Jamie Oliver’s wife cops major criticism over photo of their baby

You’d think sharing a sweet photo of your wife and little baby boy would bring nothing but positive comments, but
Jools Oliver received backlash over a picture of her and her son. Image: Instagram

You’d think sharing a sweet photo of your wife and little baby boy would bring nothing but positive comments, but Jamie Oliver received a nasty shock when some fans started raining down criticism over the snap.

Jamie put the photo on his Instagram page for Jools’ birthday with the message: “Happy birthday Mrs Oliver. Love you and of course the dude that is baby River”.

The photo showed a smiling Jools carry baby Rocket in a carrier.

Apparently, many parents took issue with the front-facing carrier and accused the mum-of-five of endangering her little boy.

“No, the baby should never look forward,” one concerned user wrote.

“Happy birthday. But please never use that carrier again,” another added. “It’s not ergonomic for the child and can cause hip dysplasia. Use a carrier that support from knee to knee.”

“Please do your research or ask your physio; narrow-based carriers are not only dangerous but also uncomfortable for baby,” another added.

“River doesn’t look particularly cosy in that pic, they should never front face. Also hip dysplasia can be undiagnosed in 15% of babies.”

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So do they have a point, or is this just a PC generation picking on every little thing they can?

For a lot of baby boomers raising their own kids back in the day it was all about whatever makes you and your baby comfortable. Most parents will tell you the way you carry your baby depends a lot on their personality.

Some babies seem to like facing outwards so they can see the world around them, while others prefer being closer and cuddling into mum or dad.

No doubt both Jamie and Jools appreciated the support from some fans though, who told the critics to get a life.

“For all the negative people if you look properly baby river is in a harness which is attached to his very capable mummy get a life and stop hating!!” said one supporter.

Do you think these people need to get a grip, or do they have a point? How did you carry your baby?

  1. Lynne Young  

    I cannot believe people would take issue with Jools carrying the baby that way…..she is well experienced with babies, the baby is quite comfortable & secure and happy……………. Go get a life…….

    • maybe she is, but it is still the wrong way to carry a baby. If she bothered to ask they would tell her that in the shop she bought it from. Sure the baby likes to see where it is going, but it is not good for the baby’s hips.

    • Can’t believe people @ all– that’s all most want to do is to pick, I personally wouldn’t worry if this is her 5 th child..

    • Lynne  

      The people who are criticising definitely need to get a life and mind their own business It is wonderful to see mum and bub out and about and looking happy. Great photo

  2. However did we manage before all these “Armchair Experts” appeared ? I carried my kids any which way, depending on what was comfortable/convenient for us at the time. They both grew up to be fit, healthy adults. In fact, one is a professional athlete and the other is employed in a job that requires a high level of physical fitness. Some people just need to get a life.

    • Alan Murphy  

      Too many idle, self opinionated people sitting around with nothing to do than to pick fault even when there’s no fault

    • Glenys Howard  

      So true, Dorne…….My kids survived the plastic car seat that hooked over the back of the seat…

  3. Elizabeth  

    She may have done this way for picture only.

    • Helen Burfield-Mills  

      My thought too. It makes sense! A lot of busy bodies on this post!

  4. Bev Holdsworth  

    How many of us “Old Folk” carried our babies on our hips? For goodness sake people get a life. Thousands of generations of children have grown up healthy and happy, despite how they were carried. I can’t believe so many people have so little to do with their time than to criticise Jools.

  5. Sue Butler  

    People need to take care of their own business and let others take care of their own. You have nothing better to do than tell someone else what they are “doing wrong”. Get your own life and leave others alone.

  6. Jack Dice  

    If these knockers care to look ,a lot of Native people and Chinese carry the baby on their backs facing forward .So what’s their problem ,too muck time on there hands Go do some good in the world instead of nit picking others

    • Jennifer Godfrey  

      I know some Africans do this as well.

  7. Raewyn  

    People need to get a grip. The baby looks comfortable and happy. As a mother of four grownup kids I have to say they are all very well adjusted and in those days there were no harnesses and we had to carry them any way we could usually juggling other kids, groceries, bags etc. you are doing a fantastic job Jools. Keep it up. It’s also nice that the baby can see where it’s going. There are some very strange parenting ideas out there now.

    • Pamela rika  

      Leave her alone, you do gooders. I.m a grandmother and mother of 3 children carried them all around on my HIP also managed to hang washing on a clothes line at the same time..how many if you can do that or will try try. You,re fine joules and enjoy your baby. …

  8. Barry Lucas  

    Tell them to get a life for goodness sake. Jools you are

  9. Disey  

    To all the naysayers, mind you own business – sheesh !

  10. Jeanette  

    Hi five Jools for holding your baby, watching where you are going and not a single sign of a mobile phone. Congrats! You’re doing a top job. Oh yes, Happy Birthday girlfriend. 🙂

    • Trish Bolton  

      Totally agree. Time you all got on with your own lives.

  11. Anthea  

    All the nasty comments’ are probably coming from jealous people.
    And THAT stems from money. Jamie & Jools’ aren’t exactly ‘short of a quid’!

    Jools’ has FIVE children, therefore I’d call her well-qualified to know how to be comfortable with her latest baby being carried.

    Personally, I always had my bubs’ facing me, both in carry-harness, & pram.
    That way, they can see Mum’s face, which is familiar to them, keeps them content, & gives them an inate feeling of ‘safety’. They can watch her mouth as she talks to them, & her facial expressions’. It’s all part of a baby/child ‘learning curve’!

    It also means they’re not going to be ‘startled’ by people, or items’ ‘looming’ towards them!

    Leave the Oliver’s alone, & MYOB!

  12. Noelene Atkins  

    Oh for goodness sake!You can trip over backwards, forwards sideways anyways carrying a baby.
    Get a grip people, the baby looks fine!

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