Kevin Rudd says we’re ignoring our biggest problem at home

He’s been out of the spotlight for a while now, but that hasn’t stopped former prime minister Kevin Rudd from
Kevin Rudd has told the PM to listen up.

He’s been out of the spotlight for a while now, but that hasn’t stopped former prime minister Kevin Rudd from issuing a dire warning to the government.

Mr Rudd appeared on the 7:30 report last night where he accused Malcolm Turnbull of ignoring one of the biggest threats in our own backyard.

While most people would argue that Australia has a number of big issues to worry about right now, when asked by host Leigh Sales, Mr Rudd gave a very blunt response.

“I will give you three: North Korea, North Korea and North Korea,” he said.

“We’re on a technical trajectory. It’s to do with North Korean technical capabilities in terms of missile sophistication, missile range, the availability of nuclear material and the ability to militarise that into a warhead.”

He went on to say their armament was escalating “on a very rapid timescale” and it was time Australia to open its eyes.

With many saying Mr Rudd is one of the country’s best foreign affairs experts in politics, should Malcolm Turnbull pay attention to him?

“… The number one priority in terms of US-China relations, leaving everything to one
side, is to reach agreement strategically between the President of China and the President-Elect of the US into how this can be arrested,” he said.

Failing to do that, he warned: “The alternatives are too horrible to talk about.”

While Australia certainly has a few big issues to worry about, it’s not often that North Korea is named in the mix.

So is this an overreaction or does he have a point? Many are arguing we have enough things to worry about at home before we go trying to solve problems around the world.

Others, however, say we should pay attention to what Mr Rudd is saying he risk heading into another war.

What do you think? Is Kevin Rudd right here? Or does he have our priorities wrong?

  1. Roy bridges  

    Rudd go away.Ego, self interest.

    • Sue Davies  

      I agree, he’s uppity and snide because he didn’t get what he wanted.

  2. Bob clarke  

    Who cares what crud thinks or says

    • Eunice Austin  

      Some people are idiots and others have their heads in the sand………Listen up. The warning is there. Put your personal prejudices aside and wake up.

  3. In today world as it stand right now anything is possible so we need to be open and aware of of any issue we can stick our heads in the sand and yeah Kevin Rude has a big ego but even the boy who cry wolf was right once

  4. As much as I’ve never had any time for Rudd, for once he’s talking sense (surprisingly). North Korea is a rogue state, with all the diplomatic skills of a homicidal maniac armed and loose in an urban area. Hopefully China, Russia and the USA will eventually bring them to heel, for their antics are in no ones interests.

  5. Paul W  

    Finally Mr Rudd is making some sense. He is absolutely right about North Korea. As Jerry has said these are the only countries who are in a position to do anything about this problem. THe film “The Beach” comes to mind, frightening.

  6. Beth Hancock  

    I worry every time I hear of another successful nuclear test in North Korea. I think Kevin Rudd’s right to raise it as an issue.

  7. Lance  

    The biggest “threat” to Australia is allowing this buffoon air-space on-line or in the media. He proved he was hopeless as PM, and in all the other positions he held in the public service. Why continue to quote him? Ignore him and hopefully he will go away.

    • Mareela  

      Lance ignore good advice at your peril. Whether you like Rudd or not he is an expert in Foreign Affairs and is well liked internationally. It’s mainly the rightoids in Australia who don’t like him. And we will have to agree to disagree because without a doubt Australia’s worst PM was Abbott, closely followed by Turnbull and Howard. Guess it depends which side of the fence you sit on but it is well documented that Abbott was useless and a fool. And the evidence is plain to see every day what a useless weak person the current PM is and Howard, apart from the gun laws he introduced which was very good managed to spend the whole of the mining boom which is one of the reasons Australia has such a high deficit today. A little research Lance will disclose these undisputed facts. With any luck we will be back at the polls next year and hopefully with a different government. Anything will be better than what we have currently. From where I’m sitting even Pauline is looking good and that’s saying something.

    • Greg Hills  

      Lance, you sound like the hopeless one. Like most Conservatives (I will assume that is what you are by the negative attitude toward Mr. Rudd), you have your head buried firmly under the sand, about this and probably many things.
      Just like the populist, flavour of the month, conservatives like Pauline Hansen, And the Donald Trump. Both of them do not care about their respective countries, they are in politics because it benefits them, and them alone.
      You don’t have to like Kevin, but the truth is that he is very knowledgable and astute when it cones to Foreign Affairs. Even Turnbull knows that – he would have recommended him for that U.N. Head position if his Right Wing leadership of the LNP would have let him.

  8. Frank  

    AFAIK North Korea is an impoverished nation that continues to exist only due to the bluster and FUD factors generated by cruel dictators and propaganda – oh and drug sales via shipping

    I suspect the US could bomb Pyongyang out of existence in a few minutes – the real question is China’s desire for a buffer zone – and that appears to be getting less with time

    so I suspect – like Burma, Cambodia, Bulgaria and various South American tinpot dictatorships – it will eventually crumble when enough ordinary citizens stand up and say ‘enough’

    but to say it’s the greatest threat in the world today – I don’t think so – my guess is between Russia and China vying to turn off the internet – and with it our electricity and water supplies – can’t fill up with petrol if no electricity – and with no food trucks – the difference between a complacent population and rioting in the streets ? – three days without food.

  9. Dudley  

    Stop giving media-time, & space to this most hopeless person, & our WORST PM!
    Add Keating to that list, too!
    He just likes to be in the ‘limelight’.

    Stupid ANU gave him & wife an Honourary Degree.
    WHY? Neither deserves it, especially him.
    Typical labor-orientated University.

    People study for years’ to obtain a Degree, & it just hands out one to this moron, for no reason, except uselessness!

    • Mareela  

      Dudley you are bitter aren’t you? Tut, tut. Your own rightoid ideology blinds you to any good in anyone who doesn’t have the same blind rightoid beliefs. You certainly can’t see the Forrest for the trees. Your own mob are doing a terrible job of managing the Australian economy. Negative growth, recession beginning, high unemployment/underemployment, doubling of debt, no plan other than giving 50 billion to corporations. Guess we deserve the government we vote for, but hey we may get to vote again very soon if Christianson and the nut job Bernardi leave the coalition and form their own party. Don’t think big Mal will be having a good Christmas worrying about how long he may hang onto the PM job. All I can say is too bad, so sad.

      • Stephen thurston  

        Typical bloody labour twit. The Australian economy was destroyed for generations to come by Rudd get your head out of the sand Ostrich

    • Stephen thurston  

      Agree 100% a fruit loop and Moron who destroyed our economy. So if I destroy what is working this is my reward a degree what a bloody joke

      • Mareela  

        Dudley and Stephen if Sydney Uni can give an honorary doctorate to John Howard, a man who along with Bush and Blair took Australia, USA and U.K. to war on a lie and continue to lie about it, I guess anyone can receive an honorary degree. At least Rudd isn’t responsible for the rise of ISIS and the millions of refugees in the Middle East. These men are guilty of being war criminals and also responsible for the deaths of many young Australian soldiers. So please put your rightoid ideology where the sun don’t shine.

  10. Grant  

    IF a nuclear launch came from Nth. Korea…there wouldn’t be a Nth. Korea in about 10 mins…

  11. Heather  

    I hope he is listened to, it’s no good burying our heads in the sand. North Korea is certainly to be watched and precautions taken if necessary. Fair enough sometimes he goes a bit beyond but it’s been known for many years that North Korea could be a threat

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