Julian Assange has found an ally in Australian politics

It might come as a surprise to some, but a member of parliament is petitioning to have the ‘political prisoner’

It might come as a surprise to some, but a member of parliament is petitioning to have the ‘political prisoner’ released.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is said to be pushing for Australian and American governments to work on Julian Assange’s immediate release.

Assange has called the Ecuadorian embassy in London ‘home’ for the last four years because he fears he will be extradited to Sweden and then the United States if he tries to leave.

In a statement on November 10, less than 24 hours after Donald Trump secured the presidency in the United States, Hanson says, “I hope that in light of his great service towards freedom and truth, president-elect Donald Trump will consider granting Mr Assange a full presidential pardon.”

According to David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump’s success could be attributed to the WikiLeaks founder.

He took to social media following Trump’s victory to thank Assange for releasing dozens of emails hacked from the Clinton campaign that proved damaging as she tried to pave a way towards the White House.

Duke went on to say that while Assange is not an American he is an “American hero” and he should be pardoned.

What are your thoughts on the situation involving Julian Assange? Would you support Assange being pardoned?

  1. Ann Day  

    the man should be sent back to Sweden to answer charges proffered against him. We have enough sex offenders in this country already.

    • Geoff McKenzie  

      Why,for speaking the truth and exposing the evil corruption at elite levels.He,s temporary saved the world,for allowing the public to hear the truth.The brainwashing,mostly lying public media people,should be put to hard labour for the rest of their lives,as is their wish for him(or maybe they plan assassination for Julian,as was the case with JFK,Gaddaffi and numerous others).Wake up,get over the brainwashing.As Julian has said,”If I,m lying,why are they trying so hard to silence me”.

  2. Pamela  

    Considering the number of women who accused Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual activities and the fact that it has been shown that Clinton paid them and with the threat of court action after the election, all have backed down – I wouldn’t be surprised if those in Sweden have done the same thing.

    They only came out of the woodwork after Julian started releasing incriminating evidence on Clinton – which helped her lose the election.

    Julian would have been added to Clinton’s death toll of 93 – and counting if he went back to USA previously.

  3. lurch  

    Sorry pauline but what ever happened to that old saying about “do the crime do the time” he tries to make out he is something like a modern day robin hood, steal documents from here and there, then give them to the masses regardless of whose lives he may put in danger. Ie, leaked names of agents operating undercover in various parts of the world.
    It is long past the time for him to be sent to Sweden to answer the charges.

  4. Geoff McKenzie  

    Never has been crime proven.More probable is the same as was for Trump,a trumped up charge.He has so far been exposing the evil that tries to control us,if you can,t see that,then you are one of the far gone brainwashed sheep.Brainwashed by the public media,that is owned,and controlled,by those that want to silence him,by any means possible.He should be given freedom,alongside of the highest award possible,for his outstanding efforts to expose those evil and corrupt control boys.As he says,”If I,m lying,why are they trying so hard to silence me”.

  5. maszki  

    Ann, if you bother going back into the history of this issue, Assange has NEVER been charged with anything. The international warrant is for questioning about allegations that were initiated by a police officer, not the 2 women; and which were dismissed by a senior Swedish prosecutor. He is a political prisoner.

  6. EmmyL  

    Bring him home. How anyone can think of him as anything other than a hero I have no idea. For f***’s sake. He’s exposing the crooks and to me that’s fighting for our freedom of speech and everything else that goes with our freedom.

  7. Karen Mitchell  

    The charges against Julian Assange in Sweden have been dropped. The media has conveniently chosen to not tell that bit of information. The UN have pronounced that he is a political prisoner.

  8. Joan Marshall  

    Julian Assange is a God send to expose all the filth on Hillary Clinton & her philandering husband. Julian I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here is a decent good human being to stop the rot in America and the world. As for Julian molesting women I would not doubt it is a set up to destroy Julian. Any one who blows the whistle on corruption is targeted for destruction or discredited. God save people like Julian. As an Australian citizen for the last 50 years I for one am very proud of you.

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