Joe Hockey just became one of the most important men in politics again

Joe Hockey has been enjoying his ‘farewell tour’ of politics in New York as part of his role as Australian
Joe Hockey has a tough road ahead of him.

Joe Hockey has been enjoying his ‘farewell tour’ of politics in New York as part of his role as Australian ambassador to the US, but with the arrival of Donald Trump things are about to get serious.

Two of his predecessors, Kim Beazley and Bob Carr, have warned that Mr Hockey will need to work harder than any other ambassador to try to build a relationship with Team Trump and keep the TPP deal alive.

While ambassador are usually perceived as cushy roles it looks like Mr Hockey is in for the hard slog as our relationship with America and the future of our economy depend on it.

Over the next few months, Mr Hockey will need to try convince president-elect Trump to do a backflip on his promise to put a 45 per cent tariff on Chinese imports and drain military support for Japan and Korea.

“Hockey has to talk him out of delivering on that,” Mr Carr said, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Trump’s promise is a con, it’s a Barnum & Bailey circus trick because the old jobs he has promised workers cannot be conjured back.

“A trade war between the US and China would be alarmingly damaging to Australia. Trump could likely be talked out of the 45 per cent tax on Chinese imports but he could be persuaded to implement some more modest anti-trade measures. Taking down the Chinese economy would be an act of pure lunacy.”

Mr Hockey has plenty of experience as a negotiator thanks to his time as federal treasurer, but his budgets were largely perceived as harsh causing some distrust from the public.

With Mr Trump’s tendency to come out guns blazing, some are wondering how Mr Hockey will handle the challenge.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she’s already spoken to Hockey and told him to make the TPP a priority.

“We have deep connections with the Republican side of politics and we will certainly be using those networks and connections,” she said.

How do you think Joe Hockey will handle his role now? Do you think he’s the man for the job?

  1. rikda  

    1. By all accounts the TPP is a disaster that gives Corporations powers over our sovereignty.
    2. the last thing we want is republican economics
    3. Joe couldn’t put a budget together so I’m sure that will stand him in good stead with a quadriple bankrupt.
    The upside is that Don the Con will be an asset Joe can use by getting a deal on a NY apartment that he can pay off with his stationary allowance.
    Hockey is king of the leaners

  2. dave  

    I’m sure Hockey can help with their automotive manufacturing industry – he did wonders in Australia sorting it out for us.
    I’m happy for that leech to stay in the US for eternity.

  3. Can we get over the whole negativity thing with Donald Trump and the world is going down the gurgler because MR Trump got elected NOT wake up the place was on the nose under Obama and this whole Global equality thing is as ridiculous as John Howard sounded trying to tell every one this is the way to go what a load of croc the whole of the western economies should go broke shut down all Manufacturing Put men and women out of work all for the rise of China and Asia well we did all that to our detriment, I can tell you they will not take their foot off the back of your neck when your down, In Australia they are buying the place at rock bottom prices.America like Australia let the Importers get richer importing Cheap stuff rubbish that last a Few months and you buy again good economics keeps the money trickling in, While in the west the working class got no manufacturing no jobs no housing no health benefits no wonder people are sick of it and want change,Joe Hockey well had better get a few lessons co operation negotiation how to save on spending so far he has not inspired to many people, If Joe can pick up a few tips on how to Kick start our economy while there that May help May be

  4. Glenys Dreyer  

    Good, it’s about time he earns the money he gets in addition to his parliamentary pension. Perhaps that should reverse to a performance paid basis

  5. Rob Ozanne  

    Has the TPP been dropped or not ?

  6. David  

    A number of points:
    1. I am still trying to work out what Russell Boucher actually said.
    2. Hockey put together a budget we needed, but many couldn’t accept. Time is already telling that he was on the right path. Of course, the Turnbull Govt and the Shorten opposition will not acknowledge it, and the media won’t report it.
    3. I am fairly sure that the bluff and bluster of Trump will actually clear to reveal a more sensible, business man Trump. It won’t be the same as we’re used to, but it might just work.

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