Kevin Rudd finally gives his opinion on Bill Shorten

He refused to comment on whether or not he supported Labor Leader Bill Shorten’s bid for prime minster for weeks,

He refused to comment on whether or not he supported Labor Leader Bill Shorten’s bid for prime minster for weeks, but Kevin Rudd has finally spoken.

Earlier in the week, when asked if Mr Shorten had his support, Mr Rudd refused to comment, issuing a stock-standard response instead.

“Mr Rudd’s longstanding policy is to not comment on Australian domestic politics,” a spokeswoman said on his behalf.

The comment came as a surprise to many since Mr Shorten was instrumental in kicking out Julia Gillard and helping Mr Rudd regaining his job as PM.

Now though, Mr Rudd has taken to his favourite form of social media to tell everyone just how much he likes Mr Shorten.

“Woke in US to read I’m not supporting @billshortenmp. As former Labor PM and ALP member of 35 yrs I’m proud to endorse him,” Mr Rudd tweeted this morning.

While many Labor supporters are breathing a sigh of relief at the endorsement, others are annoyed it took so long for Mr Rudd to say anything.

Taking to social media they said it is typical Rudd behaviour to only take action when it suits him best.

It’s hoped the endorsement will help boost Mr Shorten’s popularity in the polls ahead of the election.

While he enjoyed a small rise in interest in the first week of the campaign, data shows that Mr Turnbull is still ahead when it comes to gaining voters’ trust.

An ABC poll found that Mr Turnbull leads Mr Shorten when it comes to both trust and competence, with the majority of voters believing that the PM is would do a better job of running the country.

Who do you think would make the best prime minister? Are you a fan of Kevin Rudd?

  1. Neta Williams  

    I do not think it matters one way or another if Rudd likes or supports Shorten. It is really up to us the voters to elect who will be best to govern us. And we need someone who will do the right thing by all Australians not just those who are rich.

    • Ian  

      Malcolm Turnbull. At least he made his own $. Not like Bill , who worked his way up in the union movement by the back alley deals and $ of the workers , who he did not actually care about except for their push to improve his union standing.

    • The last five yrs have been a disgrace concerning the politicians.. at this stage i have’nt got a clue who to vote for ….. Please explain what they have done. ?????

  2. Joy Ware  

    I am very happy with Bill Shorten, his policies are varied and excellent, he comes across as honest and genuine. Yes Bill Shorten for Prime Minister will the best thing for Australia.



      • Lynne Highfield  

        Graham, I read your shouted comment twice and simply couldn’t understand the message you were trying to convey. Please explain!

    • Michael McDonald  

      How is Shorten going to fund his policies? By borrowing more money from China as did Rudd and Gillard? The labor party is responsible for our weaker economy at present. They sowed the seeds of destruction. DO YOU WANT OUR ECONOMY COMPLETELY DESTROYED??? Do you??? If so then continue being a socialist Marxist supporter?

  3. Jeff Cook  

    I’d have thought an endorsement from someone who damaged democracy, political standing, and Australia so much would be the last thing anyone would want! Even when couched in non-committal terms such as this!

  4. Catherine Balaz  

    Society is like a pyramid of building blocks. Those at the top are held up by the foundations, not the other way around. It is in everyone’s best interests to make sure that the foundations are strong and healthy to keep supporting the pile and not in making the pyramid top heavy because we all know what happens then. Stop bickering over personalities and look at the Policies.

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Typical of Kevin Rudd. My vote will always be Liberal because they have the right policies for the people and the country. Every time the labor party comes in we are thrown in to debt. One for all and all for one is what the labor party believes in for people who do not want to work they always support the lazy of society and I have come across a fair few who resent people who work hard for all they have when all they have to do is find a job.

    • Adam  

      hahahaha so blinded and easily lead by words. You have so much trust to give a party that said they would not repeat Labors mistake, and they done just that. Remember parliament- There was no accountability, microphones turned off when a point of order was called by labor- there was only one way politics… you trust that huh lol

  6. Martin  

    I couldn’t give a rats what he has to say. In fact, I’d make darn sure I would NOT vote for anybody he endorses.

    Can’t stand him.

    Didn’t like him from the get-go, but I sure as the dickens lost even more ‘time’ for him when he screamed at a RAAF female, on board a RAAF aircraft, which we, as Taxpayers, bought, because he didn’t like the food she was forced to serve him, for lunch. Poor girl!

    Just an arrogant, ignorant pig, to the max, in ALL ways. Thought we’d got rid of him, but like Keating, he keeps coming back, like a malevolent spirit. Whitlam used to do the same.
    All labor, all tarred with the same sticky, yukky brush.

    • Denis  

      Like shingles, you can’t get rid of him and very painful

  7. Anna Whitehouse  

    The country would be in a far better state now had Kevin Rudd been allowed to continue his term in office and went to the polls as normal and let the people decide if he should have another term….Unfortunately those that are elected to serve immediately forget that they are there to serve the people and give the people what the people want, not to run the parliament like a circus which is what it has developed into. If they had followed the rules we would not have been saddled with the worst Prime Minister in the history of Australia, Tony Abbott nor would we be now saddle with such an out of touch millionaire that would not know what its like to live without a cent in his pocket. A very privileged pair. At least Labor looks after the less fortunate and those who did not have the privilege to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth..

    • Joanne  

      Nearly choked on my cornflakes reading your comment, Anna!

      The ‘choice’ of the worst PM this Country has had, would be among several labor ones’, IMHO.
      Should it be Whitlam, Keating, Krudd, or ju-liar???

      Tony Abbott was far superior to the current incumbent, because, in himself, he was a good man.
      I do agree with your last four lines, though.

      There’s just ‘something’ about Turnbull I can’t take to.
      Shorten leaves much to be desired in just so many ways.

      What’s to do?
      Anyway, by 10pm approx., 2/7/2016, we’ll all know who’s our continuing, or next PM.

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