Kerri-Anne tells the heartbreaking story of husband’s fall in first interview

It’s been a difficult month for Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John. In March, John had an horrific fall that

It’s been a difficult month for Kerri-Anne Kennerley and her husband John. In March, John had an horrific fall that has caused a spinal cord injury, leaving him hospitalised and without movement.

By his side the entire time, Kerri-Anne has now spoken out in her first exclusive interview since the accident that changed their lives.

In a sneak preview for the interview, due to air this Sunday on ‘Sunday Night’, the 62-year-old revealed her 75-year-old husband promised to recover from the neck injury for her. “He said, ‘the only reason I’m trying is for you'”.

Her recollection of the incident is even more heartbreaking: “It happened so fast. All he could say is ‘I can’t feel anything, I can’t feel anything’.

“I sort of wake up every day thinking, ‘what a shocker, nightmare that was!’” KAK tells the camera, before adding: “It unfortunately is not a nightmare”.

Her reality now is that John has been in hospital since being airlifted from the Bonville Golf Resort at Coffs Harbour on March 6 and one month on, Kerri-Anne’s husband of 31 years is still in intensive care and is unable to breathe or eat without assistance.

Sadly, although fully conscious and able to be sat up, the fractures to his C2 and C3 vertebrae mean he is unable to move his upper limbs. The couple have been learning to communicate with an alphabet board and by blinking, reports News Corp.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the upcoming interview is an exclusive deal with the Seven network “in the region of $350,000″.

“Wow, the sliding doors of life,” the veteran television personality says in the minute-long clip for the episode, clearly upset.

“While this is the most traumatic and devastating news we have been overwhelmed with messages of good wishes and prayers. Thanks to all,” Kerri-Anne said last month in a statement.

We know we’ll be watching this weekend as this brave lady shares her story and how a moment in time can alter your life’s course.

Tell us, will you be watching? What messages of support do you have for Kerri-Anne?

  1. Tammy  

    What a shame all accident victims don’t get $350,000 for their accident. Wishing them all the best for the recovery but disgusted that KAK would use this to cash in n get air time.

    • Anne  

      maybe there is a reason she accepted the offer of such a huge some of money that we dont know about? John’s ongoing nursing care when he gets home or another reason….

  2. No-one offered me this amount for my life changing accident. Sad for KAK but to make money from it is a bit tacky. And no, I won’t watch it. Many others have these problems and don’t get the same recognition.

  3. Trish Bolton  

    Sad that you have to be a celeb before you can get help, financial or otherwise. No I won’t watch the program though I do wish him well.

  4. Amber  

    Surely she will donate the money to an organisation involved in spinal care.


    Who would want to make money from such a life changing event. Unless of course KAK is going to donate the amount she receives to spinal injury research or the like!!!!!!!

  6. Gwenda  

    Just heard on the morning show that she is being paid a lot more than 350 thousand and she is using it to pay their medical bills. As if he wouldn’t have some sort of insurance on himself being such a high profile person married to her I can’t imagine they would be short of a quid, but then in saying that I think she would be high maintenance with nothing but the best and I am sure she/they wouldn’t,t have gone without much. If she stopped having facelifts n botex she could afford the hospital bills. Sorry kerrri Anne but truth is truth.

  7. Anita Hill  

    Think it is disgusting she is being paid for her interview. They already have plenty of money. There are plenty of others with some sort of disabilities and they don’t get that amount of money. Yes I feel sorry for Kerri-Anne and her husband and wish him a full and speedy recovery. But sorry Kerri-Anne I can’t understand your greediness please give alll that money to the hospital he is in and I am sure you will get your respect back from the public that once loved you but are now disappointed in you for agreeing to take money for the interview. Yes I used to always watch your shows and loved you.

  8. Margaret  

    They are millionaires! How greedy. Surely the money should be donated to an organisation researching spinal problems. No, I won’t watch it.

  9. Wiso  

    Oooh !! What a nasty bunch of commentators here today !! Jealousy must be an awful thing !! It doesn’t matter how successful John and Kerrie-anne are, they are still human beings affected by an awful accident. Money is a minor factor here. It is the trauma of having ones life turned upside-down in a split second and the emotional turmoil of that that is being paid for. All journalism is cheque-book now so they are not the first to be paid for their story and they won’t be the last. It is because they are successful and high-profile that their story is of interest to so many people and therefore worth a lot of money to the media, and we all know that success breeds success.

    • Martin  

      No jealousy here. Just common sense. They would/must have health insurance and KAK is a Seven network personality. Why should she be paid for this interview? She must give the money to spinal research.

    • Donna  

      I agree. Leave them alone. No amount of money will make up for this. He is her whole life. They never had children and they just loved each other so much. You look great Kerry Anne , some people are just jealous. And as for giving the money to the hospital …. I am sure it is a public hospital.

  10. Pardon?
    Is there no-one else who plans to wait just a few days until they’ve heard the full story before such harsh judgements are made?
    Do others have some ‘insider’ information on when and where any monies will be spent?
    Do others know for sure any monies are not being donated somewhere?
    The bit I find most disgusting, apart from the derogatory comments, is that details of any interview ‘deals’ are not kept totally private. Seems to me this is not a matter of judgement by anyone else but those involved.
    Kerri-Anne is not my favourite TV personality and never has been, but I find it sad to see anyone vilified in this way.

  11. I know of a couple who fell on very hard times, somehow the kennerleys heard of their situation, and with no fuss or media attention, they sent a large amount of money to help out. I don’t believe it was the only time they did this. Remember what our mothers said; if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

  12. Anna Karmio  

    Makes you wonder about the value of life, when the person can not move or talk or eat without care. I should be happy, that my husband did not have to suffer anything like that, when he died in his sleep, on the day he was supposed to go to pacemaker operation! I am happy for him, but miss him terribly!!

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