Jamie Oliver’s new son’s name revealed!

Earlier this month, Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools had welcomed the latest addition to their family — a little baby

Earlier this month, Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools had welcomed the latest addition to their family — a little baby boy.

It looks like the writing’s on the wall with his new name, literally, with Jools posting a photo on Instagram of a gorgeous artwork in the baby’s nursery apparently revealing the new moniker.

🚀 💙

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Fans were quick to post their messages of support to the gorgeous family on their choice.

“Such a gorgeous name, and big congrats! How exciting, your print is beautiful xx,” one wrote.

“Lovely name and wonderful choice of announcement,” another gushed.

The Oliver family have always used social media to give fans a glimpse into their lives. Over the weekend, Jamie had posted an adorable image of mother and baby taking a nap peacefully.

Mum & baby…..zzzzz

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The proud father can’t stop showing off his little man…

Hanging out with my boy in the veg patch!! As you do … big love guys, happy Thursday jamie o xx X xx

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And can’t get over how small and adorable he is.

He’s very proud of Jools too, as he showed when he took over her account to post this sweet post about her.

Jamie and Jools have a history of choosing unusual names for their kids, with four other children named Poppy Honey Rose, Daisy Boo Pamela, Buddy Bear Maurice and Petal Blossom Rainbow.

The siblings have been getting in on the action too taking on babysitting duties, and sister Petal helping with every nappy change according to Jools.

By my side on every nappy change! 💕 xxx

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While Jools didn’t outright confirm the news, the artist behind the artwork who confirmed it for everyone by posting the following image:

What do you think of the baby’s name?

  1. desleigh clarke  

    Wonderful family, fantastic people, great chef, beautiful kids, all TERRIBLE names. If my parents had called me any of those I would change it by deed poll.

  2. Jan Foley  

    Giving your kids names like these leaves them wide open for bullying at school. Why would you put your kids at risk naming them such ridiculous names? Anyway, I love Jamie Oliver and I wish him and his wife Jools all the very best with their crazily named brood.

  3. christine  

    Lovely family but feel sorry for the children with names like they have

  4. robyn pearson  

    love the name guys well done

  5. I admire Jamie Oliver very much but feel sorry for the kids with those names. Such a disservice to give kids unusual names. Usually in school it is the ones with the corny names who stand out as being difficult in one way or another.

  6. Flane  

    I was not a difficult child nor a bad student. I think my mum was super adventuress when she named me nearly 70 years ago. No middle name and never been given a nickname. Only one problem many people can’t believe that the spelling is as simple as it is, and try to change it to something they think. My name is Flane 😜

  7. Marion  

    Neither of the parents’ have done the ‘back door test’ with any of their kids’ names’.
    Or is it only done here in Oz?

    I just think that trendy first &/or second names, will sound stupid, as they get older.
    But when Dad’s a multi-millionaire, nobody’s going to be game enough to fight them in the schoolyard!

  8. Albert George Peter Anthony  

    Due to the lack of a ‘comma’ after the word ‘big’, I thought the baby’s name was ‘Dream Big River’.
    Even for the Olivers’, that would seem to be beyond the pale!
    Or were they ‘hippies’, in another life?
    It’ll be ‘interesting’ to hear little River’s other two names when they decide!
    Maybe ‘Flowing East’?

    The other kids’ names are weird enough, poor tykes’!
    But, as is usual in the rarified wealthy atmosphere, in which they now circulate, their ‘pots of dough’, pardon the pun, will protect their ‘sprogs’ from any ‘name calling’!

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