Joe Hockey’s latest expense claim leaves taxpayers fuming

When he was treasurer Joe Hockey famously declared the age of entitlement “over”. Now he’s the Australian ambassador to the

When he was treasurer Joe Hockey famously declared the age of entitlement “over”.

Now he’s the Australian ambassador to the US and documents revealed by Fairfax show just how much taxpayers money he’s spending.

So, what’s he charging Australian taxpayers?

Well, the documents show both Hockey and his predecessor Kim Beazley charged taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for food, flowers, musicians, dry cleaning and piano tuning.

Earlier this year it was reported the Hockey and his wife Melissa Babbage used $46,000 of taxpayers money to hire a housekeeper to cook, clean, wash and iron for them.

Taxpayers also bore the $8500 cost of converting a storage area in the ambassador’s mansion to a bedroom.

But the latest documents show another household cost.

That’s right, Australian taxpayers have also been covering the cost of babysitters for Hockey’s children.

In his first five months in the job (up to June this year) Hockey charged $2500 in child minding costs to taxpayers.

It turns out the expenses were listed initially as “babysitting”, but were changed and listed as “additional staff” in April.

That’s despite Hockey earning an estimated $360,000 per year as ambassador while claiming a $90,000 per year pension.

So, how do Hockey’s costs stack up to his predecessor Kim Beazley?

Well, the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that entertainment costs under Beazley in 2014/15 were $86,000 compared to the last financial year of Beazley and then Hockey which was $121,000.

Among Beazley’s expenses was a $3400 bottle of Penfolds Grange, hundreds of dollars on books to give as a gifts and thousands of dollars on lunches and dinners with politicians.

That included a $420 lunch with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and a $300 light lunch with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Hockey’s expenses on the other hand reportedly don’t list specific guests.

What do you think? Is it fair for Joe Hockey to be charging babysitting costs to taxpayers?


  1. Jennifer Taylor  

    No more! Get paid while on the job paid extremely well. No more pensions they have enough capacity to pay for their livestyle. Stop parliamentary pensions now for all.

    • I agree. Why should they have two sources of income. Their wages and pensions are beyond a joke.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I totally agree, have been saying this for a long time. These bludgers only go into politics to help themselves and their mates not for working for country. They could not care about us, they are all in it for money. The PM’s use to work for the good of the country. Not anymore.

      The politicians will not even look at these as they would lose everything. IF THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT IS OVER FOR EVERYONE ELSE EXCEPT THEM, then the people need to vote. They give themselves pay rises and we on the pension get $3.30 per fortnight.

  2. thomas griffiths  

    Yes he is the man who said do not do what I do what I say. How dare you think that as Tax payers you have any rights to make me humble. Remember this is the same person who used his living away allowance of approx $ 200 @ night to pay his wife in Canberra house she owned. He is a pig in the tax payers trough eating away the budget where is the treasure Mr Morrison .

    • Emily Hardy  

      I so agree.Hes a disgrace of a man! He lies,and in reality he is a thief. He makes it ‘legal'( to suit him,) so he’s able to pay out money to himself. How is he allowed? I can remember when he was made treasurer. What a pirate! Should be ‘sacked’ along with ‘his friend” Two pigs in the trough.!

  3. F Carey  

    What a greedy money hungry pair are Mr & Mrs Hockey,you are responsible for your children , the taxpayer is NOT

    • Irene Friendd  

      If you earn $360k. No pension. It is disgusting the amount of money politicians get and all the extras they gouge from the public purse. They should come and live in my world.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes so true, WHY can they claim for this??? He does not live in the country and is earning a huge wage already.
      Must stop all of these perks for all Politians.

  4. S Le Lievre  

    It’s very obvious that politicians entitlements need urgent review. Childminding??? Really??? Gifts for friends??? What an absolute smack in the face for Australian taxpayers. We probably don’t know half of it, but the blatant sense of misplaced entitlement to our hard earned cash is verging on the criminal. Morally even, they should hang their heads in shame.

  5. Val Alexander  

    How in the hell can he sleep at night? A wage, his exorbitant pension, a multi millionaire wife in her own right, and he has the bloody nerve to charge the Australian tax payers for his expenses. Any wonder he was such a rotten Treasurer. Age of Entitlement is over for everyone but Politicians and ex Politicians. Angry, Angry.

  6. Les Philip  

    The “Age Of Entitlement” is obviously still on ,,, (for the few, anyway). What does he do for us by the way ???

  7. Judith  

    They get a good wage whilst working so should be paying into their super, NO entitlements at all, NO pensions apart from what we all get.
    Understand they do have expenses but have to be regulated and NO gifts.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes, Yes, I agree totally.

  8. Robert Cripps  

    I can hear Joe’s words now “its the end of the years of entitlement”. The poor bugger would need the extra dollars to repay the lost, ill advised lawsuit he took for defamation against one of the large newspapers.

  9. ken goodman  

    Like they need more than they already have. Greedy bastards.Get used to it they are just laughing at us mere mortals

  10. Trish  

    This is pure corruption. How. On earth can they get away with this? And they want to cut our old age pensioners payments and make us all work to 70 . Get a grip Australia our government are a bunch of criminals.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Definitely they are Criminals. They get away with it, as the people of Australia usually don’t hear about this.
      IF THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT IS OVER then they should abide by that law also.
      Pensioners only got $3.30 p/f increase that is a laugh. Pensioners should get all the perks the pollies spend in their pensions. Then pensioners would not be living below the poverty line.

  11. Deb Lancaster  

    Typical and they want to cut the aged pension and parental leave for mother,s. Two rules one for them and another for the rest of us.

  12. Lennys taylor  

    $46.000 for a cook etc!.GIVE ME STRENGTH.Tax payers money-beyond a JOKE! . Grrr

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