Karl Stefanovic’s wife ‘in talks’ to join Sunrise

It looks like Karl Stefanovic and his Today show colleagues could be in line for some stiff competition after reports
Cass Thorburn and Karl Stefanovic announced their split last month.

It looks like Karl Stefanovic and his Today show colleagues could be in line for some stiff competition after reports his estranged wife Cass Thorburn is in talks to join rival breakfast show Sunrise.

The claims come only weeks after it was announced Cass had signed on with celebrity agent, Max Markson, and was looking at getting back to work.

Cass was a very successful journalist and producer before she gave up her career to allow Karl to focus on his and raise their three children.

A source has claimed Seven wants to sign Cass to the Sunrise team to work in direct competition with Karl – a move that would no doubt be a massive ratings grab for them.

“There have been conversations with execs at Seven, and they’re talking about giving her a pivotal role,” the source said.

“Cass was a hugely successful TV producer before she gave it all up to raise Karl’s kids, and Seven knows she’d be a valuable asset.

“They saw the opportunity and recognised it, as she’s be a really good get.”

Cass has been quite vocal about the breakup since it was announced, taking to Facebook to publicly vent her frustrations after the Today show claimed it’s first ratings victory over the Today show since Karl joined the team.

“Apparently Today Show finally won a year. This took a huge toll on my family and I, and I’m congratulating myself today for all the effort that went into making that [ratings] happen,” she wrote.

“I’m giving myself a pat on the back tonight, as I know many people will also know how much effort I put into it.”

She also gave her first interview last week where she said she was “grieving”.

“I’m grieving the loss of my relationship. The loss of my best friend and life partner,’ she told Mum Central.

“I’m just like every other mother and wife who is going through a marriage break up, only I have the added anxiety of having the spotlight thrust in my face at a time when what myself and my children really need is privacy.”

Would you watch Cass on Sunrise? Which morning show do you prefer?

  1. Brian Lee  

    Hope she gets it I’m sure she’d be delighted to get back into broadcasting, and she could show him a thing or two as well!

  2. Iustitia  

    Wow! We don’t need a man to exploit us (women), we can do it to ourselves. How undignified; though you might have been above that. .

  3. Annette  

    Unlike 98% of separated women, not only will she have mega-bucks’ from divorce settlement, at her disposal, she’s now being ‘courted’ by a tv station to work for them, in no doubt a highly paid job!

    Just was speaking to a woman last Friday.
    After 18 years’ of marriage, her husband decided he didn’t want to be ‘married to her anymore’, & has gone off with another woman!
    This woman is now having to Rent, pay Maintenance for their two teenage kids, who live with him 70 miles’ away. He’s no job!

    She’s in a lowly paid job, & doesn’t know how she’s going to afford what she’s GOT to pay for.
    She’s had to sell her former big car, & get a small car.
    I was not made aware of what’s happening to the former home.

    So Cass, & many other women, in the same circumstance, will be fine, in a manner of speaking, because they’ll have lots of MONEY to keep them going.
    If one has plenty of money, the rest of life can work out ok, no matter the problem, usually.

    Living on the Pension, is a nightmare, compared to having millions’ $ available to you.

  4. Pauline Miles  

    Why report she gave up work to raise Karl’s kids , as if she was some kind of martyr .Thought they were her kids too .

  5. linus  

    Raising kids isn’t for a few years , the little one is in for a powerful twist in her life and the older ones will probably play up …well done stay at home mum! A high profile job is not in there best interests I for one think you need to go away and think this through. And stop giving interviews if you don’t like our opinions.

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