Jacqui Lambie’s Australia Day fail

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie recorded a special message for the good people of Australia yesterday, getting all dressed up for

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie recorded a special message for the good people of Australia yesterday, getting all dressed up for the occasion.

Unfortunately, Ms Lambie’s gesture fell flat when she declared that she would read Australia’s “oath of allegiance”.

Ms Lambie said, “”From this time forward under God, I will pledge my loyalty to Australia and its peoples, whose democratic beliefs I share and whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.”

Facebook commenters were quick to point out that Australia doesn’t have an “oath of allegiance” and that the “pledge of allegiance” is an American tradition.

However, Australian politicians do have an oath, which they read out before taking their seats in parliament. It goes like this, as reported by Fairfax media:

“I, (insert name here), do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law. So help me God!”

The words Ms Lambie recited are, in fact, the Australian Citizenship Pledge, which all new citizens must recite on the day they join the flock.

Ms Lambie continued with her Australia Day message by saying, “Remember, if you don’t like our democratic rights, liberties and laws, equality for all – including women, gay and indigenous people – there are plenty of other countries to choose from.”

“Keep safe and have a happy Australia Day.”


Is Jacqui Lambie’s mix-up a forgivable mistake, or would you expect more from a politician?

  1. Jacqui Lambie, you really no how to stir the pot, your ridiculous comment was not necessary it only inflames the haters in our society. Shame on you!

    • Janet Therese Hoare thanks for the Spelling lesson, and by the way I do agree with her at times however we don’t need to provoke the haters they do enough on their own! AND BY THE WAY IT WAS A TYPO which auto correct so very helpfully changed without me picking it up, but we can all count on people like yourself to do that for us!

    • Trish Daley – turn off auto-correct and/or auto-complete. Make your own mistakes – as I do πŸ™‚

    • Robert Hind actually Robert it was off, however at times when Apple update the settings return to the way Apple set them up and you need to manually change them again.

    • Trish Daley I have the same problem with some things in Windows 10. Really annoys me.

    • Cheryl Holt it also happens with the iPad and my Mac Book from time to time, it’s really annoying.

    • Oh but it’s OK. For others to stir the pot with Invasion Day , etc. that is racist . She is just pointing out the obvious .

  2. She looks like a Hoochie Coochie girl in that dress, looks she will be starting her strip tease act any minute. Her message does not bother me but those who are racists and bigots are going to be on the attack.. grab your popcorn and watch the show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Unfortunately for Jacqui she has fallen for the same Americanisation of our culture as the rest of, particularly, the Facebook world where this so called oath of allegiance circulates – not that I am a great fan of hers. Just goes to show how much people actually (dont) know about our own natural culture and history.

  4. We should perhaps just giggle,but not take it too serious, we know she is a bit dlppy.😳

  5. Maszki  

    Say it as it comes. Political correctness is the death knell of Australia
    She is right
    If you come to Australia for a better life..then leave the negatives of your previous existence behind
    Add to our culture..do not attempt to replace it with the culture that you profess to leave behind..
    You are an invading force that wants to impose the culture you profess to escape onto the country that accepts you

  6. Oh dear that costume I couldn’t work out if she was going for dancing with the stars or she was going for a swim to start swimming to Australia. Such ignorance and she’s a politician says a lot to me

  7. The nasties are going to be after her today, hang onto your feather Jacqui, it will be a bumpy ride

  8. I find it difficult to listen to her, but I believe if she has political advisors, they are not really worth any money she may pay them. Poor woman is a bit of a loose cannon on her own.

  9. I live in Tassie and while I see what you are saying, I don’t think Jacqui meant to say anything to upset Australians. Most politicians have writers of speeches for them. I don’t know if Jacqui does but I do know that in any job we learn and move on. Pledging allegiance to this country is not a bad thing. She is not a woman who has taken lessons in political science etc. She is not from a wealthy well educated family, but she is hard working. She loves her country and her state. She tries very hard and we are all so quick to judge. As for her outfit. It was Australia Day. Millions of Aussies around the country were dressed in ridiculous outfits for this day. She was having fun like the rest of the country. There is no law against it. As for her speech, it was not the best but it was not the worst political speech we have ever heard. Remember, she knows she is not hailed as a great politician, but she keeps fighting for her state. She is an ordinary person with a job most of us wouldn’t want for anything. I would love to be doing what she is, but I am sure I would get it wrong a lot of the time. I guess I would be talked about a lot too. Give her a go.

