Keven Rudd lashes out at Malcolm Turnbull over UN Rejection

Parliament isn’t even back in session after the election and there seems to be issues already. Not many were surprised

Parliament isn’t even back in session after the election and there seems to be issues already. Not many were surprised when Kevin Rudd put his hand up for the position for the UN but many were surprised with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rejected them.

Kevin says that he is in possession of letters from Malcolm stating that he would support the nomination and was taken aback by the rejection. is official Facebook Page offered this statement.

“Mr Rudd thanks Foreign Minister Bishop, and her many Cabinet colleagues for their consideration of and support for his candidacy for United Nations Secretary General.

It would have been the first time in the United Nation’s 70 year history that Australia offered a candidate for UN Secretary General.

It would have reflected well on what our nation can offer to the world – as a middle power with relationships across the world, including the developing world, smaller states, the Commonwealth, our Pacific Island friends and of course our partners in Asia.

Mr Rudd requested to be considered as a former Prime Minister, a former Foreign Minister, a career diplomat, as someone who successfully campaigned for an Australian position on the UN Security Council in 2013-14, and who has chaired the Independent Commission on Multilateralism, a two year long review of the UN system against the core question of whether the UN remains fit for purpose.

A nomination by the government would not have granted Mr Rudd a position. It would simply have enabled him to stand alongside the 12 other candidates from across the world, and compete on his merits.

That is now not to be.

Mr Rudd flew to Sydney this morning requesting a meeting with the Prime Minister, having sought such a meeting the previous evening.

On arrival in Sydney Mr Turnbull telephoned Mr Rudd, indicating there was no opportunity for a meeting.

Mr Turnbull stated he would not be nominating Mr Rudd as a candidate for UN Secretary General.

It is a pity the Government has not seen fit to support him, as the Hawke Government supported Malcolm Fraser for the post of Secretary General of the Commonwealth, or the Howard Government supported Gareth Evans to be head of UNESCO.

Mr Rudd wishes well all candidates for the position of UN Secretary General.

Mr Rudd remains a fervent defender and advocate of the UN in these difficult times. We need the UN now more than ever.”

What do you think is going on behind the scenes? Should Kevin get the nomination? Is Malcolm right to reject him?

  1. Lemrac Renrez  

    Turnbull’s dictatorship already rolling…

  2. Virginia Mather  

    Turnbull must keep the extreme conservatives in his party happy, despite the fact that people like Peter Dutton very nearly lost his seat. Turnbull only became PM by 10 votes and being the egocentric, exceedingly ambitious man that he is, with eyes only for his position as PM, he couldn’t afford to lose favour with the extreme right. For the next 3 years in government his top priority will be to keep the far right happy by doing their bidding, and keeping his job, seeing he nearly lost the election for them. The fact that he couldn’t face Rudd “man to man” and refused to tell him in person, shows what a coward he is.

    • Lynne.Highfield  

      Totally agree with you Virginia.

  3. Yana giamov  

    What a complete and utter dick Turn-no-balls is

  4. Jeannie Kenney  

    Turn bull, or Turncoat?

    • Jennifer Nicholas  

      Maybe with this direction The Prime Minister will be concerned about parochial matters suited to a very conservative agenda and this partial selfburial of a leader that could have moved mountains has instead straight jacketed himself to an uninspired leadership where people will gradually stop listening to. Presently he listens to an hysterical chorus of people who have their own flaws yet command unprecedented influence that throttles the possibility of new and inspired ideas. Such a shame and a danger to Australia’s now diminishing & lagging international standing.

  5. Charles  

    It was just another ego trip for Rudd to add to his millions and live in a posh residence in New York. I bet the taxpayer footed the bill for him to fly first class to Sydney to meet Turncoat. Interesting to know if he was as demanding and rude to the cabin crew on that flight as he often was when PM. Egotistical twit!

    • Well written Charles, the man has history, and it has come back and bitten him on the arse.

    • Vannus  

      Hey, Charles, there’s no Airline with First Class Domestically anymore, & hasn’t been for many years’.
      Check your facts before posting, or it makes you look like a twit.

  6. Mark  

    Rudd wasn’t wanted at the Labor launch. His own party called him a “psychopath”. The UN is far better without him as is Australia.

  7. Deb C  

    Well Done Mr. Turnbull

    • susan  

      Deb C. I agree with you. Well done Mr Turnbull.His own party didn’t want him, why would the world.

  8. Kathryn Smith  

    Kevin Rudd is an excellent representative for Australia and having Turnbull at the helm is the beginning of the type of leader he’s going to be for Australians. I’m so disappointed in Turnbulls small mindedness to allow his personal views to influence such an important event for an Australian to be in a position of leadership. I’m so pleased I didn’t vote for Turnbull. I think our country is heading for the worse term of government this country has ever seen under his rulership.

  9. Heather Wallace  

    When the Labor Party removed Mr. Rudd from Office, quite a number of Labor Caucus members described him as disorganised, unable to work with his staff, narcissistic, caused disharmony in the Labor party, and many more disparaging comments against his personality and performance. Why are they now complaining about him not receiving the nomination by Malcolm Turnbull. Australia cannot nominate someone who the Labor party removed because he was not a good Prime Minister and (in their eyes) doing Australia harm by staying in office. With this in mind, I am sure Malcolm Turnbull had no option but to make decision not to nominate Mr. Rudd.

      • B Halley  

        If that’s the case then why did Malcolm Turnbull tell Rudd earlier that he would support him. He did a complete backflip to save his own position and to keep his party happy. Rudd has the knowledge more than most to qualify for the job. He has a lot of experience in diplomatic circles and attacking his personality is petty seeing that there are a lot of people in politics whose personalities and temperament is not perfect either.

  10. Grey Nomad  

    He always, he always lashes out at people who either disagree with him or deny his wishes for self promotion. He was told by MT that he did not support his application.
    The position of U N Secretary General does not need an egotistical narcissis, a bad tempered, foul mouthed bully … It requires a thinking, calm, intelligent individual who can unite people and combine their efforts to one goal … World Peace, and the end to third world poverty.

  11. Michael  

    Oh how we have a short term memory problems re Rudd’s antics when in power. Turnbull made the right choice. any other candidate except Rudd.

  12. Margaret  

    Why would Mr Turnbull even consider giving Rudd that opportunity. He denigrated the credibility of this country and its people and made us as a country look fools. Why would Mr Turnbull or anyone for that matter take the risk of the same thing happening on the world stage? Smart move Mr Turnbull!

    • Annette Strong  

      Exactly right, isnt it funny how quickly people forget his incompetency and want to make a political issue out of it. His own party tossed him out but are now outraged. How hypocritical!

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