretary General at the United Nations. I wonder if he been allowed tp complete his first tem as PM what Australia would be like or if he had won his second stint and not Abbott. I wish him well and success. I think he was a better PM than abbott or turnball or the one that knifed in the back.

    • Warwick Hines  

      By “better” you mean he wasted huge amounts of money by giving it away and spending it like a drunken sailor, leaving Australia with a massive debt problem! [sigh] The age of entitlement lingers on …

    • Jan  

      Then you woke up from the nightmare that was KRudds priministership.

  9. Valerie Castles  

    He’d be better than Tony Abbott, but that’s not saying much. These men are so conceited that he thinks the world needs them, they can’t see where they made mistakes and are unable to move on. They have both done their dash and should quietly disappear to their well paid directorships.Let’s hope they don’t ruin the companies they work for.

  10. Ian Cowley  

    NO, not suitable for that position, he is too conceited.

  11. Michael  

    No to both questions. He is an egotistical dud.

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