John Howard weighs in on Turnbull’s “disappointing” performance

With many getting Election-weary as we enter another evening with no definitive answer as to who will lead our government

With many getting Election-weary as we enter another evening with no definitive answer as to who will lead our government for the next four years. It also leads for many to offer up their opinions as to what happened, what should happen, or in some cases what would happen if they were in charge.

Former Prime Minster John Howard has come out today to describe the election as “disappointing” but insists that it is not the end of the world for the coalition. Talking to reports in Canberra today Howard said: “This hasn’t been an outcome that we wanted, but it’s not the end of the world and people shouldn’t start slitting their throats, certainly not liberals”.

This statement comes at a time when there was a lot of speculation that many in the party would be taking aim at the current leader and Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull. Howard continued “They should remember the character of their party”.

With the reports of some back benchers and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, suggesting that Turnbull resigns it’s Attorney-General George Brandis that’s calling for solidarity. Brandis said, “Stability is always better than instability, discipline is always better than indiscipline, playing a team game is always better than self-indulgence”. “It is not helpful for anyone on the coalition side to be engaging in the kind of public criticism which might potentially weaken Mr Turnbull’s bargaining position” Brandis concluded.

While many thought the current government would fair better in this election, there are many that are surprised it wasn’t a clear victory for Labor. Turnbull even stated to the media today that he takes full responsibility for the performance of the party in the election. This lead one fellow cabinet minister to offer the small token of “But we have held onto the government, which it didn’t look like we would do 12 months ago”.

Do you agree that this isn’t the end for The Coalition? Do you believe that this is a sign that the people want a Labor government?

  1. Theresa  

    Yes.they’ve had a BIG shock, & hopefully will get their act together ASAP.
    Bet this is one the first times, that Turnbull’s wealth hasn’t helped him one iota.
    I really don’t see him staying in the position, if confirmed, very long.
    His character leaves much to be desired. Trust is the big problem I’ve with him.

    Tony Abbott is a good man. They should not have ousted him at all, & the direction the voting has taken, proves it, IMHO.

    A definite NO!
    This Country’s suffered way too much financial lack in every which-way, with labor in the last 9 years’.

    Hey George, there’s no such word as ‘indiscipline’. The words are ‘non-discipline’.
    Where’d YOU learn English?

    • Veronica Davies  

      or undisciplined and what about ‘fare = progress” for fair. Will have to read it again to find some more haha. On the topic, I remember thinking that Johnny Howard was so ineffective when he first came to power. What a strong leader and such statesman he turned out to be.

  2. Di  

    How can anyone make an informed decision when we are bombarded with lies like Shorten put out, especially in the electorates that he chose?
    Let us have another election, with truth, not lies.
    One to throw into the mix…why can’t we vote for who we want as either the Prime Minister and Premier of our state/territory, without all the preferences garble?
    If I choose, say, Robin Hood as my choice, why should his preference go to say, Friar Tuck?
    I chose Robin Hood, not Friar Tuck.
    While our system is so garbled, how can anyone make an informed decision?

    • John Powell  

      Great call Di you hit the nail on the head with your comment, I would say most Aussies would wholeheartedly agree with you on that point…

    • Richard Long  

      I totally agree.

      • Does there will be no cuts to health, schools , pensions etc ring any bells, the changes to medicare are affecting those who just can not afford to put there hand in there pocket.As a liberal voter its hard to justify lies.

  3. Malcolm Turnbull is intent on blaming Shorten over Medicare, that is not the full extent of people’s discontent in both parties. We don’t need Mr Turnbull telling us that making the rich richer will give us employment. We do not need Mr Abbotts left overs within the health sector telling us we are not ill. The damage was done by Abbott & Hockey and never amended by Turnbull, he has shown us that if the Labor Party can keep changing the position of PM they can too. The public does not want or need instability, we want to give our kids a fare go. And I think it’s time John Howard gave the game away, he was beaten many years ago, time to let it go John no-one cares.

