Karl Stefanovic in hot water after ‘insensitive’ photos appear online

Today show host Karl Stefanovic is copping major backlash after appearing in an “insensitive” photo online while he is in

Today show host Karl Stefanovic is copping major backlash after appearing in an “insensitive” photo online while he is in France reporting on the recent terror attack.

Karl is in France to cover the horrific terror attack that took place nearly three weeks ago when an ISIS supporter drove a truck into a huge crowd killing 84 people and injuring 103 others in Nice.

While he was on the French Riviera though he was snapped “living it up” on his billionaire best buddy James Packer’s luxury yacht.

The photo appeared on Packer’s business partner’s, Brett Ratner who is also a friend of Karl’s, social media page and showed the pair kicking back in style with big grins on their faces.

“The most famous #Aussie I know! My mate @kstefanovic aboard #M.Y.ArcticP!” wrote Brett.

The most famous #Aussie I know! My mate @kstefanovic aboard #M.Y.ArcticP! Photo by #BenTilley @RatPacEnt

A photo posted by Brett Ratner (@brettrat) on

I wasn’t long before the abuse started rolling in, with people accusing Karl of having a holiday when he should be reporting on the Nice tragedy.

The abuse came in so fast that Nine was forced to issue a statement defending the morning TV star.

“After reporting for 36 hours straight, he [Karl] did have lunch with James but was only there for an hour,” a spokesperson for the network told News Corp.

While some say Karl should have been there to focus on his job and mark the occasion with respect for those who were killed in the attack, others have jumped to his defence.

“What is he expected to be doing instead though? Sure he’s a journalist and he’s reporting very serious awful news. It’s human to go to France and actually enjoy France. I think it would be more sad if hid because of the fear of these atrocious acts,” wrote one defender.

“Here we go again,” said another. “Political correctness gone mad. Why can’t he do his job and enjoy the face that his in France when he finished working for the day?”

What are your thoughts on this one?

Is Karl the victim of political correctness? Or should he have shown more respect?

  1. Susan  

    Re Karl…how ridiculous!!! He has to do his report…did that. What he does with his time after that is his business!! Political correctness gone overboard. No pun intended!

  2. Michael  

    I think he is a wanker.

    • I think you must be a wanker , bet you wouldn’t have the balls to go their .

  3. James  

    PC gone mad again! Get over yourselves and get a life!

  4. ken goodman  

    He,s the reason i don,t watch 9 but he,s probably just as sad as anyone about what happened 100 years ago but we don,t all walk about with faces as long as fiddles all day. After reporting on these events he probably needed a laugh.

  5. Diane Buchanan  

    Political Correctness at its worst, while I’m the first to say this tragedy was just horrible, give Karl a break, can you imagine what he had to see, listen to speak with, and NO break for 36 hours? If i had a friend there i would be so glad just to remove myself from all that take a break must have been horrific , please don’t judge people that have at times some pretty intense work to do .

  6. Good grief, are people going to complain because they saw him having dinner or a coffee???
    This is just bull#%#%

  7. Teresa  

    This is just ridiculous he can’t work non stop without a break.Get in the real world people and stop nit picking !!

  8. Christine Smith  

    For goodness sake. Karl did his job and was having a break. What is wrong with people today? Get off his back and go get a bloody life!!! Some people are just jealous I think

  9. Oh what next he was there to report he did his job he showed respect. But goodness how about a little respect for him What will it do for the people’s whose lives were taken if Karl stops to break some bread with a friend whether he be rich or poor. Come on people

  10. Pat  

    Not a Karl fan , but the man is entitled to have a break and re focus !!! To much political correctness in this country !!

    • J.Loehr  

      excactly better pay attention to our politikers what they are doing with our moneys

  11. Noeleen Gilbert  

    Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Karl ( I personally think he is a bit crazy but like his lighthearted outlook on life). He does his job and goes to relax after. Surely that’s what everyone does. Anyone that condemns him for that should have a think of what they do after their working hours. Be sad for the atrocities that happen but also love life.

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