Julie Bishop bares her legs in bold outfit choice

She’s known as one of the most stylish women in politics and today, Julie Bishop has proved that she isn’t

She’s known as one of the most stylish women in politics and today, Julie Bishop has proved that she isn’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion.

Our Foreign Minister was meeting with her UK counterpart Boris Johnson in London where she stepped out in shorts and heels.

While the top half of her outfit looked like a traditional pant suit, Ms Bishop decided to take advantage of the English sun and paired her jacket with matching shorts and red heels.

It’s not a look that’s seen too often and it has certainly drummed up some conversation!

So is this a good look?

“Whoa. Do I love it, do I hate? I can’t decided!” said one commenter.

“Go Julie! It’s nice to see a politician mixing it up a little,” said a fan.

“I hate it,” said another.

For her part, Ms Bishop says that she loves fashion, but values commonsense over spending hours getting ready for the day or an event.

“I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the mornings,” Ms Bishop has said in the past.

“I give myself 30 minutes to shower, dress, do my hair, make-up, and go … it comes with experience.”

Whatever her philosophy, she certainly isn’t afraid to make a statement!

Do you like the look? Would you wear something similar?

  1. Bette Campbell  

    Go Julie, do what you feel comfortable in.I feel you always look stylish.


      well,she good nice legs!!!so its OK.

  2. Yvonne Vishnich  

    She has good legs for her age, but not shorts with a long sleeve jacket, looks like they ran out of material.

    • Yvonne P.  

      I agree, she has the nice legs, but looks so much better in a nice short skirt. The back on photo wasn’t very Yvonneflattering either. I don’t know why photographers do that, not necessary. I do like Julies style though.

    • AnneJ  

      She has nice legs, period. Not “for her age”. Why put the qualifier, it’s just not needed.

  3. Alec McCracken  

    Personally I think she would have looked much better in a skirt. She could still have taken advantage of the English sun.

  4. Jan Foley  

    If it was a skirt and not shorts it would look better.

  5. Yvonne  

    Good on her – people who criticise should check out their own appearance before they open their mouths!!!

    • janette  

      U have hit the nail right on the head !!!

  6. Gail Raad  

    Mmmm, I really can’t make up my mind …..she looks fantastic & I love the suit but not sure if it’s appropriate for the occasion .

  7. Julia Sears  

    Looks great also looks very windy making shorts look an even better idea

  8. Kerry Clark  

    Wonder if a short sleeve jacket and flat red shoes might have been a better look, or even knee length culottes (divided skirt).

  9. Steve  

    Would we comment the same way if it was a man? Just saying… She looks professional and that’s what counts.

    • lyne  

      My semtiments exactly JUlie Bishop always looks well groomed and stylishly dressed. If a man wore shorts would we criticized?

    • Beryl  

      If a male politician wore a suit coat, tie & shorts for an international meeting we would most certainly comment!

    • Judith  

      Yes I think we would, if a male politician had presented himself in shorts on such an occasion. While I think she looks fantastic and has the legs to carry it off, I agree with Gail Read – maybe not appropriate this time.

  10. Looks great on her – doing a good job. No more legs bared than a short skirt. Go Julie!

  11. Elizabeth Gardner  

    Wow she looks great both elegant and stylish she has good legs so she can show them off. Good on you Julie

    • Ivan Steers  

      Absolutely Elizabeth. Why not? With those legs and her looks. Go Julie. If youv’e got them, flaunt them, as the saying goes.

  12. Josephine B  

    Looks OK, but NOT for business of her category.

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