Jimmy Barnes received ‘death threats’ after standing up to Reclaim Australia

You might remember last year when Jimmy Barnes told Reclaim Australia to stop using his songs in their rallies. Well,

You might remember last year when Jimmy Barnes told Reclaim Australia to stop using his songs in their rallies.

Well, last night on Q&A he revealed the aftermath of his request, claiming Reclaim Australia supporters sent him death threats.

But they didn’t stop there, according to Jimmy Barnes they also threatened his children.

You might be wondering how the whole issue started?

Barnes told the Q&A audience last night that he heard Khe Sanh and Working Class Man being played at Reclaim Australia rallies while he was watching the news in July last year.

“The thing that really annoyed me was they all were draped in the Australian flag, and they didn’t represent me. It didn’t represent my views, it didn’t represent the Australia I know,” he said.

“I just said ‘please don’t use my songs’. Say what you like, but don’t use my songs. And you should’ve seen the mail I got. The comments I got on Facebook and Twitter were absolutely horrific. People threatening my children, you know.

“It was like, because I didn’t want to have my songs associated with hate speech, they said I was supporting radical Islam and I should be killed. Ridiculous.”

The Aussie rocker went further on the show, calling out Pauline Hanson for “fanning the flames of extremism”.

“There’s problems that really should be addressed. Her fanning the flames of extremism is not good,” he said.

“I think she’s just, it’s just, ugly hate speech.”

If you missed the Q&A program last night, you missed the reaction from Jimmy Barnes’ fellow panellists.

Magda Szubanksi spoke about her experiences, including her parents who hid Jews being persecuted by Nazis in the Second World War.

She also spoke about being abused online after having coffee with a Muslim woman in Melbourne.

“I know from my background where that sort of hate speech can lead to. I’m never going to attack Pauline Hanson, but I will oppose her views,” she said.

“I’m not going to be divided by fear from other people. It’s not that I don’t feel fear, but what I learned from my father, is you have to be more intelligent than your fear.”

So what do Reclaim Australia have to say for themselves?

Well, a post on the group’s Facebook page challenged Jimmy Barnes to produce the death threats.

“I’m pretty sure with your high profile, wealth, fame and your contacts the police would have no dramas tracking these people down who have threatened you,” the post stated.

“Or could it be that you’re a left wing bigot playing the victim card with absolutely no idea about what Islam teaches?

“Why don’t you go and take another selfy outside another terrorist attack and then tell us our views on Islam don’t represent Australia coz opinion polls tell a much different story!”

What do you think? Did the death threats take things a step too far? Was Jimmy Barnes right for asking the group not to use his songs?

  1. Bruce Taylor  

    I think Jimmy Barnes did the right thing. No real Australian would have anything to do with the Reclaim Australia idiots. As far as I am concerned they should be jailed for inciting a riot.
    My father fought for this country right through WW2 and he always said to me that Australia is one of the most racist countries in the world. You only have to see the way that these poor excuses for human beings carry on to know he was right.

  2. Julie Brown  

    Absolutely Barnsey did the right thing. The songs belong to him, or the band as a whole. Reclaim Australia is not far from the KKK.

  3. Dave Pritchard  

    The “funny” thing about these clowns (btw I reckon clowns are scary!) is they don’t actually realise that they are as extreme as the minority (albeit quite a chunky minority) of religious extremists out there ! Just a breain deadl just as incapable of clear thinking, logic etc, We need divisiveness like we “need ” fracking – neither are good for our long=term health

  4. Robert Titterton  

    Born in 1950 I have witnessed various ethnic groups migrate to australia with excellent results for the country as a whole . I live in blacktown which had at last count 157 different nationalities reepresented & all consiider themselves aussies & are proud to be so . As this contry allows free speech will always have differing view points expressed . I applaud jimmy for his stance & suggest the knockerrs listen to the lyrics of his songs rather than trying to enforce thier twited interpretation.

  5. Tanner  

    Singers and actors should stick to what they do well and KEEP OUT OF POLITICS!!

  6. Des Friend  

    Well the Reclaim Australia organization should have sought permission first to use any songs, especially in those sorts of demonstrations. Most people who threaten and bully people on social media are gutless, faceless people who just want to fire shots and hide ‘behind their computer’.
    I like what Pauline Hansen is fighting for and she is the first to say she likes nice muslim people who are normal people, she is however opposed to the radical nutters who hide in amongst the good muslims.

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