Journalist slammed for diva meltdown on TV

A video showing a Nine News reporter yelling at her colleague for daring to wear the same colour outfit as
The women went at it on camera.

A video showing a Nine News reporter yelling at her colleague for daring to wear the same colour outfit as her has gone viral after it was leaked online.

Presenter Amber Sherlock and sports reporter Julie Snook were appearing on a chat segment together with another guest and when Amber caught sight of Julie’s top and let rip.

“I need Julie to put a jacket on,” she said angrily. “I asked her before we came on… I told you two hours ago.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been flat out,” replied Julie, looking annoyed.

“I made this clear two-and-a-half-hours ago,” continued Amber.

“Amber, if it’s an issue, I can get on out of here,” said Julie.

“It is an issue,” Amber fired back. “Go and grab a jacket…I wasn’t saying it for no reason. The wardrobe girls will be furious downstairs.”

When Julie tried to point out her jacket was actually blue, Amber snapped, “It doesn’t look like it.”

The video then cuts out and goes black, but the audio is still running.

“Fine, jump on out if that’s what you’d like to do,” Amber can be heard saying. “Come on, wearing a jacket. I asked you two-and-a-half hours ago. It’s not the hardest request.”

When the video comes back on, Julie is wearing a black jacket and the women go live as if nothing has happened.

While Amber has since brushed off the incident and admitted she “overreacted” and said she and Julie have made up, viewers were not so forgiving.

Many have slammed the journo and even called for her resign and hand over her position to Julie.

“This is the most un-Australian thing I’ve ever seen. Get a grip Amber,” wrote one viewer.

“I know how she feels. I went barefoot at the beach once and everyone else did the same. So embarrassing,” one person wrote sarcastically.

However, others were on her side saying she handled it well.

What do you think?

Is this diva behaviour? Have you watched the women on the news before?

  1. Diandra  

    What a cow!

    • Wendy Wilkinson  

      Bloody ridiculous. Does she think we would notice the colours. No one would have even realized the colours they were wearing.

  2. Bez  

    She’s only a news reader who the hell does she think she is get her off too much of a bully and not a good example to our younger generation

  3. Johanna Jenkins  

    WOW… What a superficial b#tch! I’ve got a feeling it’s not about what she’s wearing but the fact she looks So much better and younger!!!

    • Bev Goodison  

      Get a life Amber, there are much more important things going on in the world…don’t be such a b##ch

  4. Nozycat  

    I don’t understand why she didn’t get a jacket if she didn’t want to be wearing the same colour. Pretty high and mighty to expect the other woman to change.

  5. Trish Daniel  

    will not be watching her again

  6. Wendy Watson  

    What a control freak with a totally “precious” attitude………unprofessional, bratty and inexcusabl to conduct that sort of behaviour in a public forum. Perhaops she needs to rethink her career opportunities!!!!!

  7. How rude, how many times did Amber say “I told you 2 and a half hours ago” . Maybe Amber should have put the jacket on if it was such a big deal. Channel 9 need to address how Amber speaks to her colleagues, I for one would not have taken that. Well done Julie, you remained calm and professional.

  8. Obviously Definately needs the Sack, as one commemt she is only a news reader and is she anygood at it

  9. Alexander Duncanson  

    She needs knocking down a peg or two. Second stringer.

  10. Maryann Penza  

    Bet she doesn’t even realise what a big bully she is ! So engrossed in herself. Why did she not grab a jacket and got on with things ??

  11. Trish Bolton  

    OMG what a bully, why couldn’t she get a jacket ? Another diva.

  12. Grant  

    Think her next assignment will be selling mattresses or paint rollers on TVSN…

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