  4. Josh Holland  

    Blame Malcolm Turnbull? For SAVING a coalition government, sure the Liberals should thank him for that. The public was ropeable after Abbot betrayed the Australian public by attempting to privatize universities, cut funds to the ABC and entertain building the submarine fleet overseas. The public views Turnbull as FAR more trustworthy than both Abbot and Shorten, because in the past he has expressed a far more centrist moderate agenda. Its unfortunate that he has to appease the destructive special interests and ideologues of the Liberal party.

    The special interests that have infiltrated the Liberal party is what is hurting it the most. This includes the Christian conservatives that make a laughing stock of the Liberals as an out of touch and archaic cult, the finance sector and coal industries that are so destructive and having a disastrous effect on small business, the economy as a whole and the environment. Tony Abbot represents these special interests. The only reason he was elected at all was because voters were tired of Labour’s insanity.

  5. Diane  

    It would not be surprising if recent retirees were so upset about the retrospectivw changes to the amounts that you could put away into super per annum hadn’t been put up for change. $180,000 p.a. reduced to $5,000. Are you kidding? And Morrison had the nerve to say to Lee Sales on Sat TV that it wasn’t an issue to most people! He’s not in the real world. How can we retirees of 40-60 yrs full time work plan for retirement when suddeb retrospective changes are made. You have deceived us. Di

  6. Kutica  

    The standard of grammar and spelling in stories on this site leaves much to be desired. One that really irritates here is the use of fair when fare is meant. Onto is two words – on and to. And please try to use just one tense in a sentence. I could go on and on.

    • Irene  

      But does it really matter – people are having their say and that is what is important!!

    • They probably do mean fair, fare is what you pay on a bus or train and onto is as correct as on to. Read a dictionary

    • Aileen  

      Pull your head in, everyone has varied education levels therefore your nit picking isn’t relevant.

  7. J  

    I am so surprised that people can be so gullible to listen to Shorten’s lies. The Labor party do nothing but spend money we do not have to spend. People are fed up so they vote minor parties which you never know which way preferences go. About time we got rid of that old fashioned idea and be able for whoever you vote for and only that vote counts for who you vote for. Then whoever gets voted in gets the mandate. Or at least tell everyone where preferences would go BEFORE you vote. Even candidates have no idea

  8. Like ‘J’ I am amazed at the voters’ gullibility. And WHY do we continue to listen to has-been Howard? Between Howard and Abbott snarling at Turnbull’s heels, it’s no wonder he watered down his proposals. Muzzle Howard. STOP interviewing the old fart. That was then. This is now. And as for Abbott who has always stirred, right back in the infancy of his political ‘career’…He works best by deviously undermining others. I for one am concerned that Shorten might hold the purse-strings. Lucky Country be damned. It was. Now it’s time to pay the piper.

  9. Polititions are elected to represen t all the people not just those who voted for them. Until they get thier act together we will always have turmoil.

  10. Yes we want a labor government, too much instability with coalition and a dead certainty they will be back attacking medicare if they get back in. They need to drop the coalition and become one party and get some new blood that will listen to the people. For the last 3 years they have been warned to leave medicare alone but no they just kept coming up with different plans to attack it.

  11. Russell Boucher  

    John Howard change’s his opinion like he think’s nothing of it remember he was kicked out of parliament what he say’s should be irrelevant talk to Costello than we will get an honest opinion, Howard swore by Tony Abbott who won an election on his own right so Howard is two faced, Then Howard joined the party to throw Abbott out and put a puppet in his place that had been dismissed by the party earlier in his political career that was a dud fell over on climate change and so on, He is on the nose, Howard is an EGOTIST who looks worried about what they did, and all involved should hang their head’s for the deceitful way they treated the voter’s of Australia Turnbull won’t go the distance he is to weak led by the nose by the left and his ALP back ground the people wont stand for that

  12. Joan Marshall  

    A Labor Government God I hope NOT. Every time the Labor Party come in they leave such a general mess the Liberal Party has to clean up. Mr. Shorten is such a liar. God help us if he ever became Prime Minister!! The Labor Party will train people for jobs with no jobs to offer the trained people because there is little or no encouragement for Business. The training is paid for with the Tax Payers money. What is the Labor party talking about? when they promise the earth moon and stars if they cannot fulfill those promises.

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