    • Didn’t bother me either Rosalind. I thought she had courage to wear that outfit on telly knowing someone would say something. Some seasoned politicians with years and years of experience say and do way worse than she has done, seem to always have their own agenda and people get howled down for berating them.

    • Some are going to pick her apart no matter what she does Fran, most are just having a giggle about the dress but there is no malice there

    • She is a down to earth person. The one politician who is natural. Give her a go. A lot more Australians dressed in weirder outfits than she did. At least she we proud enough to show she’s Australian. Unafraid to have fun. Unafraid to join in with the normal people, to celebrate this day with all who are proud.

    • You would not believe the bad morning I have had so far lol but I agree with you Fran, she tries her best and she was smart enough to get away from Palmer before all this crap with him hit..well said xo

    • Well Libbi, I may not agree with everything she says but she certainly tries. I hope fireman Adam has made your morning a little easier.😊

    • I don’t particularly care for her but was not bothered in the slightest by her message. Hope she had a good Australia Day too.

    • Well said Fran Spears Jacqui is just a Dinky Di Ausie and a proud one. You Go Girl !!! xxooxxhugs 🌻 🌞 πŸ’– πŸ‘Œ UZINOZ πŸ‘ πŸ’š πŸ’› πŸ’œ πŸ’™

    • Agree with you while heartedly Fran Spears, she’s giving it a go and in a lot of ways she’s doing great. Even this is not all that bad heard much worse from other Pollies. Hope you all had a great Straya Day?

    • Spot on Fran. Lambie can always be relied on to be Lambie. She says what she means and means what she says. It may not always be politically correct, it may not always show a heap of commonsense, it may from time to time get up the Liberal Party and Turnbulls nose but it is always the Lambie way. She knows she’s not the sharpest card in the pack but she gives it go and you can’t ask more of a representative.

    • Jeez are they going to be able to put the guide dogs out fast enough. Heaven help us if the streets become clogged with passionate women all carrying white sticks and “SHOW ME TO THE FIRE STATION” signs around their necks. P.s. Looks like I blew my money on the garden gnome suit. Ha ha ha.

    • Fran I think she is just inciting hatred. She had no need to make those remarks about ‘move to another country’ Australia Day is a time to celebrate everything Australian, not be critical of other cultures that make our country what it is.

  10. I don’t generally like Lambi, but she does have her good points. In this case, ok she got the title of the statement wrong but I think she was only reminding people that as citizens of this country they have made certain commitments which they are required to uphold. Also that these commitments also apply to those born here.

    • She got the whole thing wrong, Robert. She quoted the Australian Citizenship Pledge, which new citizens take the day they get their citizenship papers. Couldn’t be more wrong than that. Her advisers need to be better at their jobs if, in fact, they came up with the “pledge”.

    • Judy Green – As I said “she got the title of the statement wrong”. Her sentiment was obvious.

    • I agree. She’s a funny lady but she has a point. As for the so-called Oath of Allegiance, she needed to do her research before shooting off her mouth. She can come across as a bull in a China shop.

  11. Jacqui may not be the greatest orator, or use politically correct weasel words to make her point, but she is a good Australian and speaks from her heart.
    She is speaking on behalf of the silent majority and is not letting the media, which has its own financial agenda, dictate to her.

    • No-one speaks on behalf of anyone. There is no way she – or any other politician – could know what the ‘silent majority’ think or want. Using stock phrases such as this is the non-thinking way to comment.

    • I suppose Glen, you know what the silent majority think?
      Your opinion, like mine, is what we think and until the law changes, we are each one of us, free to say what we believe to be the truth.

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