Karl Stefanovic forced out of ‘Today’

With the breakup of his marriage threatening to make a mainstream splash, Channel Nine has gone into damage control which

With the breakup of his marriage threatening to make a mainstream splash, Channel Nine has gone into damage control which will see a new face take Karl Stefanovic’s spot on Today.

At the moment Stefanovic is in the US to cover the historic Election for the program but when he returns to Australia he will not be returning to the Today studio for the foreseeable future.

While not confirmed, the news that his estranged wife Cassandra Thorburn will be joining rival program Sunrise on Seven might also have something to do with it. While they are not saying if they are letting Stefanovic go from his contract Nine will be keeping him off Today for at least the non-ratings period that will go into the new year.

Head of Nine News, Darren Wick told News Corp, “Previously what we’ve done with Karl is that he has often shot 60 Minutes stories over the summer”. He then added “We don’t want him doing that this year — just have a break. Obviously what he’s working through with his family situation … he needs to have a break and just rest and spend time with his family.”

Stefanovic is still in Nine’s plans for 2017 as he has a new primetime show This Time Next Year which will debut on the network in 2017. It’s his return to Today that will be in doubt. Late last year there were reports that he wanted to leave the program anyway as the long and early hours were catching up to him.

Whatever happens with his role on Today there is no doubt that Stefanovic has cemented his position as the go-to personality for Nine and while the program he is on might change his standing with the Network doesn’t. With his soon to be ex on the rival program is might be just the excuse needed to move him on to other projects.

  1. Val Baker  

    That’s terrible news won’t be the same without Karl on the today show
    We watch the today show every morning Karl & Lisa make the show
    Certainly won’t be the same without Karl

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I totally agree. I will miss Karl. What a shame. His wife is not helping matters especially going to Sunrise. What a traitor.

      • Fenella  

        What his (now separated) wife does has nothing to do with him.
        It’s her choice what she does with her life.

        What codswallop you write!

    • R. ODonnell.  

      ratings might improve now he is gone, was just an anchor around “todays” neck.!

  2. J.Loehr  

    they are silly to buy into a family afair Karl is loved all over australia so leave him on tv or you loose a lot of suport

    i know my spelling is awfull but i know what i like

    • chris  

      dont agree with you there he is an idiot and very childish, i watch no early news as Karl and Sam are dispicable he has brought this on himself

    • Reg ahern  

      Grear to see him move on. Tell hes a bit bored with morning show and needs something more challenging as would be in the top 5 political jounos in the country. Probably needs hes own gig like a politcal show or current affairs. Good luck to the guy as he had made the morning show. Im a big fan of lisa wilkins but silvia jeffrys i find just an average journo and ordinary news reader.

    • Kathleen  

      Typical of these producers to overthink the situation. Look what happened to the American elections NO ONE LISTENED TO THE PEOPLE. The same thing will happen to this program. Karl and Lisa create so much interaction and fun. The whole team are so well suited to the format. Along comes some ????? and changes it. Give us a break and leave well alone!

  3. Julie  

    I might start watching the show again. He was a total idiot.

    • Doug  

      My wife would agree with that comment.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Your so wrong Julie. You don’t have to watch it but I like Karl and Lisa together. Karl says things sometimes but I need that as he does joke and why do people like you have to criticise others. If you don’t like it don’t watch it..

    • Daina  

      I agree he thinks he is so funny laughs at the wrong things says the most inappropriate things to people at at times shows no respect to some of the people he interviews . In general acts like a goose ! It’s all about me look at me . I will not miss him !

      • Betty  

        I fully agree with Diana, he has become quite immature, rude and tactless. When he interviews he is extremely rude sometimes and often cuts the interviewee off short. His personal life is his problem; but when he is in front of the camera he has a responsibility to show respect and be a good example to viewers.

  4. Lynda Hunt  

    I love Karl , he and Lisa brighten up my day everyday. He jokes and doesn’t take things to seriously. Sylvia is great , but please channel 9 don’t replace Karl with Tim, he’s an idiot and I can’t stand him. He always wants to be the centre of attention. I will have to go to the ABC morning show , channel 7 is out , can’t stand koshie.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I agree with your comments Lynda. Sorry to hear that he won’t be on the Today Show. He brightens my day also.
      I can’t stand Kochie or Sam, Kochie is arrogant, thinks he is the reason the show was No. 1 but it was not it was because of Melissa.

  5. Robert preston  

    Yes he is a loser,what a way to treat a wife who has siupported him all this time.

    • Heather  

      Leave Karl alone. Marriages break up all the time do u get involved with all of them. Leave both of them alone.

  6. Doug  

    She may be able to take over David Koches spot , he is a piece of dead wood.

  7. F Nicholson  

    I feel this is a wrong move, Karl’s ex wife might be sorry that she is getting what she wished for, she is being so vindictive and trying to ruin his career which in turn could mean she loses out financially as do THIER children. Does she really feel being a stay at home mum raising their children was the not worth it. (that is my feeling) What if she fails as a TV personality and shame on channel 7 for buying into this families life just for publicity

    • Liz  

      What a twisted attitude you have F Nicholson. Why be so judgmental and vindictive, remember the information the public receive is based on the bias of that particular reporter and quality of the source of information. Nine is giving him a break over the quiet season to work through this difficult time in his life and that is very commendable and decent of them. His wife Cass is brilliant at what she does and as soon as it was made know that she was ready to go back to work again the offers came flooding in she is that good. It was a joint decision for her to stay at home whilst the children were little and of course they could afford to do so. It was better for the children a that stage in their lives but the children are older now and circumstances have changed. Hopefully the family will get through this traumatic change in their lives without too much disturbance. I wish them all well. It is a tough time.

  8. Dianne Evans  

    Why is she bieng held to blame she used to have a good job gave it up to help her husband and raise kids if she is to be a single women again why can she not take jobs offered to her has nothing to do with us it is lives we know nothing about and a family breakup hard for everyone involved !

  9. wendy  

    She is not vindictive,she is a single mother now who has to support her family,she has been handed a life line so why shouldn’t she take it ,we don’t know how HER finansual situation,she maybe in a very expensive home ,but could be left high and dry ar any time,haven’t we all heard these stories before.

  10. I do hope that Karl returns to the Today spot – he is quite a bright spark in that programme, complementing both Lisa and Tim and Sylvia. Love the show.

  11. Brian Lee  

    I reckon a lot of people, me included, won’t be too sad to see the last of Stefanovic’s appearances on ‘Today’. He really is a bit of a silly man, with his weak humour and highly exaggerated laughs; I think the program deserves better than that – being a current affairs show it could do with being a little more serious.

  12. desleigh clarke  

    This is no-one else’s’ business but Karl’s and his wife’s – should have noting to do with anyone else, certainly not Channel 9, butt out!!!!

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