Justice for Allison: Thousands join rally to overturn new manslaughter verdict

It was a sea of yellow yesterday in Brisbane’s CBD as thousands joined the rally to show their opposition to

It was a sea of yellow yesterday in Brisbane’s CBD as thousands joined the rally to show their opposition to the recent news that Gerard Baden-Clay’s appeal to be downgraded from a murder conviction to manslaughter was successful.

According to reports from The Guardian, Allison Baden-Clay’s close friend, Nicole Morrison, addressed the protestors and shared a heartbreaking story of how Allison communicated beyond the grave that justice had been done.

Morrison told the crowd that on the day Baden-Clay was convicted of murder, friends and supporters outside the court released dozens of yellow balloons in a nod to Allison’s favourite colour.

Hours later, after Allison’s family and friends gathered in a boardroom at the top of a CBD high-rise, a solitary balloon floated towards them and rested briefly on the window ledge before shooting straight up into the sky.

“We had heard of people finding meaning in symbols after losing loved ones and this single, yellow balloon was our symbol,” Morrison told the sea of onlookers, many of whom also dressed in yellow.

“Despite our tears, we were comforted as we felt Allison was telling us she could now say goodbye and that justice had been done.

“Following the downgrading of the conviction last Tuesday, the senseless and unnecessary taking of Allison’s life has once again been brought into focus and the unimaginable pain is once again at the surface.

“Allison, today all of this is for you,” she said. “May you look down on this beautiful sea of yellow and feel the love and support of every person who is standing here today in your honour.”

Bruce Morcombe and Queensland Senator Glenn Lazarus also spoke at the rally of thousands showing their support for justice for Allison.

“The police did their job, the forensic experts did their job, the jury did their job,” Morcombe said. “The weak link here is a point of law. Your participation here today makes a breathtaking visual statement that this point of law is clearly wrong”.


At this point in time, Gerard Baden-Clay’s overturned conviction still stands, as the public anxiously waits to see if there’ll be advice from the QLD Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal the decision.

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  1. I most certainly do support life for Gerard Bayden Clay, Despite his first denials he has now admitted to killing her by accident..which I don’t believe, he had scratches down his face and he disposed of her body like it was garbage, he just tossed her off a bridge. He is a man who is getting away with murder

    • Royce Baucke  

      And it seems like pretty much the whole country agrees with you Libbi – where is the justice for
      Allison if G B C gets away on a lesser charge of murder.

    • Yes and he accidentally drove the car he had stuffed her in and accidentally threw her off. Then accidentally lied his head off to police, he’s scum

  2. Totally agree with Libbi Elliot. Other men don’t necessarily KILL their wives when they have fallen out ot love wtih them. Divorce is allowed in Australia. Rot in jail Gerard.

    • Aaaagh, but there – in lies the problem. …

      Split the assets and no insurance money! !!!!!

  3. Judges need to be serious, serious contempt of court & lying to the court. Definitely think the family need justice here. Return to jail for life!!!!!!!!

  4. Why should he get Legal Aid when I carnt get assistance to get away from my ex I am unable to afford to go to court so still stuck where I am

    • I have tried everything to keep him away but I need a solicitor and they charge heaps I applied for legal aid but was knocked back so have to wait until I am able to save up enough money because we are married (second marriage) he is entitled to half of my house even though he put nothing in to it Unfortunately it’s always the bad guys who can get the law on their side these days

  5. We can and have shared our views on this site many times. It is still up to the powers that be that this ridiculous manslaughter charge is returned to the guilty of murder! He should be locked away for the term of his natural life.

    • Glenda Marshall  

      I agree with you Molly that he should be locked away for the term of his natural life, but I would like to add that he should be locked away in solitary confinement for the term of his natural life. Let him sit there all alone until the day he dies.

    • Susan Williams  

      And life should mean life, personally I firmly believe that the death penalty should be re-introduced for scum such as Gerard Bayden Clay.

  6. Just lately, with all the extremely light sentences and successful right to appeal of criminals convicted of heinous crimes I am beginning to wonder just if, and how many, of the judiciary are actually being corrupted in some way. Just how much of the public purse is being spent on these low life scum?

    • Judy Potts That is my point exactly. The creature who raped and killed Jill Meagher is having, I think third, application for appeal. We are paying for that, as we are paying for Allison’s murderer. I will not write their names nor call them men. Real men do not act violently towards women, or anyone for that matter. To me the perpetrators of violence are “creatures”. Animals behave better.

  7. Not in the eyes of God, he knows the truth, and he will meet him one day, so stop lying, and think of your Dear Daughters. They have to live with losing, both parent, you need to think of them, and put your self last for once. How will they ever, be able to trust, men, they will need alot of love and support, so if you are quilty, face up to it , repent, and then let justice, take it, course, then you might get your Daughter, for giveness, for what happened, to there mother. God bless this family, and friends, may the peace of jesus, help you, and give you some joy, that the world is standing with you, while he is standing alone, to face himself,

  8. Absolutely he belongs in jail. You don’t up someone’s insurance then kill them accidentally

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