Joe Hockey sends a stern warning to Trump

Joe Hockey has given a speech in the US and dished out some advice to the president.
The US Ambassador is stepping up his game.

He’s in the United States working as our point man and while he’s stayed mostly neutral until now, Joe Hockey has used a strongly worded speech to warn President Donald Trump to reign it in.

Speaking at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on Wednesday, Hockey raised the ‘America First’ rhetoric Trump has been promoting and said the president is walking a fine line.

“When America says ‘America First’, as someone with nearly 20 years in politics, I get that . . . but what the rest of the world is hearing is that they’re coming second and they’re the losers and America is the winner,” he said.

“America is the biggest military power in the world; it is the biggest economy in the world; its culture is more pervasive and powerful than any other culture in the world, even arguably the English culture, which is pretty remarkable.

“So when you say ‘America comes first, everyone else comes after that’, I get that for domestic reasons . . . as long as you’re mindful that a lot of American companies trade outside the United States [and] the reason it is the richest nation on Earth is because it exports so much.”

He finished by saying the US needs to watch its attitude on the world stage and play nice.

“If people overseas start looking for alternatives to the United States, that will have a horrible impact on the US,” he said.

“When you’re the biggest player in town you need to recognise you need to leave something on the table for the other party.”

How do you think Donald Trump will react to this? Are you glad Joe Hockey is taking a stand? Or could this backfire?

  1. Carol Carrigan  

    Well done Joe!

    • I like the new Prez. But the rhetoric does sound a little like their pre WW2 isolationist policies.
      Play nice boys.

    • Wick  

      I’m staggered, I thought Trump would be his man and he’d be eating out of his pocket., Joe must be plugging for a return home and a warm reception!

  2. Fran  

    More politicians internationally need to speak out .Good on you Jo

  3. john taylor  

    Well said, about time the world rejects Trumps Rage.He will be a big problem for the next four years if he last the distance ?????.

  4. Well done Joe for such good insight and good, sound common sense. Just hope Trump listens before he completely alienates the rest of the world.

  5. Ian  

    Joe hockey When you sit over there getting your pension and picking up a wage to me you have no credibility anyway. Your one of the people who think your entitled

    • Glen  

      I whole heartedly agree with you Ian.. he is buying a house in Canberra with taxpayer monies and they are in his wifes name and that house was supposed to be for his accommodation when he had to be in Canberra but it is currently rented to another polly and he is in Washington so why does he and the other 64 politicians doing the same not sell these and put the funds back in the taxpayer pot.. .so this is one reason he should not be preaching to Donald Trump or anyone else.. he is another underhanded fruedster sitting on large pension and salary etc doing sweet dammed all .

  6. Wayne Watkins  

    Trump will just say Joe is a liar . He is nothing but a narcistic person and thinks he is the King of the World and he can do no wrong , so everyone else is just a peasant and he brushes them aside . I cannot believe he fooled over half of the US voters to vote for him and honestly fear for the future of America & the rest of the world .

  7. Pampam  

    Hockey with his usual smug expression has missed the point altogether.
    The slogan is ” Make America Great Again” ….not ” the Greatest”!
    Lefty snowflakes have done a number on you Joe.
    I think Trump understands the business world a tad better than you…weasel!

    • Jan  

      Maybe he understands the business world but as far a being the leader of a country? Forget it!! I fear for America and our world under his leadership. Those who voted for him have been fooled

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